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  1. I was wondering if anyone lives in the Tampa/ Orlando area and would like to get a group going for Arkham, MoM, Call of Cthulhu, or Trail of Cthulhu? I own all of these including expansions.
  2. They most certianly are for mom, the bases would have been different otherwise. Take this as a sneak peak for the next expansion or two. Clearly we have a Kingsport, black goat of the woods, and a Dunwitch expansion incoming. perhapse the unique monsters will come with a print on demand expansion. All I know is we have 30 unreleased investigator models and now new monsters. Shut Up and take my money!!!!!!
  3. Customer service called me and they are sending me the missing sprue
  4. Base coat with black spray primer for plastic. Use citadel paints. They cost about $4 a piece and you need around 10 different colors. A nice brush set with smal flats and rounds can be picked up for around 10 buck at michaels or other hobby store
  5. maybe not that big, I do have to store these things somewhere lol. But a Cthulhu star spawn, the king in yellow, or maybe one of the black goats young would definately be cool.
  6. The person responsible for the action gets to decide. In this case, the keeper would keep firing.
  7. any word on when the blessed / cursed dice packs come out? I plan on buying 2 of each.
  8. Kliddle


    Do you think they will release Print On Demand expansions for the other GOO's and investigators?
  9. I sent an email, On further investigation I have noticed I have 7 medium tiles (one duplicate), and 9 small tiles, (two duplicates). but I am missing the all important basement medium tile, as well as the components for puzzles 4a, 5a, and 6a. all the "lock" puzzles. can anyone confirm that these are all on the same punch card?
  10. I ordered my copy from amazon around christmas and spent about two weeks painting the figures. Last night I went to play with my fiends and I noticed I was missing the "basement" tile. Going through everything and watching an unboxing video I noticed I was also missing the lock puzzles. Both the bar and cross starting pieces as well as the room piece, all located in the same punch tile. I have already bought all 3 POD expansions as well as forbidden alchemy which I am also missing pieces from. What do I do?
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