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  1. l am hoping for more building overlays for street fighting in the soviet cities like stalingrad and perhaps some sniper units
  2. i hope that it will be a new box expansion as well it is long overdue
  3. very cool let me know how they turn out since i am not a huge fan of the creatures that came with the main game i am expecting these to be better
  4. thanks alot i will def check them out
  5. Hey I was wondering if anyone has played the dragons expansion yet and what the think about it would really app. the info.
  6. very great news i am hoping for something new as well toi is my favorite ffg game i would love an eastern front expansion or even a battle of the buldge expansion would be cool to see also.
  7. my only problem with the game really is there are no player aids so when new to the game you can spend half the game in the rulebook i say go to headlesshollow.com and print out the player aids
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