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  1. A small improvement may be to have a single Encounter phase, combining Arkham and Other Worlds, in the regular clockwise order (Or am I overlooking an important reason not to do this?) I like the earlier suggestion of having a player resolve his or her Upkeep, Movement and Encounter phases, before moving onto the next player, and resolving Mythos after everyone's done. The biggest challenge for me is I tend to play with new players every time, so I'll be the only one who really knows the rules well. It's both slow and less enjoyable.
  2. Hi. If I need to make skill check, but my skill plus modifiers puts me at -2 dice... how many clue tokens do I spend to roll one die? One or three? Thanks!
  3. Hi. When my investigator enters another world, then gets lost in space and time, then returns to Arkham... can he return the gate he initially entered and try to close it? I assume he can't because he doesn't return through the gate, but wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  4. Is the patrol wagon considered an item for purposes of discarding?
  5. Hi. Let's say I'm in Yuggoth and I use the Gate Box to return to a R'lyeh gate. Do I get the explored marker for the R'lyeh gate, even though I've only explored Yuggoth? Thanks!
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