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  1. I thought i would be good to come back and give you guys an update. The blitz tactic works beautifully. We actually got in the lead for total conquest. It was a welcomed change of pace. We changed the way we handled dungeons and thus far have gone through 5 dungeons, 1 at all three levels, and have also received our copper level secret training. The game is still at copper level, and we certainly feel more powerful, if not just a little bit better at playing the game. I really appreciate the response from the community, thanks again everybody.
  2. Just read the blitz tactic, and i feel as if i am born again. Will come back with anymore questions i have, and thanks again.
  3. If that is true corbon, than the overlord can in fact use rapid fire. As far as the hero player is concerned it seems to be a moot point, seeing as how your gonna be dark charmed at the start of his turn, before monster activation, and you were gonna rapid fire a monster down, you would have done it on your turn. only in very specific situations, say with mordrog, could i even see the use of rapid fire by the hero even coming up on a dark charm. Every hero i have seen with rapid fire mows down whatever is near him on his turn, every time. again, just opinion on my part.
  4. IMO, what dark charm says, "If the result is not a blank, the hero must make one attack that you declare. This attack may target any hero, including the attacking hero, but is subject to the normal attack rules, including range and line of sight." cleary states to me that the overlord never takes control of the hero. If you read it word for word, he only forces the hero to make 1 attack that he declares, which is the first step in the normal attack rules, which the card also refrences. I know the FAQ/errata states the overlord in fact does "control" the hero, but per the words of the card he would in fact only control the first step. I'm only saying this because the card states the attack follows the rules of normal attacking, and declare attack is step 1. As for Rapid Fire, with reference to the FAQ/errata, the hero is making the attack (whether under control of the overlord or the "hero" player), and the card does state, "After making a Ranged attack, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to make 1 additional attack with the same weapon this turn. You may use this ability multiple times, paying its cost each time." This again clearly states to me that you do not need to control the attack or the hero, but simply must be in control of the skill, and it be attached to the hero making the attack. Even though the player may lose control of the hero, he does not lose control of the skill, ergo if the hero attacks (regardless if it is controlled by the "hero" player or the overlord) the player controlling the rapid fire skill may use it. Again, just my opinion.
  5. Another question, the rulebook for RTL says "you gain 1 extra conquest for opening a chest with no treasure items.", does that mean you get 1 conquest for every chest you open? Also, how does it work with ejecting heroes from a dungeon? If the overlord has only 2 cards left in his deck on lvl 1 of the dungeon, and we the heroes move to level 2, and cycles his deck at the begining of lvl 2 because of those 2 cards, does that count towards his 2 cycles per lvl? A side question to that the one above would be, what exactly is a cycle? Is a cycle when the overlord would draw the last card in his deck the reshuffle? Would the order go as follows? ( The overlord draws cards until none are left, he then performs his first cycle, he then draws cards until none are left, he then performs his 2nd cycle, he then draws cards until none are left, he does not cycle a 3rd time but instead ejects the heroes from the dungeon.) More to come, and thanks again.
  6. And another question for you...in the quest, RTL, where the overlord rolls to move pits around the board, can he move those pits under chests, piles of gold, the fountains, or even stack two pits together? This question would really help alot. Another question, if the overlord moves two pits to cover the red rune door, can a hero jump over the pit and open the door (i.e. spend all the needed movement points) before landing on the other side, or does it just close that door from being opened and give the overlord the win? I'll keep posting them as they come to me, and thanks again.
  7. Also, I would really like to know "exactly" what the overlord has control over when he dack charms me; i.e. skills, items, etc. I saw the forum war over rapid fire and dark charm, so to know the other things not mentioned would be really great. Thanks again.
  8. HI guys. I have a few questions and need any tips you can give. 1. How does movement work on the world map? Can heroes move along a trail to a town and skip the dungeon during movement, or do they have to end their game week at the dungeon regardless if they stop? Can the overlord skip dungeon locations during his move or does he have to stop? 2. How often should we heroes be restocking? 3.Do the glyphs still alow you to travel from glyph to glyph while in the dungeon? I probably have more questions, but at the moment im just to in despair to think of them. It really seems to me that the heroes are fighting a very one sided battle in RTL. As of right now, this is our 3rd attempt at the campaign. Our first ended with 200 conquest to 40 conquest in favor of the overlord. The second with 160 to 60, and the one we are playing now is currently at 32 conquest for the heroes and 79 conquest for the overlord. I can't help but feel overwhelmed, and frankly i almost feel like i dont want to play this game anymore. I really love my buds, and not playing this game after investing so much money could cause major issues. Don't get me wrong either, I love this game too, just don't like getting my head smashed in so much. On another note, the create a hero guide, is that written by the creators of this game? To be quite honest it seems like some of these heroes are way underpowered for RTL. Is there any universal guide to creating stronger heroes that is accepted whoely by the community? Any tips or tricks to make the game more fun for the heroes would be appreciated, along with any strats to keep us alive and not so in debt conquest wise to the overlord. P.S. We are getting so owned with traps, seriously owned. Is there anything that may be useful to know about trap placement or when and where a trap can and cannot be played? Thanks guys, desperate in texas.
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