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  1. I have actually considered selling this game because no one will play it I was looking at prices and on Amazon and Ebay people are asking for over $1000 for the original version still sealed. I think I may try to sell my used version.
  2. The game became way more balanced with the expansion, however FFG needs to release a new expansion with more factions to choose from.
  3. I love this game but the biggest obstacle is finding someone to play it with, let alone 4 people.
  4. Just to answer your title, the game is way worth the price but get the expansion as it adds a much needed balance to the game.
  5. Question 1: I had this come up, my hero completed his movement and turned over the flooded area token. The placement of this token was critical to the game because it was on a part of the map that was 1 tile thick, so it was the only way to get across the map. The rules state that flying units may enter this area anytime. I was wondering if they control the area when they move in and if so can I build a stronghold there so I can recruit more flying units. We had also wanted to know if we could place a rune here. Question 2: The frost tower quest card. I did this in a free city, one that produces a rune if you own it. This card says to spend 6 influence and then gain a dragon rune, when this happens do I place it in the same tile as the city? I ask this because normally you can not have more than one rune in any one area.
  6. I recently played the expansion, which adds much to the base game in a good way. However, I too have questions not covered in the book. I was moving my commander with a strategize order and wondered if, I can move my commander into an area containing another hero. I ask this because strategize states, "Move any of your units and heroes to adjacent friendly or empty areas". Before when playing the base game we always moved are hero into an area that was empty but contained and opponents hero. Can I still do this?
  7. I would like to see an adjustment made that would allow for 5-6 players to play instead of just the current maximum of 4.
  8. Thats what I thought but still its nice to get clarification. Thanks for the answer.
  9. Destructible location, "A player controlling this area with at least 6 units may discard this token. Does this mean that by discarding it means that the effect on the card is void? If my opponet controls the area but I walk in with 6 units I can get rid of it. Is this why this would be used. Thanks for your answers.
  10. We want to play a five player game so I was going to paint them a different color.
  11. Does anyone know anything about buying extra pieces? I want to buy the the whole elf faction for my game. Troops, Resource Dial, and Order Cards.
  12. broken is right, in the rules it states if 2 factions are placed within 3 spaces of each other you need to go back and design the board differently. But thanks for posting the video it made teaching the game easier for me. Thanks
  13. jasonspace


    Then i read the rules again and it made it very clear.
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