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  1. Hi, Your poor sod is going to die a messy death, that will be similar to radiation poisoning. Here is what will occur. 1) Gene seed itelf mutates him on a lethal scale (the fluff survival rate for a properly prepared/monitored/nurtured neophyte in adolecence is 33%) this will be long and drawn out as the following occur: His current organs begin to shut down, the geneseed begins to make new half functioning organs, his bone and muscular structure grow to unsustainable size eratically, his body attacks itself as it rejects genetic material that is foreign to it (this last part will result in extreme sickness rashs and delerium) 2) Because of poor maintence of the tools by this Arch-HEretic the poor man now is infected from surgery develops blood poisoning and dies in two weeks. 3) Corruption ensues because of the chaos taint on the gene seed he is hidieously mutated in obvious ways that disfigure the holy form of man, if he survives for long he will be put down by the first righteous servant of the emporer who sees him. Now radiation poisoning is a horrible and drawn out affair of extreme pain and sickness that is horrible to watch as the body slowly breaks down, i imagine inapropriate application of gene seed is similar. By the way - if you are hoping that the unfortunate lab rat survives then I have the following solutions: Chaos taint actually has the oposite effect and the gene-seed and current genetics meld seemlessly, there is ofcourse side effects and he may be more or less a space-marine/chaos space marine. such an outcome would be an extreme heresy and any Ordos operative of most leanings would destroy the entire project, if for no other reason than to keep space marines happy with him. By miracle (0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%) chance the operation succeeds - He who is on Terra - didnt muck around and the poor sould is no longer human… but he isnt a marine either. he is half way, he has all the organs that you think appropriate except the Black Carapace but they are only half as effective, he gains 3d10 insanity points and fearless. his strength and toughness are increased by 20 and his agility by -20. He gains 5 wounds but the transformation has wracked his brain making him vulnerable to psychic attacks on the mind.
  2. No, not a heretic… This seems to me to be a Role-Playing Error on behalf of both players -> 1) NO-ONE gets away with calling a SOB a heretic, EVER , they kill for far less. 2) I have never heard of anyone needing to carve an aquilla or any other symbol into thier flesh unless they were a cultist or it was a self inflicted act of extreme martyrdom. 3) Now forcing somekind of tattooing on the girl may be appropriate but purity can be established in a number of ways. aka Via telepathy… if such a thing isnt possible then I do not see why any of your party should have quarms of killing her. Human life on an individual level is worthless to the imperium.
  3. Hey with all this talk of Gellar Fields being used on a planet, i'd like to take the time to see if I am correct in the assertion that a gellar field, "forms a bubble around the ship and forces it into the warp"... I may be incorrect in my translation here but i always thought that a gellar field would automatically send a ship into the immaterium, however I guess that i modifications it could be made to simply keep out warp creatures... though I thought that hexagramic warding and null field generators would do the same thing...
  4. +++ Necron Gauss Flayer +++ Type >>> Exotic Range >>> 12m (the range is too short, if necron used weapons this short range they would never win battles, also the guass flayer is akin to an assualt rifle in functionality) should be between 60-110m range... RoF >>> S/-/- (Special*) (Again as above, why would a super powerful race have a single fire gun only???) Dmg >>> Special* Pen >>> Special* 0 Clip >>> Infinite (Good, cannon never mentions the necrons needing to reload) Rls >>> N/A Special >>> Gauss, Necron only, terrifying Wt >>> 15kg Cost >>> N/A Avail. >>> Impossible +++ Gauss +++ The gauss weapon is a fearsome weapon, enveloping its victim in a field of destructive energies, which flay its victim micrometer by micrometer, until nothing but a bloody skeletal ragdoll remains. The weapon functions as follows. The wielder of the weapon rolls for hit as normal. If the to-hit roll is a success by less than two degrees, the hit affects a single body part for this round only. The weapon can be fired normally next round. If the to-hit roll is a success by two or more degrees, the weapon successfully traps its victim, lifting him/her off the ground by several inches and taking full effect on all parts of the victims body. The victim becomes helpless and can't do anything until the attack is broken off or the victim is dead. (Arbitrarioly causign PC death wothout him being able to escape is bad play on the GM's part... it also doesnt make sense as a weapon, this doesnt line up with canon either, I would scrap it personally.) +++ How to damage +++ (your rules are a wee bit complicated, also abit finicky, why does the Guass Rifle damage armour at 1 point per round but kill you in 3 after armour, perhaps you may want it to damage the armour first as you have it but from real damage, perhaps worded as such 1d10+1-2 damage, this damage is resolved against armour and cover first , reducing armour just as it would HP, the Guass Flayer deals 1 critical damage in addition to any normal damage caused to the opponent.) +++ About fate points +++ The victim of the attack can ONLY spend or burn fate points to avoid the initial attack (to dodge the hit). If the victim cannot avoid the full-on attack and is enveloped in the energy field, the victim CANNOT use his/her fate points in any way to escape the attack, or to preserve his/her life. Only outside help can cause the wielder of the weapon to break off the attack. Note, however, that other characters can spend their fate poitns to make more successful attacks on the Necron wielding the weapon to break off the attack and to spring free the victim. (Why is this here, no player will want to try the challenge if thier Fate Points are arbitrarily negated, fate points causing survival can eb by any means... As a game mechanic this is way too harsh I think) +++ Necron only +++ The weapon itself is a self-contained unit, complete with a near infinite power supply. However, the weapon CANNOT be fired by any living creature. Only a body made of Necron living metal can expend its internal energies to activate the gauss flayer. (good mechanic) +++ Terrifying +++ To witness, or to be attacked by the weapon is a terrifying experience indeed. On each round the victim of the weapon is enveloped by a gauss flayer's energy field, the victim must make a Willpower test with the following modifiers to avoid panic: Base test: Horrifying (-20 to WP). Add +10 to test modifier for each armor point left on the LOWEST armor value of the victim. If the victim fails, he/she is reduced to a screaming fit, which lasts until death or release. In case of release, the victim loses consciousness for 1D100+10 rounds and suffers 1D10 Insanity points. (this seems abit much, too many finicky rules Any who witnessess a gauss weapon attack which causes any damage beyond the armor of the victim, must take a Disturbing fear test, which in case of failure causes the witness to flee in terror for 1D10 rounds, dropping any heavy objects in hand to make for easier escape.
  5. I see some problems with your assumption... first of all it doesnt mention causing damage, second of all psykers are meant to be quite good like that. Now down to the nitty gritty. You mention that most PC's and enemies have scores for toughness and Strength in the 3-4 bunus range, this becomes in acurate as the various combat classes (the ones you want to knock prone) soon get nifty Power armour that raises thier base strength by 20. ontop of this they can increase either T or S by a total or 20 more points over the course fo the game giving a modest 35S 35T character about... 55 in each or even 55T 75S. Now add onto the plate that Psykers are also the most easily nerfed oponent in the game... Null Rod's (for ascension) Untouchables Hexo-Pentagramic warding various mind protecting talents etc make any 'OP' move from a psyker much less powerful. What do u think?
  6. Cardinal Nicodemus said: I swear I cannot see anything good about this trailer. Lame graphics and a helicopter land speeder mount. It seems I am in a vast minority of those kind of people. But to me this trailer is utter rubbish. I am sorry I feel that way, but this trailer disappointed me so much I cannot express by words. I will not say anything more. Umm dude, I am impressed with the graphics, they seem to rival WOW. Umm dude, the "helicopter Landspeeder" is a Death Kopter for the Ork army... do u know anything about warhammer to be disspointed in this trailer. ... Sorry, I got carried away. THIS TRAILER IS HOT!!!!! I hope the game rates up to the trailer let alone my expectations. The titan skin is AWESOME! I just wish they showed more races, only Space marines, Adepts Mechanicus, Chaos marines, Demons, Guardsman and Orks. We need Eldar and Tau. The Adept looks Hot with his servo arms and the book, the Tech Priest looks HOT. I will stop raving now.
  7. LOL your players are so DEAD, like really dead, as in DEAD. :)
  8. My players would have no problem defeating you... several krak missiles, a truck and ten tonne of concrete will sort u out Ur not OP esp since u cant sneak or dodge or talk to anyone but a techpreist!
  9. Eisenhorn and Ravenor are my mentors in this case
  10. Having manned stations on the moons is quite dangerous from the information I have just read but considering the technology that is being hypothosised in 40k literature with gun barrels the size of my uncles propert and shields that take nuclear bombs to the chest and no harm done, ships that fly within touching distance of a sun... that it is realtively easy to create shileding for a vessel (esp if it is already needing to be Warp capable) to travel near. Also the radiation belts appear to be mainly along one axis of the planet and so having space stations and gun batteries etc along a different axis will also alleviate the problem.
  11. Blast weapons are for hitting more than one opponent, scatter therefore counts cos you may miss some of your intended targets. Ive found that frags etc used against a single opponenet do not do enough damage in the case of armoured or very tough enemies or will miss anyway agaisnt a high agility enemy... that is if you are so scared you feel it nessecary to use a grenade on them. on high armoured oppoents a bigger gun or a krak is better to use and on high agility then a full auto burst of anything is better than a frag. my 2 cents.
  12. Cynr said: Well, using Games Workshop as the canon point: As stated eariler, Warhammer 40k appears to make all autocannon usage either in 2-man teams (i.e. Imperial Guard) or by powered armour (Reaper Autocannon on Chaos Terminators). THEN AGAIN, in Necromunda there are Goliath (miniature) heavies toting around autocannons and ammo backpacks or loose belts, showing that a single person can carry and fire an autocannon. I have always maintained that with enough Strength (say 50+ or Unnatural Strength Trait or powered armour) and/or Bulging Biceps or other out of the ordinary character setup (anti-grav plates?) a PC could use an autocannon (basically, any machine-gun style weapon of 20mm or greater) but would probably be limited by the ammunition he/she could carry. As for weight, the new XM307 (25mm grenade machine gun... I know, probably not a "true" autocannon") is only listed at 50lbs for gun, mount and fire control so figure 30-40lbs for just the gun. The heavy stubber in DH is listed at 35kg for the gun (or about 75lbs) so it is quite possible. In the end, it is up to the GM. -Cynr Lol the XM307 is a Heavy Bolter I think... being a grenade launcher. The Auto Cannon in 40K is a large weapon, very large, it would take an insanely large man to use it and I cant imagine many missions inwhich he would feel justied, if he walked up to a friendly guard post to dirty he may be shot onsite as an orc. lol
  13. The side efect of the bullet seems to be a complimentary addition to its main bob of allowing the Assasin to shoot through psychic protection and energy fields. As a result of him being able to do this the field is lowered and thus for very tough large targets with a great deal of HP (can anyone say the Greater Deamon or a house bred Chaos Lord etc or even a rogue Tech-Priest with a rosarius or similar device) that the assasin may not kill in one shot, others benefit from his ownage awesomeness. I think its a really good idea! Esp as I will be sending my party to hell and beyond in Ascension.
  14. So how is Critical Damage meant to be applied. In our Group I've ruled that it applies to each location seperately with multiple effects being given to the player for critical damage to different areas, this makes it interesting as a Character can sustain a lot of injury before going down and out for the count. Also with Explosive and flame damage I have ruled that if any part of the person is not covered then that area is the one that takes damage (until critical damage is applied and then it affect each location equally), however this makes for difficult combat as we have a very shooty guardsman and a sniper assasin (and a combat assasin) who can easily target the head if they dont wear helmets and completely ignore the armour. Is this the way it should be run, I think it is but I'm just curious.
  15. Kas


    If you wanted you could modify the Interrogator of the Inquisitor to use as a Commisar.
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