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    One too Many

    Kahadras said: When I saw Only War I instantly thought of stuff like Aliens. You end up going on what seems to be a cake run and end up facing off against a crazy alien menace. You're outnumbered, half your platoon is dead, your commanding officer turns out to be completely incompetent, the High command refuse to send any re-enforcements and the Inquisitorial agent who came along for the rides wants you to capture one of these things alive and woe betide you not following his instructions.Kahadras Like!
  2. Shonner

    One too Many

    beowulf101 said: For unification of the system and so that no one has to keep buying the rules in a slightly tweaked format? Buying the rules five times over to play what is essentially the same game with new mechanics costs $300 (5 rulesets at $60 each). That's a disgrace. One core book, unified and overhauled mechanics and then you can have.... A single bestiary. A single armaments book. A single setting book for each tree of the game (BC, DH etc), and the books should cost less as a result of losing all of those pages of rules that were already bought. Aside from anything, the system is showing its age - compare DH to BC. Time for an overhaul. Are the rules in each book built on rules from previous books? Or are they mostly the same rules just re-printed over and over? Did FFG think that customers would just buy one book and not all four or five books? It does seem weird if there is no FFG Warhammer core rulebook like nearly all RPGs have for their systems. Maybe FFG is publishing the books this way (selling rulebooks as they come up with rules) because producing one big expensive core rule book (with complete rules) without any expansion books would not have sold as many copies?
  3. Shonner

    One too Many

    beowulf101 said: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch and Black Crusade are enough. Black Crusade should have been the end of the 40K line and the existing products expanded and built on. All things considered, four RPG games in the same setting already pushes the boundary. Five? I'm not buying. The idea that throwing out content and sooner or later something will be a success is a real turn off. If anything, build what's already out and then learn the lessons of this set of mechanics and let's move on to 40K second edition - an edition that hopefully means the release of one core book, the unification of the disparate Psi powers and releases additional material for that one book. In short, there's no need for what's happening, and I personally am rather angry with the release of another rulebook. I don't want a flame war with anyone on here, this is my own personal sentiment. There are better ways of doing things, especially when the books cost so much - enough already. How does buying a 2nd Edition core rulebook (and then buying all the 2nd Edition books that go with it) when you have already bought the current books make any sense? And how does paying $60 for a role-playing game that has only one race (class, job, whatever) in it make any sense?
  4. Average from my experience is 1 hour for 5 - 6 players to all take a turn.
  5. Tromdial said: I know. They need to release two back-story cards: one with the original text and one with the new. Burn one and keep the other, or both. There you go. Problem solved.
  6. I used to have the original game. All I remember about it was that it was boring. Now I see FFG has it now. And someone didn't like the backstory. So I read the backstory as it is now (March 21, 2012) and it just sounds so boring, here we go again with this game. But then I read the quote of the original backstory and I'm like, "Yes!" World War III!!! Stop the Americans from vaporizing another capital city on the globe using any means necessary!!! But no, the backstory now is just so tame.
  7. Oh. And don't forget the table space needed, of course.
  8. Steve-O said: Being a niche game means it is designed for a specific crowd of gamers, rather than for the general public. What makes TI3 a niche game is the heavy sci-fi theme and extensive rule set designed to reflect every aspect of intergalactic political strife. Most of the games FFG makes are niche games by my definition of the word. Understood. I thought you meant a niche within the niche gaming community (Catan genre of games and later), as opposed to the still(?) popular family games from the '50s and '60s (Parker Bros. and Milton Bradley).
  9. I do 6-player games all by myself. Spend at least an hour a day when I am playing a game. I get a chance to try out everything (techwise, racewise) and I don't forget how the game is played, also, inbetween real games which might not happen for 6 months. A typical game by myself goes on for about 8 hours. I randomly choose sides that I want to win/beat during a game, and ally players with others as (not) wanted. The race that I think will win at the beginning of a game never does. So it's a suprise still how a game ends even when it's just me playing. Once I've memorized my one-page rules for the game, I'm ready to go out and play a real one with a group.
  10. I don't think it's a niche game (there are two expansions made for it). Plenty of house rules for it, too.
  11. Good. Some of the things I wish Twilight Imperium had are now being added. Can't wait to buy.
  12. I made a 1-page player turn list that players can follow when it's their turn. It seemed easier than going through the ambiguous rules, trying to find that one exact answer to something. The one pager is just for stock rules. No house rules, obviously. See link in my sig below.
  13. The game is not boring, if that's what you mean? The gameplay pans out like an awesome sci-fi movie if you ask me. One of those 9-hour epic films that you keep wishing some movie studio would one day produce. You can read my cheat sheet for what's involved in a player turn for the game. See link below. It might sound too technical or busy at first. The game does keep you busy.
  14. My store in town got another TI3 in stock in about 2 days after selling a box. But SE they are still waiting for. It's on backorder. Should arrive as soon as printing starts up and orders get filled.
  15. Thanks. I'll check it out. For now, I posted two map variants on my site.
  16. I'm a very late comer to the game and I know it's been out for quite awhile. By now there must be a good online collection of SE map variants somewhere? I'm asking because I have some map variant ideas I'd like to post on my site. But if someone has already posted such maps, I could work on other ideas.
  17. Is it just my game, or is there really an exact parrallel copy of Mecatol Rex on the reverse side of the planet system that no race has ruled yet?
  18. fiftyeight said: A player may never play two identical Action Cards for the same situation and/or on the same entity during one round. True. More than one Action Card cannot be played at the same time during a turn.
  19. No more games for him if he is pissing off other players. Find better friends.
  20. Nematode said: Unfortunately, all this does is make the game a contest between those not seated next to these non-strategic minded players. So, in effect, the game is mostly decided based upon a totally random roll of the dice about who gets to sit on each seat for a particular game.As a result, "Conan the Barbarian" still doesn't get invited to the game. So what usually happens then? One player spends his time trying to defend against his neighbor who insists on destroying him from the start while the rest of the players go on about with their lives by controlling planets and collecting more resources so they can buy more technology and get their VP counts going so that eventually both players are taken out? Or does someone's VP count reach 10 before that happens?
  21. Ok. Nevermind. I see where it basically says in the TI3 rules that a War Sun can skip the Planetary Landing step and go directly to the Invasion Combat step. Adding to my game round sheet.
  22. sigmazero13 said: War Suns can Bombard even if they don't land any troops on the planet. Looking through the ambiguous rules again... I'm guessing you are talking about using an Action Card to do your War Sun bombarding in TI3 because otherwise you can't have opposing Ground Forces remaining on a planet together at the end of your Tactial Action because you decided to skip the Invasion Combat. And you have to land Ground Forces first on a planet before you can even begin to bombard it.
  23. sigmazero13 said: Shonner said: Turies said: If an enemy planet has 1 ground force and you invade, bombard and destroy them and land with your ground force are you eligible for this objective card? My guess and opinion is yes since bombardment is a part of invasion combat. Thanks beforehand If you are bombarding a planet, it is because you have Ground Forces on the planet fighting enemy Ground Forces. Your Ground Forces are reporting back to your orbiting Dreadnoughts/War Suns that there are enemy Ground Forces that need bombarding. This is all part of Invasion Combat. So the Objective Card counts. If there were no enemy Ground Forces on the planet, there would be no Invasion Combat. So there is no invading and no opposing Ground Force to count towards an Objective Card. While the thematic explanation is helpful, it's not 100% accurate in all cases; War Suns can Bombard even if they don't land any troops on the planet. True. War Suns have much better planet sensors than Dreadnoughts and can find enemy Ground Forces without invading.
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