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  1. jmoodie2


    Is there a tiebreaker for the end of the game? Or do the winners share the victory?
  2. When I turn the hat... it's like a switch. Thanks for the answer!
  3. Does the Loyalty symbol on your capital count as 1 loyalty symbol "in play" for the purposes of paying the cost of your cards? In other words, do you always start with 1? Thanks!
  4. I desperately hope FFG gets on the iPad train. I've bought and played the iPad small world and it is outstanding. The thing is, I also own the tabletop version. I just want to be able to play in the car, on a plane, etc. And the thing is, boardgames make great games to play multiplayer via email or via push notifications. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to play and practice strategies for games like Runewars, BSG, and Warhammer Invasion. But I would still totally BUY all of the games, too. The ipad by its nature can't produce a 3D tabletop scene, so it cannot take the place of playing with my group. But the ability to play games on the go or more casually using the iPad is a HUGE potential market. Please, FFG - bring your games to the iPad and the throng of devices sure to follow the iPad!
  5. The pit fighter gains a fortune die when in an engagement with more than two "combatants." The question is, what is a combatant? Does that mean any thing in the engagement, including the pit fighter? Including other party members? Or just enemies? So if a Pit Fighter is engaged with a Goblin and a Squig and a barber-surgeon is also engaged with the enemies, how many "combatants" are there? Thanks in advance for any help!
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