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  1. I was thinking of this: Anakin- R3 astromech, 7b (81) Odd Ball (torrent)- trick shot, concussion missiles, synchronized console (48) Gold squadron x2- concussion missiles, synchronized console (33x 2= 66) total points= 195 Run the troopers together with Anakin setup as a flanker.
  2. Thanks boom owl. Very good points. A new ship will take more practice to get better with it. You talked me back into bringing him to the table. I also think I had him outfitted wrong. Suggestions for Anakin builds?
  3. Flew Anakin in a casual game last night and he seemed underwhelming to say the least. Comparing him and Poe he feels overcosted. With the 7B configuration he’s a whopping 78 points. Does the community feel the same? Please share your thoughts. Thanks
  4. Thoughts on this: All I3’s- Ahsoka- R4-P17, spare parts (56) Sinker- proton torps, R3 astro, synch console (71) 2x blue squadron protectors- cluster missiles, synch console (2x 36= 72) Total points = 199
  5. I flew Gavin with 5 naked Z’s and it was NASTY! It was a casual game, and I could see that it would be taxing mentally to fly 6 ships all day at a tournament.
  6. I’ve been toying with trying this: Corran- trick shot/ R3/ FCS/ proton torpedoes Wedge- trick shot/ R4/ s-foils/ proton torpedoes Renegade (U-wing)- Leia/ pivot-wing Total= 198 points Medium base I-1 blocker, hit like a truck with ordinance, Leia (stress-free) k turn shenanigans.
  7. I’m looking forward to playing: Gavin Darklighter- FCS, R4, Elusive 2x Cavern Zealot X-Wings- s-foils, R4 2x Bandit Z-95’s Total = 200 points
  8. Anyone here know where I could look to have someone paint one of my z-95’s in the nashtah pup scheme? Thanks
  9. jblum23

    Poe > Kylo

    Since Kylo is so expensive why not just slap sense on him and run him with 4 FO Cadets?
  10. Lol. Nice. I’m glad you weighed in on this since you played the 1.0 version. R4 astromech is REALLY GOOD. There is definitely some flexibility with points to kit out Gavin. I thought the R3 astromech synergizes nicely with the e-wing ship ability.
  11. Whoops! My bad. Gavin Darklighter E-wing pilot.
  12. Gavin Darklighter (e-wing)- proton Torpedoes, R3 astromech, fire control (83points) 5x bandit z-95 (23x5=115 points) total= 198 Didn’t see anything along these lines on the forum. Anybody try this or have opinions on whether or not it can be competitive?
  13. Wedge R4 s foils proton torpedoes predator Luke R4 s foils proton torpedoes instinctive aim 2x Phoenix Squadron a-wings total= 200 points
  14. At first glance I'm thinking that it should be unique, equipped only on a named pilot, and 1 point. I like the idea of your EPT. The pilot (for instance Luke) has some Jedi training making his reflexes sharper in combat.
  15. Me too. It's just corny.Really, really, corny.Lmfao, "I hate sand" condition card. Or "they're dying R2!". I desperately want these in the game! Even going further, the quotes could all be lines from Jar Jar. "Meesa clumsy." Or, "Weesa back!"
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