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  1. What I really like about the Grudge Cards is the mental pressure especially together with the new Honouring the Ancestors tactic. Giving the dwarf player free Grudge cards by an attack with low damage numbers isn't what the opponent wants. Mallumo posted a example of what can happen in best case scenario but even 1 or 2 Grudge Cards can be very strong. When the dwarf player has 1 resource left and and you have to predict a defending Tunnel Fighter/Kazador. So the risk by planning for big attacks is a simple My Life for the Hold. mydnight said: Lol I like the psychology that dwarf grudge decks bring. Perfect counter to other rush decks. On the contrary, if the opponent doesn't attack you in the first few turns you have a hand chock full of useless cards I would say that it nearly always favors the dwarf player when he isn't being attacked early. As soon as you get into the mid-game, you already have strong defensive cards like My Life for the Hold, Honouring the Ancestors, Master Rune of Valaya or the setup for a decisive Reclaiming the Fallen lies ahead.
  2. @Mamut: I think you are underestimating the moving elements. When Visit the Haunted City wasn't banned a empire mill deck was not bad. When you can prevent or weaken opposing attacks during the battlefield phase with Mastering the Spell, Called Back or Chain Lightning, chances are high that the opponent can't win before he draws himself dead when you survive until the 4th or 5th turn. At that point the opponent draws probably 10 cards or more. Regarding Mallumo's deck there are some cards that I'm not so confident of. Helstorm Rocket Battery Is really expensive. I guess you are playing Hemmler mainly into Kingdom for that. For it's strength I would also play the Zoo and maybe Recruiting for War as it becomes another target for Ancient Map later when you already have Infiltrate Quest out. Runesmith can have it's benefits but he's fragile and you already have to protect the Infiltrate questing unit, Lore Seeker and both heroes. I would prefer Peasant Milita over Huntsmen for it's sturdiness. Demolition would also be good as it can shut down opponents kingdom so he is more limited with his massive card draw. Before Will of the Electors was restricted there was also a great approach with Hidden Grove and Long Winter because it gave great safety in opponents battlefield phases so you could move the units out of the battlefield afterwards in your own turn. Without this a rush deck can be a real problem for a empire mill deck.
  3. Vile Sorceress came out of fashion when empire moving decks were present but right now moving isn't a threat anymore. Vile Sorceress works also great with Blood Dragon Knight as it allows you to take out a 3HP unit (Sorcerer) so you can "save" a Seasoned Corsairs for something else. I think the hand discard approach is better than milling although Barbed Snares are awesome when used multiple times per turn with hand drawing effects. Either way each decktype needs enough control to manage the board as the opponents will surely try to play as much cards as he can when he knows he'll loose them. Thank you Mallumo for your effort in deck presenting recently. Your Orc and HE decks were also great.
  4. Looking at the tournaments from 2012-03-27, it's awesome to see that top 6 are all different races. I guess there are a lot of players that are interested in the HE decks from Fortep and Arczi.
  5. rzarectz said: If the consensus is that Quests aren't powerful enough in the games current state .... I don't think that is true. When you look at the popular decks right now you will see a questcard in most of them. Reclaim needs Ancient Debts Repaid for most success. Nearly every DE deck plays Offering to Hekarti since months, Chaos has Raiding Camps (Wolves of the North was also good before Raiding Camps) and Empire works good with Recruiting for War or Protect the Empire. Nearly every Quest that came in the Capital cycle was good and we know that in the Bloodquest cycle, quests will further be improved so there is no need to worry about quests anymore.
  6. Great deck and explanation (that also counts for your HE deck). I wanted to test a similar deck next weekend but after seeing your version I tuned mine a bit. I didn't had Lord of Change in it for the looping mechanic and Raise Dead as well. Now I will play your version with these changes: - Squig Lobber + Spider Riders - Baby Squig + Clan Moulder's Elite - Warpstone Experiments + Dreams Uv Conkwest - Squig Pen + Guard Squigs I like the 5 HP from Clan Moulder because of DE and Chaos and together with Spider Riders it forces the opponent to do something against these 2 when they are in play. The other 2 changes are more personal playstyle. I really like the Guard Squigs and I want to test how the quest performs in this deck because it has good synergy with Morks Teeth Ritual and other cards as well.
  7. I guess the alternative will be Deamon Prince and Fledging Chaos Spawn when Iron Throne is available.
  8. Also when he is opposed you need less dmg to remove defending units so you can deal more dmg to the capital. For example when you are opposed by 2 units with 2 HP each, normally only 1 dmg goes through but with Hemmlers effect you can deal 3 dmg into the capital zone.
  9. When you look for other units with 5 Power you'll see Star Dragon for 10 (lowering cost possible but still 4 loyalty) and Bloodthirster for 8 (5 loyalty) which has a drawback that can be used against him. Of cause Hemmlers forced effect can sometimes hit your units as well but mostly you have enough unit removal or attack in another zone. Another option when you fear the damage for your units you only attack with him alone. He is also not easy be removed as empire has strong unit protection.
  10. These cards either speed up the game too much because they are cheap in cost or are too strong in itself to be played together with other restricted cards. Wether all spots are still reasonable choices is debatable.
  11. Restricted cards are the following: Warpstone Excavation, Innovation, Mining Tunnels, Reclaiming the Fallen, Derricksburg Forge, Wilhelm of the Osterknacht, Rodriks Raiders and Soul Stealer. You are only allowed to play 1 restricted card in a deck. Check the latest FAQ for further information: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=154&efcid=4&efidt=352924&efpag=2
  12. Jvirtue55 said: So I am some what new to this game, I have played many other CCGs so I understand basic tactics for card games. I saw in another thread that said each faction had a solid Archetype just trying to get a feel with these archtypes what are each Archetypes key cards I have my own ideas but I would like to see what the comunities thoughts were My opinion, although I can't play that many games to evaluate all cards as clearly as the polish or italian playgroups: Dwarf: Stahleck especially Jaszczurr clearly proved that Reclaim is back. Basicaly you try to get as many units as possible into your discard pile in order to bring all of them back into play with Reclaiming the Fallen (restricted card) and win in one turn when everything goes as planned. Since Chaos and DE have strong unit removal it wasn't such a drawback to get his dwarf units into discard pile. Key cards that help realising this: Tunnel Fighter - strong unit, usually played for free and helps getting your discard pile full with units Dwarf Ranger - versatile unit when in questzone. Allows unitcontrol or damage directly into capital when dwarf units leave play. Can win games when your "reclaimed" units leave play at the end of turn. Beleagered Scout - they give you enough time to survive until you have all the combo cards to win the game. Protection against rush decks and allow to discard units like Tunnel Fighter. Reclaiming the Fallen - Must have card that this deck is built around. Basically you need 4-6 units (or more when possible) you can reanimate in order to burn one zone and at best deal enough damage to another zone with 1 or 2 Dwarf Rangers in quest when all your revived units are sacrificed at the end of turn. My life for the hold - same as Beleagered Scout Burying the Grudge + Ancient Debts Repaid - these are great cards to assure to get enough resources to play Reclaiming the Fallen (great synergy with Tunnel Fighter or Beleagered Scout. Without these it would be very predictable for the opponent when you play your offensive. When playing this setup you want to play nearly everything into questzone to get enough card to develop every turn and getting the combo cards to turn the game. The opponent has to think twice when removing your units because you could get enough resources to play a Reclaim at the beginning of your turn which will be devastating for most opponents. Grudge Thrower - nearly in every dwarf deck because of the synergy with a lot of dwarf cards. Can often be a matchwinner when combined with Dwarf Ranger or the pure attack power when multiple units are attacking Ancestral Tomb - delivers more developments to sacrifice. Great starting hand combo with Tunnel Fighter. Oh that was more detailed as I planned so I try to make it shorter. Empire: I don't play empire often but I guess there are two versions that are strong. On one side there is the Judgement of Verena approach together with Long Winter, Will of the Electors or other/additional development control cards. Another strong version is massive handback stuff with Sigmars Blessed, Osterknacht Elite, Call for Reserves and other good "get in play" or "leave play" effects (optional you can play Volkmar legend). Cards that are in nearly every empire build: Peasant Milita, Friedrich Hemmler, Derricksburg Forge/Rodriks Raiders, Church of Sigmar, Iron Discipline. We will have to wait for the last BP of this cycle to see what cards will be played econmy wise but I guess Sons of Coin and/or Imperial Zoo will be included. High Elves: Maybe somebody else knows a deck that plays decent against various decks. I don't. Orc: Rush together with a lot of cheap units together with Swarm of Bats and dmg boosting tactics is always a threat for nearly every deck. Here is a deck together with some of the newer cards that plays quite solid. Feel free to adapt it to your preferences: 3 Mork’s Teef Ritual 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 We'z Bigga! 3 Contested Village 3 Rip Dere 'Eads Off! 3 Spider Riders 3 Clan Moulder's Elite 3 Guard Squigs 3 Lobber Crew 3 One Orc's Scrap... 3 Squig Herders 3 Squig Trackers 3 Squig Pen 3 Blood Dragon Knight 3 Raise Dead 3 Grimgor Ironhide 3 Bloodthirster Dark Elves: They have strong unit removal and milling options. Cards that are usually played in every deck: Walking Sacrifice, Seasoned Corsairs, Sacrifice to Khaine, Offering to Hekkarti, Har Ganeth, Slave Pen, Wight Lord/Blood Dragon Knight/Swarm of Bats. When playing Thief of Essence you can get a great card draw that allows a more kingdom focused play before going into offensive (Synergy: Walking Sacrifice, Har Ganeth, Slave Pen). Offering to Hekkarti is one of the best quests in this game and can turn the whole game when the DE unit removal engine gets running. The question is how much the player wants control elements relative to offensive cards. DE don't have that many units that deal great amounts of damage but with the release of Call the Kraken there are now some interesting ways to play expensive cards like Black Dragon Rider, Malus Darkblade, Toxic Hydra etc. I couldn't test the discard theme enough since the release of City of Winter but Barbed Snares together with Cauldron of Blood are very effective and reliable cards for milling the opponent. Promenade of Malice is also a card that has the potential to be seen in a lot of future DE decks. Chaos: Well probably the faction that benifited the most in this cycle and last expansion. I'm still wondering which type is the best. I played a fast Chaos deck with a lot of (cheap) units inlcuding Socerer of Tzeentch, Warhounds, Swarm of Bats, Offering of Blood, Call the Brayerd, Warpstone Experiments or other boost cards and it was really fast while having decent unitcontrol. Kairos Fateweaver together with chaos unitcontrol is still a strong archtype although Khorvak Grimbreath is the type that is played the most at the moment. The one that I like to play is the following: 3 Blood Summoning 3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn 3 Raiding Camps 3 Seduced by Darkness 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Contested Village 3 Wall of Maggots 3 Braying Gor 3 Burn it Down 3 Desecrated Temple 3 Ungor Raiders 3 Warhounds 3 Khorvak Grimbreath 3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3 Unleashing the Spell 3 Warpstone Meteor 3 Shaggoth
  13. Rifulas Drakere said: However we're unsure if all the different factions individually are that well balanced, we did for instance figure out that Orc Rushing/Zerging is pretty dang good from our first game night indeed, but not entirely unbeatable. What's community concensus on the faction balance individually basically as opposed to simply Order vs Destruction? Thanks! I don't know wether this is community census but my point of view is the following: it's really balanced at the moment. Every fraction has at least 1 strong deck archetype with the exception of High Elves but that's only when you look at the complete Cardpool (until City of Winter). It' not always easy to evaluate how strong a deck is when you didn't play against different kind of decks. There are also some battlepacks/expansions that gave a major boost to one race. Orc rush is timeless good. It didn't evolve that much from core set to now but it was always a threat you have to consider. Therefore while deckbuilding you always include a few cards that can protect you against it. Orc rush can also have a hard time against the other 2 destruction fractions so it is advised not to play only order vs destruction, to get experience in various matchups.
  14. Yeah Mallumo you described it exactly how I feel. I don't know why there aren't any good cards with fewer loyalty. Maybe the developers are afraid of too strong cards but for the moment there isn't room for going to high loyalty that gets unplayable when the opponent plays control. I still hope the DE pack will be decent and the discard theme will be competitive.
  15. The german version is already available so it shouldn't be long until the english release.
  16. Yeah it was already tried in a german board to convince Natarko but he just tried it here afterwards. I mean even the whi-rules-clarification-guru Entropy42 himself gave a plausible explanation so I guess there is no reason to further comment this.
  17. Of cause Chaos is very strong at the moment but I only responded to your demand of a 40% winning chance against any deck but it seems now you want a deck with at least 50% against Chaos. "tzeentch, spawn and raiding camps + spoils of war --> what will you play? he can kill supports and units in his 2nd turn and will constantly build up economy, you decide to attack in order to get control of spoils of war..." Ok that's really a good start but how realistic is it? Spoils of War is a 1 card per deck and when I play Chaos I don't often have the possibility to play a first turn Raiding Camps. Also you still need a questing unit wich makes the chances of having that starting hand further rare. Clan Moulders Elite and Blood Dragon Knight, which are usually played in any orc deck that isn't focused on odd numbers, are also units that Chaos can't remove instantly. Chaos also suffers from Troll Vomit and without Fledging there is also the danger of Lobber Crew. So I think Chaos it isn't that much ahead in this matchup. You can also switch to a reanimator/control deck packed with a little development control when you are afraid of Chaos economy. If you feel to have too little unitcontrol you can also take Easy Pickings or Foot of Gork in exchange for Waargh or Expendable Wall. I mean it's not the best orc deck that I can imagine but it's a solid base when you have no clue what to play. "Chaos is so strong atm, it can control you completly while building up economy (raiding camps, war hounds, tzeentch) and it can sucessfull destroy rushes through den of inquity, long winter combinations or seduced by darkness or even plague bomb." I think you have a quite onesided view in your card combinations. When I assume my opponent has the correct answers against me every game and every turn then I (or fast/rush orcs) wouldn't ever win against dwarfes, empire or HE because every turn I would get a damage canceler, Chain Lightning or Master Rune of Spite. But that's not the case because orcs can still play quite cheap and can therefore recover from a reset or against control better than other factions. I would be interested in the Chaos deck you play. The tactics seem: Long Winter, Seduced by Darkness, Plague Bomb. The chaos versions I play or play against don't always have Plague Bomb because it's often weak against Empire and HE. Unleashing the Spell is also very common and now with Khorvak there is also Blood Summoning. The quest is great of cause but you can't rely on it only so I still play Burn it Down. That makes a lot of choices but I wouldn't play more that 12 tactics because you still need a decent count on units for questing and you also want to play a fair number of support for quest synergy.
  18. I just played this list here: 3 Expendable Wall 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 We'z Bigga! 3 Choppa 3 Contested Village 3 Crooked Teef Goblins 3 Spider Riders 3 Clan Moulder's Elite 2 Followers of Mork 3 Lobber Crew 3 Pillage 3 Squig Herders 3 Squig Trackers 3 Squig Pen 3 Waaagh! 3 Blood Dragon Knight 3 Troll Vomit It was quite constant and Squig Trackers was a good boost although the 3 loyalty can be a minor problem sometimes. I played against empire and played aggressive so I didn't really have the option to play Expendable Wall. Because of that I can't really estimate how good the orc fortification is. I guess Jaszczurr has a stronger deck list but it's a good start I think. The reanimator/control archetype is also strong. I couldn't play a deck this type since the new cards but Morks Ritual and Snotling Ambush seem like strong cards but I can't make a decision what tactic either of these can replace. Pillage seems like a must, I also don't like to loose Rip or Raise Dead. Troll Vomit is also a card that I play in nearly every orc deck. We have to playtest more to make a choice.
  19. Yeah I'm interested too. I always had problems with Hidden Grove/Electors/Long Winter that eliminated my 1st or 2nd turns. Kairos was also not at his best when development control hits the table. In newer days Call for Reserves/Osterknacht Elite/Rodriks loops is getting on my nerves. When the empire player is good at development control it's also not assured that you can use your Burn it Down to get rid of Church of Sigmar or otherwise reducing empires economy. Some things that lately changed: the new Chaos Quest is really good because it forces the empire player to also place units in zones with support and not only going relying on buildings and tactics to slow or control the game enough to win. But I only played like 5 matches with the new Chaos cards. I also slapped my face when taking a more detailed look on Unleashing the Spell. I played it in the time when it was released but it was Kairos time then and I didn't want to loose my precious developments. I had a great misunderstanding in the rules text because I had in mind that you have to sacrifice all developments after playing the Spell (X = number of my developments) which was obviously wrong. So it turns out it's a great counter against massive Rodriks use and can be a lifesaver when used on a strong unit. I also think the structure of BP release doesn't matter. Yes each faction gets 10 cards but that doesn't mean anything when you divide the cards into casual/theme play and cards that really are gonna played in strong decks. So it's not that much of an impact. 2-3 cards per pack have the potential to enter into the more competitive decks but the rest are mostly theme or nearly useless ("awesome now I can play an indirect dmg orc deck"). I wouldn't title empire as unbeatable but because of their good starting hands and resource management they really draw constant while with Chaos sometimes you only can play one Sorcerer which isn't the best opening against some decks. Also a lot of playing experience helps but I'm interested how DE or Orc (non rush) have a chance. With DE I really feel helpless with my targeted single unit effects that empire can defend so well against. Sometimes with early Shades/Beastlord can disorder the empire players handcards so that you aren't target of a Verena for some time but when the draw engine is installed empire usually comes back and wins. I would appreciate a way to get more developments into play especially for destruction that have nothing besides Dwarf Slaves (DE) and Light of Morrslieb (expensive and fragile).
  20. Fortep said: It is so close to Germany that they cay come by car:) Still a 750km trip from Hamburg I would really like to play in such a tournament because I couldn't attend Stahleck because of unregular work schedule and lack of money for the month. Even if I didn't have any chances for placing high in the championship I was flashed when I first saw the side tournaments "driver not the car" and "nations cup". It looked really interesting and it's also something that we can't get to play because of the lack of a playerbase here. Such events can really motivate players to come. As far as I know from reading on this board there are some big whi communities in Italy and Poland and the players there play a lot each month. So if you live in a region where you only have 1-2 friends to play (4-5h once a week) it's sure that you don't compete for a top place. So it's attractive when you know there is a lot of whi gaming beside the main tournament. Years ago I organised some tournaments for fighting games and some factors for players who travelled a long distance were: enough time to plan ahead (vacation days etc.), cheap accomodations (most liked to sleep at the venue when it was possible), time to play the game (at least friday to sunday, some even began on thursday) and nearby support of food and drink (supermarked, delivery service etc.). I guess price support in this game isn't that much important but I'm not sure how other players regard this. In my opinion the spread of prices should be large and cheap so that not only the top 3 get something really good while all the others go empty. Even playmats or regional-kit stuff would be cool because no shop here orders them.
  21. We also had similar dwarf ideas. When abandoning control one can also go with Burying the Grudge and Muck for speeding up the process.
  22. So anyone already playtested Chaos decks with Inevitable City cards? I was really excited since the first spoilers were posted but after a closely look some cards aren't that powerful as expected. One of them is surely Raiding Camps. That 1 extra loyalty more in comparison to the quests from the last cycle makes the quest slower so a first turn quest isn't likely to get. Also it kinda forces you to play chaos support (non attachment) deckbuilding wise and the no-unit restriction make it something to play around. None the less it's "draw a card" feature and the power itself make it very interesting and having the opponents board clear of units is just what chaos wants anyway considering the great unit control features they got in the past battlepacks. I also had hope that Khorvak would be great. One of the main drawbacks chaos had when going for corruption was that they were as helpless as the opponent with the many corrupted units because until now you can only restore one unit a turn (except Rat Ogres/Chillwind). Khorvak Grimbreath seems to be the solution and he can be quite the bomb when it get's into midgame and you already have corrupted units or ways to do so directly. At first Skaven came into my mind but since some good cards either require high loyalty or are chaos-only restricted I chose to stay mono chaos in the unit section. At the beginning I had a complete mono chaos deck but Raiding Camp could not replace Burn It Down alone and without Warpstone Excavation and/or Contested Village the starting hands were not good enough. I chose Warpstone over Village because it has synergy with Khorvak and I hope Braying Gor can compensate Village because they can get tokens for Bleeding Wall, generally speed up the deck and can also attack when Khorvak is out. So here is the first thought of a Chaos deck including some actual cards. Until now I couldn't it play against someone but I guess it's fun to play and after a few games I will see which cards will get a place in chaos decks in the coming weeks. 3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn 3 Warhounds 3 Braying Gor 3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3 Savage Forsaken (great when Quest or Khorvak are in play) 3 Khorvak Grimbreath 3 Bloodletter (cheap hammers, supports unitcontrol also great Seductive Delusion target) 3 Seduced by Darkness 3 Burn it Down 3 Plague Bomb 3 Seductive Delusion (synergy with unitcontrol and Bleeding Wall) 3 Raiding Camps 3 Wall of Maggots (mainly cheap loyalty or Raiding Camp trigger) 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Desecrated Temple 3 The Bleeding Wall 3 Warpstone Meteor (Bleeding Wall/Khorvak synergy) #51 Interesting other cards I'll try out soon will be: Manfred von Carstein, Unleashing the Spell, Blood Summoning, Screamers of Tzeentch, Festering Nurglings, Den of Inquity, Daemonsword, Warplightning Cannon, Wolves of the North .... yeah quite a lot but some cards really open a lot of deck building possibilities that were not playable before. Sadly there isn't such an impact in the HE battepack and the that Chaos Condition card follows the trend. Wow now it's demons and diseases but why wasn't there at least one disease card in Inevitable City? It could be a Rading Camps trigger but I like Wall of Maggots effect better.
  23. Thank you really much. The quest looks good but what exactly is the first action? Is it when a unit is put on the the quest then draw a card?
  24. Chaos just got strong recently when some key cards were released in the legends expansion and battle packs from the last cycle: Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Desecrated Temple, Warhounds, Ungor Raiders, Plague Bomb.
  25. DaRKeR said: In our country we have League, big tournaments, many players etc. everything thx to our publisher of the game. Yeah and that makes the difference between 4-6 (around here) and 60 player tournaments. Guess it's profitable to invest a little because it attracts way more people to play and buy whi products. Other publishers should learn from this.
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