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  1. If thats the case is there anything I can do to get a proper copy? Also I noticed the other day that I do not have a copy of Curry Favor from my Base set either. I was confused for a while as to how priests gained favour
  2. Hello All, I recently got the Winds of Magic Expansion (Which is awesome btw), but I noticed something wierd and wanted to find out if everyone who got that expansion has the same issue. My Mutation cards have the same backing as Insanity cards... At first I thought I had grabbed the wrong cards, but when i compared them, they are identical. Is this a misprint or did they just decided to reuse the same art? Thanks, Korvanus
  3. Hello All, My friends and I are about to start up a campaign (character creation on saturday) and I can't help but feel a little uneasy about it. You see we are a group of gammers that has played most RPG's under the sun, but there is a stong optimizer inside us all. I was looking through the melee weapons today and see several weapons are out of balance. The Spear for example. It seems like the ultimate weapon. The Rapier is better than the dagger in every way (if memory serves). While this does exist in D&D, a lot of weapons find validation with certain feats, classes, or powers. Armor is another oddity. There is no penalty for wearing armor, not even plate. So one could run, jump, backflip and balance just as easy in a suit of full platemail as in cloth? Why not add a tower shield to the equation, no penalty. Another problem this causes is there is no reason (as of right now) to not wear the highest soak armor you can get your hands on (money permitting). So if the player (and I have one) wants to wear lighter armor because that is the type of character he like, he is penalized for it? The other thing I am confused about is that armor gives defense, which to me represents avoiding getting hit, yet it also grants soak which prevents damage from being done. Isn't avoiding getting hit encompassed by your active defenses? How does wearing Robes make you more dodgey then being naked? Anyone else run into this problem? My group are roleplayers, but we have a little optimizer in us, so I just can't see how we will get past this as is. Thanks, Korvanus
  4. Hello all, I know this version of the game is new, but I thought I would see if anyone has created a card creator application (either web or client based) yet? I know it would be very handy to be able to create additional copies of certain cards, or to create our own that look somewhat the same as the existing ones. Thanks, Korvanus
  5. Hello all, I recently got the game on friday and I was looking at the monsters in the back of the GM book, and came across info that basically states that monsters have access to all the basic actions players do. Initially I thought that made sense, but then after thinking about it, why would you want to have to be using active defenses with you monsters. That seems like a very annoying thing to have to keep track of all the time. I could understand it for maybe boss monsters, but I thought that was the whole point of the A/C/E on them anyways. Maybe it is the D&D 4.0 in me, but having to keep track of many things for many monsters becomes a nightmare. I use to GM exalted and having more then a few enemies was tiresome at best. Critical hits for monsters also strikes me as the same micro managing that would get annoying (or forgotten) a lot. I do like the critical hit rules for henchmen though, so perhaps that is a better way to go for all non-important monsters (It would be cool to give your nemesis a broken nose Another thing I find strange is that creatures of the same type share the same A/C/E and recharge of their powers. So if there are three boars in a fight, only one can headlong charge and the rest need to wait until it recharges. I am sure this is done to lessen the bookeeping, but it is too hard on my suspension of disbelief. Again I can understand this for henchmen, because they are one unit and no matter what action they are performing it is a bunch of them doing it. Would changing monsters so that they have their own A/C/E pools & actions throw things out of balance? My idea is to print action cards (or use index cards) for my monsters and limit them to only a few powers (so it is not overwhelming to run them). I would like to print monster cards as well that have a picture of the creature, it's stats, A/C/E boxes (that you can remove tokens from), etc... Would definatly be in the whole spirit of the game I think. Thanks, Korvanus
  6. Thanks for the reply lffo, Very sound advice. Perhaps I am underestimating my friends. My plan is to run a campaign without modifying the rules and see how it goes. Ultimatly I love the core mechanics to the game and if the players are not enjoying the advancement system, I can always tweek here or there. How do the core monsters stand up to players? Is it a difficult experience trying to balance encounters around the players? I looked at the basic monsters in the book and with only a threat rating to tell them apart, how do you know what will and wont kill (or maim) your party? Thanks, Korvanus
  7. Hello all, Just got the books on the weekend, curious as to how everyone handles multiple players using the same action, talent, career card, etc... While it seems simple enough to share, what about cards that are on recharge or if a player wants to use the opposite stance version of it. Thanks, Korvanus
  8. Thanks for the reply gruntl, I agree that warhammer is not the same as D&D and I embrace that, for the most part. The strengths of this system are flexibility (aka horizontal advancement). I find this to be a great thing as it opens up roleplaying and mechanics that mesh. I am not sure how having more expertise dice will make a character more powerful per say, since you can still only choose one success line from an action. So if you get 3 successes or 10 sucesses, it makes no difference to the damage you deal (for example). While you may get more boons, these are likewise restricted.
  9. Hello all, I got the game on the weekend and read through the rules sections of all four books. I really like a lot of what I read, but one thing that has me concerned (especially for my play group) is vertical advancement. By this I mean, as your character ranks up, there is little in the way of increases in power of thier actions or abilities. To give an example, in D&D your powers do more damage or have longer durations. It seems to me that a rank 1 swordmaster will do roughly the same damage as a rank 5 swordmaster. Now I noticed some actions have a rank, which is a step in the right direction, although (without searching through the cards) I cannot say if they are much stronger. On top of this, monsters do not seem to scale by rank so you have the same monsters at each rank. I guess me and my friends come from a D&D background where we like to see our power increasing, even if our challenges are increasing with us; effectively balancing it out. I am hoping that anyone who has played the game could comment on how the leveling up process feels and what they like about the way it currently is. Thanks, Korvanus
  10. Thanks Antistone this helps a lot! I am curious, when a black/silver/gold dice rolls a 1/h, what does it count it as? range first, then damage? I was planing on using the 1/h as both range and damage. How would that affect the system? Thanks, Korvanus
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Antistone. I will investigate your excel sheet, see if I can figure out how to adapt it to my purpose. I guess I used the wrong terms in my previous post, let me elaborate a bit. I am looking to change the way the dice work for this RPG lite version of the game. The numbers on the dice represent accuracy (or to-hit), the hearts represent damage, surges will act similar to the way they do now, and the X will be used to determine critical hits (counts as 0 accuracy when calculating). All players and creatures will have a defense value that determines if they get hit (think armor class in D&D). If your accuracy is greater than or equal to you opponets defense your attack hits, dealing X damage (where X is the number of hearts). Essentially this performs both the attack and damage rolls at the same time. The data I need to gather is the percent chance of hitting a target with X defense while rolling Y dice. Each cell would contain a number as the header column and a dice combination as the row header. Then the grid would be the % chance to hit given the dice rolled. Example: When rolling one white dice you have an 83% chance to hit against Defense 1, 50% chance against Defense 2, and a 33% chance against Defense 3. Example: When rolling one white and one yellow dice you have a 100% chance to hit Defense 1, 97% chance against Defense 2, 83% chance against Defense 3, 58% chance against Defense 4, 33% chance against Defense 5, and a 11% chance against Defense 6. Hope this makes more sense, Korvanus
  12. Hello All, I am working on a Descent variant that would be closer to an RPG lite game then it is to the current dungeon crawl. i want to add in lots of character options and actions so that it feels somewhat like D&D, but with far less prep work That being said, I need some help with dice probabilities. it has been many moons since I took a statistics class and I am just having trouble wrapping my brain around this. This is crucial for setting up proper defense and attack dice values at each level of monster. Goal: Get the percentage chance of X hits occuring when rolling Y dice. Example: What is the % chance of rolling 3 hits on a White and Yellow dice? What about on a White, Yellow, and Black? Etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated, Korvanus
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