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  1. dyp100

    New Ordos

    I was more intrested in things like the Ordo Chrono, I thought they would explain a couple of new ones, since they did say they would over past couple of DD's. Is the Chrono really the only new one? -Sadface- Alright, hopefully we'll see more in the future, but still, does sound like an intresting Ordo.
  2. dyp100

    New Ordos

    I'm sorry to bump this guys, I really want to know, it's gonna be so cool if I find a place to get it.
  3. FFG Ross Watson said: Pardon me whilst I step in briefly, as I wrote the "Most Wanted" section of the Radical's Handbook: Cyrrik Scayl was not an Inquisitor. He was certainly affiliated with the Ordo Hereticus, but a Tech-Priest may be part of an Inquisitor's retinue of Acolytes (or in his cadre as a Magos) without actually being an Inquisitor. Hope that helps! That is silly, I've never seen fluff anywhere saying it CAN'T happen, only it's unlikely. (Plus my group has a thing about Tech Priest Inquisitors.) I just hope I can house rule it in without ruining anything. Also, when are we getting it here? Also, any more Inquisitor characters in the book? (Loved that from RH, and the corebook.)
  4. dyp100

    New Ordos

    Being from the UK, (and only able to order from Amazon) I feel like I'll never see DH:A. So, I wonder guys, do you mind telling me what are the new Ordos, and what do they do? Much thanks.
  5. Can I kiss you? If I order this, I'm sure it'll get to the UK in time for my holiday, and therefore I can use it in my RP game...SO AWESOMEEEEE.
  6. Can I kill you and take it? I haven't even seen a single place online selling it in the UK, yet alone releasing it. Also, can you please tell me what the hell is a Crusader? Looks so cool, but I haven't seen much fluff on it. Also, if you can go from an Interrogator to an Inquisitor can you take 2 packages? Also, do different ordos have different rules? Are they treated differently in the book?
  7. So, as I've asked in the title, what is the coolest moments in your Dark Heresy (Or Rogue Trader, even general if ya want) Roleplay? If you want, explain anything cool you've seen; an awesome character perhaps, a near impossible feat, a great moment of RPing, even a crazy weapon or piece of equiment your GM let you get away with or keep. Even explain to us if it's not your own character but you were there anyway, remember, the more detail the better. XD Thanks for reading.
  8. Ophilia Midkiff said: dyp100 said: Hmmmm, stupid me, apparently High Gothic is a varied mix. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/High_Gothic, Goes all the way back to Rogue Trader, it seems, but I guess it's all we got, I don't think GW has updated any fluff yet on it. I think the important takeaway from that passage is that the actual language of High Gothic in the 41st millennium originated from our present day amalgam of English, European, and Pacific languages... But for our purposes in-game, it's represented by Latinized English for us, the players/readers. I know, I just wanted to get the bottom of the actaul language, "in-fluff", I personally love Latin and use it in my fluff as much as possible. Lol, Oh Emperor, I've derailed this thread real good. xD
  9. Hmmmm, stupid me, apparently High Gothic is a varied mix. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/High_Gothic, Goes all the way back to Rogue Trader, it seems, but I guess it's all we got, I don't think GW has updated any fluff yet on it.
  10. That seems awesome, I might end up making a psyker character. Though, I'm worried it might end up with unbalanced characters, also it could lead to over powered ones as well, IDK how the XP system works (I presume when you trade in XP it could only go towards other powers) but I just hope you did a good system. (But I'm sure it is, off course.) Also, now DH:A is green, does that mean next weeks Design Diary will be a press release? I know that'll make us happy. (Also, can you say if you've shipped to any shops in the UK or not, but I'm not really super how the shipping system works.)
  11. I'm just gonna do a little dance now and hug my friend...Okay, done. Woop, I just hope it doesn't take ages to ship to us in the UK, but the time it was in the printers I hope they've made a LOT of copies. Also, when are they gonna update the Amazon UK page?
  12. I didn't meant to offend anyone, I just meant it keeps me from making typos. (As in...Using American English instead of British English.) Sorry, my grammar can get pretty bad at times, I didn't meant to start a flame war, just being a bit reckless without checking what I've written.
  13. Niqvah said: I'm in Hertfordshire. Failing the ability to get into some roleplay at a university, you could try your local Games Workshop. People who like playing tabletop 40k might make the transition to DH/RT/DW more easily than someone completely unfamiliar with the universe. There may even be some games running already that you could join. There are a lot of roleplayers in London! I have many friends there who play World of Darkness stuff for a start. I'm sure if you can get a foot in the door somewhere, you'll discover there are a lot of people around you who are into RP. Good luck with finding them. Annoyingly, I'm only 15, so it is extremely hard for me to find RP groups. (As I said, I haven't before.) Many groups meet in a pub therefore no access for anyone under 18, plus, I don't really do 40k anymore (my local GW shut down, and the other close one kinda sucks compared to it) so it's kinda hard for me to meet people to RP with.
  14. Niqvah said: dyp100 said: But you guys do know Gothic is just American-English and Chinese mix together, right? Well, that is what lots of the fluff hints it, and it makes sense to me, but lol, Latin and German does sound a million times cooler. ;P As Kylen already pointed out, that was Firefly. The Imperium is an English creation (hence the continued English spellings in 40k-related Fantasy Flight publications, which is an awesome feature), and I think the whole thing is quite saturated with British style and humour. It's all part of the charm. High Gothic is roughly analogous to Latin in medieval times (a scholarly language) whilst Gothic is basically a bastardised version of it. So, as N0-1_H3r3 said earlier, those are represented using Latin and (British) English. There are plenty of references to other languages and cultures (the far-future versions thereof) throughout 40k fluff, so utilising, say, Hebrew or Japanese to represent a futuristic version of those cultures is pretty in-keeping with canon, in my opinion. They're not actually going to be exactly the same, but then neither is the basic language the characters are speaking, so it's reasonable to have them there and exercise some artistic license! I've never seen Firefly, not a single frame of it...Sooo...Actaully, 40k fluff is High Gothic is a mix of American English and "Pacific" languages, I presume they mean China. (Also, it would just make sense in the future of today, but not back when they made this fluff so they kept it vague, me thinks. xD) I know what Gothic is, I've been into 40k so I was 7. -Facepalm- But this is just my take on it, it makes sense to me. Well, GW is known to borrow cultures and such for inspiration for the 40k, so of course other languages are gonna pop up. Also, being British, I am happy they kept original English in all there stuff. xD It keeps my spelling from making American typo's, me thinks.
  15. dyp100


    UK, London. Looking for a group to join. (Though I'm only 15 and haven't played a game before, so IDK if that'd be a problem.) un-gos@hotmail.com
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