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  1. Wow. Supreme effort. Thank you for posting, very interesting. Shared with my local facebook group. We're already blaming our dice, now that we have proof. Lol.
  2. Thanks for this, I considered drilling but was not sure where rear posts were. The front half of the speeder was easy to separate. The back got rough, especially around the engine nacelles. So I quit. Time to get the drill out.
  3. Awesome! Love it. Be careful though, the Trapster gets triggered when you call him Paste Pot Pete. lol Red Ghost and his Super Apes...
  4. lol, guilty. Had three. Got the Raider, had four. The worst looking X1 went and sat on my desk at work. Mostly always ran some form of Vader, Eclipse and Steele, when I ran X1s. Conversion kit had 2 dials. Wanted to play Vader, Marek and Ved at our local opening night 2.0 game. So I bought a 2.0 X1 expansion pack for that third dial. Later purchased 2 dials separate on ebay and brought the bad looking X1 home. That's how I came about 5 X1s. And I don't mind, it's my favorite ship from the movies and was my first ship from Kenner when I was a kid. Happy when they dropped points on Storm and Tempest squadrons. Been having fun locally with with five naked Storm Aces, and doing ok standings wise. Might try the Tempest squad with the FCS.
  5. I can hear Shatner's voice," Boh-bah---FETT" lol
  6. Who's Boba Fett? Was she one of Captain Kirk's girlfriends?
  7. X-Wing Store Championship! Come play, have fun and win! Sunday, August 25th, 2018. 11 am sign-in, 12 noon rounds start. Collector's Ink 2593 Hwy 32, Chico, CA 95973. (530) 345-0958
  8. I play Soviets in Flames of War. Whats smoke?
  9. And I still haven't played a V4 game yet, but not cuz I'm salty about the change, I can't or don't find the time or ambition to get a game in. It was nice to get the new rule books free, but V4 took much steam out of many players' sails (in my area at least). Hope the same doesn't happen for X-Wing.
  10. At-Rt does partial reverse into base of At-St. Both vehicles in each others' rear firing arcs. Melee can still happen, correct? Melee has no need of firing arcs? Basing this on assumption that some vehicle weapon upgrades specifically noted for front firing arc only. Melee weapons do not state they are fixed firing arc weapons. But on page 32 of RRG we read this, "Melee attacks follow same rules as ranged attacks..." But page 32 also says "two miniatures from opposing players' units are in base contact, those units are in melee." So do melee weapons have arcs? And does Weak Point count? Probably not if firing arcs aren't used in melee? We could not find any rules other than page 32 of RRG that addresses this situation. If we missed something please point us to correct page please. We just had the vehicles donkey kick each other, which was fun. The full health At-Rt brought down the already wounded At-St after two rounds of melee. First time an At-St has been brought down in our games!
  11. There are a few of us in Chico. There are some in Sacramento also.
  12. Right on! It took me longer than I can remember (or want to admit) to find the priming way that works for me. It's funny cause the first time I used white primer was lame too. The white exposes your painting boo-boos so much more. Now I rarely use black.
  13. Played epic twice. Loved it both times. Will play more epic this new year. Will gladly pick up any new epic stuff that comes out.
  14. Nice walk down memory lane, reading these stories. Brings back good Christmas and birthday memories of the Death Star playset, Imperial Attack Base, Vader's fighter, etc. The one that sticks out the most was my 7th birthday, Oct. 1980. I was a big ESB junkie. Saw it eight times in the theater while it was out. Parents, relatives, friends' parents, neighbors all suffered my company to take me to see that movie! I had a birthday party at a local park, one aunt, sister, about 8 friends. And my dad was there, which was super-cool, because he was always working and rarely got to do family type stuff. Ironic that my mom wasn't, she working that day! Was so stoked when dad brought out the cake. Bespin Luke, Bespin Leia and Yoda were on the cake, which was also frosted in Star Wars style. The only Star Wars gift I remember with certainty when and where I received it. I still have all three of them, but am missing Yoda's robe, Leia's cape and her head. Luke and Yoda's heads have been glued on, and re-glued on, they've survived three of my children too. They are much worse for the wear, I'm afraid. Happy New Year, everyone!
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