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  1. You can use my stuff if you want: Alternate Xenos - K'Nib, Hrud, Tarrellians, etc...
  2. Have a look at 'Into the Storm' which covers upgrading batteries to Turbobatteries of good and best quality.
  3. Just a little note - we added two extra items: Guardians of the Machine God: -100 off all Criminal Endeavours involving tech items Explorator Survey Lexicanum: +50 to all Exploration Endeavours
  4. We used these as Void Whales in our game. and maybe these as the heffers. This is what I use for a Kracken...
  5. I like them - they remind me of task oriented Hephaestus Ore Seekers from 'Into the Storm'
  6. Sounds like the old game of 'Paranoia' to me!
  7. Having given this a great deal of thought - I then realised that the FFL expansion on ships will cover al this...
  8. Ships Componant: Explorator Module Recently our ship was overhaulled with a number of archeotech items installed (that cost us!) and our GM stated that the mechanicus wanted to install a 'Explorator Module' with a contingent of Myrmidon 'Archeotech Guardians' to monitor the Archeotech... Of course it needed rules - nice and simple! Space 1, Power 1, SP 1 Archeotech Guardians: When making extended repairs, repair 1 additional Hull integrity.
  9. It's overly complicated - which I don't like... Our group are adding this componant to allow Deathwatch characters to play along side Rogue Trader characters. Here's an update: DeathWatch Watch House Space 2, Power -2, SP 2 Suffer not the Xenos to Live: The Rogue Trader may not deal with any Xenos and no Xenos (excepting specimens) may be allowed on the vessel (eg. Kroot or Ork mercenaries, etc). The Rogue Trader suffers -250 Achievement points for any Criminal Objective involving Xenos. Deathwatch Machine Spirit: The Machine Spirit of the Watch House ensures the security of the fortified outpost and gathers all data from the Auger Arrays for transmission to Deathwatch Command. In addition to coordinating the automated defences of the Watchhouse, the Machine spirit provides extensive tactical information to the ship's defenders. The ship gains +20 Command tests when defending against Hit & Run attacks. Faithful unto Death: If breached the Machine spirit will anihate the Watch House to protect it's secrets. The If the ship is taken, this componant explodes - the ship takes 2d5 damage to Hull integrity and a componant of the GM's choice is set on fire. I'm thinking of deleting these last two: Know Thy Enemy: The Rogue Trader may gain advice from the Deathwatch on various Xenos. +10 Forbidden Lore: Xenos Angels of Death: If the Deathwatch choose to participate (GM's choice) in any Hit And Run attack made against a Xenos vessel or a vessel with Xenophillious crew - the Xenos suffer an additional 2 Morale damage.
  10. A little update (massive trading gaming session!) Objective 2 – On Route to Scintilla - Travelled to the Lathes - Entered into negotiations with the Myrmidons about the stability of the sector and managed them to back the Tarsis/Malfi cause against Hax who would bring the whole sector into war. Reached an agreement that the mechanicus would inform their allied inquisitors of the shared logic of removing Hax and encourage them to be at the upcoming enclave. - Negotiated extensive refits to the 'Marque' (the price was 10 permanent profit loss, the Navigator’s station in the Sleef system, information on the Shrine world in the Koronos, extensive data on Yu’Vath ‘objects’. • Removed the Drive and replaced it with an Archeotech Drive. • Removed all weapons systems and replaced them with Archeotech Best Quality Turbo Staravar Laser macrobatteries. • Remove Life Support and replaced it with an Archeotech Life Support. • Removed Void Shields and replaced them with Repulsor Void Shields • Removed Auger Array and replaced it with Deep Void Auger Array. • Installed a temple Shrine, a teleportarium (Archeotech), a trophy Room, an emergency Geller Field and an Arboredum. • Also they installed a Mechanicus Explorator Module to act as guardians to the Archeotech they traded us (1 Space, 1 Power, -100 Criminal endeavour when concerning tech items, when making extended repairs; repair an additional 1 additional Hull integrity) - Left the 'Marque' in drydock and told the crew and barracks to reassemble for the next grand endeavour in 18 months time. Left Allica Mercer Tarsis in Command of remaining crew. - Travelled on a Cargo vessel to Tarsis Minor (ex-settlement 228) and met with Lord Essus Odai Tarisi (Head of House Tarsis). Put on a fabulous display of tribute to the head of the house, before going into private meetings to discuss the state of the sector, the upcoming inquisition enclave and possibly a new house in the grand scheme of things...
  11. They look good - the other option for monitor ships would have been to take the Q-ships in Into the Storm and arm and armour them up. Faid enough on the Ramilies - thought I did think of a couple of other challenges for your players: 1) it would need maybe 250,000 crew at least - and then another 250,000 community to service visitors etc... That's an epic endeavour - how to get 1/2 a million people to move onto a space station. 2) is it in the right place? It might have been a secondary defence platform protecting an Ad mech archive moon for 3,000 years - but that''s not where the characters want it! How do they get it moved?
  12. Another question to ask is 'why is the ship in the graveyard?' In the combat rules it states that ships are hardly ever destroyed completely so they can be salvaged - so the question remains... why was a salvageable ship left behind? Was it just lost... or is it full of unspeakables?
  13. That's what our group is doing as well.
  14. Gribble_the_Munchkin said: Finally, a rival mechanicus faction offered them a Ramilies class star fort. Silly naive me was under the impression that these were small space stations designed to guard strategic locations, i was going to change the wayfarer station in the main rule book to be a bit tougher and more shooty to reflect this. I re-read the battlefleet gothic rules though and discovered that the Ramilies starfort is basically a VAST and DEADLY installation, far, far more massive and deadly than the humble wayfarer station. I plan to stat one up (even though my players don't have one yet) but again, any existing rules would be interesting to see. I don't have the stats - but have a look on the Forgeworld website and see if they still have a pdf available. As for the Ramilies that the characters have been offered - there's no reason it has to be fully functional... it could just be an empty, burnt out shell with a semi-functional power core. Then the characters have a whole range of endeavours they need to achieve to get it fully functional again!
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