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  1. any new updates on this? it was back up yesterday, but now down again
  2. i picked it up last night. here are the cards agotcards.org hasn't spoiled yet: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10949/Scan.jpg
  3. I hope I'm the only one playing my house so I can win TWO deckboxes!
  4. FFG NEEDS to come out with some foil, alternate art, and/or text-less versions of cards for prizes. Playmats, uncut sheets and plastic coins just don't cut it.
  5. It's a pain getting into an LCG, at least competitively, yeah. But there's more going on here than just that. The News section of this site dedicates less and less to this game, as weeks go by with no new news. The posts in the forums are now few and far between.... It was a full 8 days between posts in this section recently. I think more and more competitive players are leaving the game, me included. It sucks. The game could be great.. The battle packs and previews for future battle packs keep giving us more and more unplayable cards. I followed this game competitively for 18+ months despite having NO ONE TO PLAY WITH, but now the designers and marketers are just bringing this game down. I made the move to AGoT a couple months ago, bit the bullet and invested several hundred dollars and I've probably played 10x the amount of games as I had of WHI in 18+ months. OMG! People go to leagues! There are tournaments and people travel for them! Guys in the area regularly meet up just to test and play! This game is just in a funk right now, and FFG needs to step up if they want to save it. Or continue what they're doing to the game and watch players leave for greener pastures.
  6. check out the first thread in the deck building section
  7. my advice is to play Game of Thrones instead. this game is on its way down.
  8. definitely deckbox.org. and the rulebook and FAQ PDF's from the WHI support page (and a link to the WHI support page!)
  9. ****! I wish this was happening one week later.. You'd have three Baltimore players out there to participate. :-/
  10. NOOOOOOOOO..... Keep fighting for your cause, PaleKing!!! Explain your issue one more time. What exactly is the problem? :-)
  11. Yeah, we'll be in Vegas the 29th and 30th. A third friend has just started playing and dropped $200 on extra cores and chapter packs this week. He was already committed to the Vegas trip, so that makes 3 of us from Baltimore that would play that weekend.
  12. is it spelled Claddagh's? there's a bar here in Baltimore with the same name. We pronounce it like kuh-LAH-duh
  13. Warpstone Experiments and Long Winter both see a good amount of play as well. And Reap What's Sown is one of my favorite cards in the game. I'm always trying to fit it in.
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