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  1. Ehy, am i wrong...or the map once came whit some nice tools to measure distances and so on? They are gone now?! Maybe the chaos is over me and memories are falling me... -.-
  2. 'Bout Time! Wishing FFG all the best for surviving the expectations a title like that may generate in everyone around here! Anyway really good news for our 3d edition!
  3. Oh...cool...so now that everybody is happy whit new races and advanced careers...can FFG finally focus on what really matter: new complete adventures to actually push players THAT far?! eeeeh? Been here in a while, and seems nothing really big happened to this game...
  4. I think 3ed already have all it needs to sort that out: the progress tracker. whit my next gaming group, i'm going to try planning ahead each fight encounter whit a 5 or 6 progress tracker, so that a middle event and a final event are just one or two rounds distant. for example: if the group is trying to save a caged guy from a troll, the middle event could mean someone have actually reached the guy and can now interact whit the cage, and the final event means the combat is over: some other monster appears, ally arrives...whatever! But how to determine the outcome? at the end of each round advance the PC's tracker if they inflicted more damage than monsters or someone succeed in a relevant action/manouvre, otherwise advance the monster's tracker. (or then again, is just a run against the time, whit the monster's tracker advance each round no matter what). the first tracker who arrives at the end is the combat's winner...gm just need to wrap it up whit a rally step and action flows foward! That way u save everything IMHO: there's something at stakes that can be lost or won, the combat only run for a prefixed number of rounds, something new happens in just one round or two and everyone has the possibility to be creative whit narration before getting out of inspiration... what do u guys think?
  5. In a big city is certanly right to found an herbalist who sell raw ingredients, and an apothecary to found ready made potions...since the latter should be far more expensive, your apothecary could be usefull to save some party's money. If u want to make something special for this player, i would let him experiment some craft: maybe in combining together differents plants, he can actually create new ailments: for example he can create a faxtoryll potion, but now he can chose to change a trait in the effect's wording! too powerfull? a skill check difficult enough is always involved, but u can make a list of actually working combinations (or deadly ones!) and let him found the correct combinations after whole buying ingredients...
  6. korknadel said: I am not sure about people outside of Germany, but if you call an innkeep Gudrun Ensslin, as is done in Horror in Hugeldal, you get quite some spoiler (if the innkeep turns out not just to be an innkeep but something else too): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensslin I never got the pun with Von Saponatheim, because I never pronounced it like an english speaker. I alway wondered why they chose such a boring name. But now I am really amused! LoL i didnt knew those facts, but i've readed your post today, and the very same day italian tv broadcasted "The Baader Meinhof Complex"...life is just a big coincidence! or a tzeeench scheme!!
  7. Thanks for sharing the content guys! Questions: how many pages long is the new adventure? is it suitable for non-dwarf party or is the ideal continuation of the promotional material on this website? Any GM point of view on the scenario?
  8. WoW...great wrap-up as usual!! Shame on me who had not found this topic before finishing to run my copy of the witch's song.... Is it a pre-release test of this adventure or just your own twist on the published material? i ask so because it seems to fix some of the biggest unexplainable things i've found running it....like voluria involvement or all the mouth of morr thing...
  9. Really enjoyed "the witch's song" lately...so i hope to see more fully developed adventures. Even better, i hope to se no more race/place/god/whatever expansion containing brief scenarios, but instead good adventures whit just a couple of page of new rules!
  10. Even whitout overpowered characters sometimes encouter's are really easy for II rank characters...especially when they have initiative or outnumber opponents, no matter how bigs... Sometimes i give important opponents more "special rules", like having more action per round (usually equal to player's number) or making all player's rolls contested (so Str 6-7 monster are much harder to hit) In your case i would suggest to make the dwarf deal whit one of such opponents, while the rest of the party is engaged whit lesser foes: maybe the dwarf will come up pretty beated, and will succed only whit the aid of his companions, binding the party togheter even more.
  11. Played this ending quite a lot of time ago...so i dont remember exaclty but more or less this is what i've done: Just imagine the river is in some sort of eroded "canyon" bed. Now, when the comet hit, the only safe place is above the river's bed...and if they act foolish, for example rowing the boat downsteam, they suffer damages no matter how far they've gone, 'cos the following wave wil trow their boat in the flood. If they are smarter they will probably attempt to reach one of the river's bank, leave the boat, and run like hell on the steep. let's says the boat is in the middle of the river, so medium range from the bank. when the comet hit, it will cause mayhem up to medium range from the bank. So it take 3 maneuvres for "engaging" the bank and leave the boat, and 3 maneuvres to reach a safe place. How steep the path is? u can easly calibrate the difficulty for your party's... Since u already have the comet tracker in place, just add another counter to represent each player distance from the impact-point. when the comet finally struck, u can easly see how far they've gone... hope this could help, ciao!
  12. For my adventures in marienburg i'm trying to collect a bunch of location cards suited to be randomly drawn to depict a stroll in a big city like marienburg (more or less like the random table printed in 2ed GM's toolkit)...of course mixed whit other's "officials" location cards. For now i've selected something like: open-sky sewage burgher's house dilapidated house almost-falling house shop municipality's building city square abandoned building building site bell's tower warehouse Hopefully each of the new card will have some rules to match the location description...anyone want to share some ideas on wich rules/effect apply to each of this location?
  13. What's your idea about using traits? For now i'm devising my "random encounters" method like this: A location deck (draw a card to describe a peculiar place the PC have encountered during a journey or in a big city's alley) A random encounter deck (draw a card to describe a situation the PC have stumbled upon...like "ambushed by thugs", "robbery"..."bucked of waste thrown from a nearby window"...stuff like that!) Creature card deck (draw or choose an opponent if needed) To be used whit some pre-made encounters templates that describe some general usage of a progress tracker or re-used material from previously published material (idk...for example the "chase the goblin" scene in TGS could be re-used in another context), or from the GM toolkit
  14. U could try to make a big grid-sheet, so u could place location cards on it, and separate each other whit enough square to represent the abstract distances, so that player will be able to count how many manouvres will be necessary to arrive at a location....
  15. Stromdorf is not a "free city", so the ruler can only be appointed by the overseeing noble family, the von Jungfreuds. Any attempt to throw down adler (lol, this remind me of the south mediterranean sea situation) should be followed by von jungfreud army retailation! maybe an "ad interim" gouvernement is likely to see Kessler in charge, but only until the nobles choose/send a replacement. Maybe Herr Gerber could be the next burghmeister, but only througt a convenience marriage whit a von jungfreud relative....
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