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  1. Valvorik, would love to read your rewrite of the menagerie scene and take a look at the cards. For some unknown reason, can't seem to send you a pm, so could you please send them to my e-mail lemelopes at yahoo dot com dot br? Thanks for the great work in this topic!
  2. Loved ragnar63's idea of two Black Cowls, but I'm still toying with the idea of making Gravin von Alptraum the Black Cowl. Been re-reading the whole campaign to see what would have to be modified. Book One wouldn't need any major modification, as far as I see. The coach trip on day six would be organized by her in order to point out the guard members between the robbers and sow distrust between Bauerfaust and von Kaufman (and to point the finger to Bauerfaust, he's the captain of the guard after all). At the garden party, she would try to steer the players' suspicions to the other three NPCs (casually telling them that Mauer's family was corrupt, that Bauerfaust thinks that the Empire's military is a noble's tool, and gossip about von Kaufman's expedition). In Book Two, she'll have a small and very easy task for the players: to send a small donation to the temple of Shallya in Middenheim, which happens to be a key ingredient in von Oppeheim's ritual, and maybe (not sure yet) a letter to Helstrum with evidence against the PC's… My main concern is Book Three (still have to re-read it) and the motivation. Why would Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum betray the Empire??? Don't know the answers to these yet. Meanwhile, my players are taking the road to find the mutant band and (hopefully) the missing gunpowder. They're a dwarf outcast (Ironbreaker), a apprentice wizard of Shyish (academic), a initiate of Verenna (gentle-born), and they will probably be joined by a new PC, a battle-scarred pistolier. Will post new thoughts soon. Hope this Gravin Black Cowl works…
  3. First, an advice: if you're planing to GM the new Enemy Within, you MUST read the topic on TEW prep in this forum (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=165&efcid=46&efidt=761408&efpag=0)… Not wanting to overcrowd that topic, I brought my question to a new one: which NPC do you think would be the best Black Cowl? I'm still unsure and my group has played through three days on Book One… Graf von Kaufman does not seem a good candidate to me. If he's the Black Cowl, why would he hire the characters to go after the missing coach and risk them finding the blackpowder link? Why would he ask them to increase the security at the garden party if he's the mastermind behind the skaven theft? Luminar Mauer is a good candidate, but he's a wizard and I would like to avoid the cliché that all wizards are followes of Tzeentch in disguise… Captain Bauerfaust? I don't know. He's the NPC the group distruts the most, and I feel that - in my game - he would be the most obvious candidate. I would like to avoid the obvious way, and I kind of sympathize with him. It would be a pity to throw him to the dark side… My main candidate, to tell you the truth, is Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum, but she's not a possibility in the adventure as it is written… Would I have to change a lot to use Gravin Clothilde as the Black Cowl? Which NPC are you using as Black Cowl on your game?
  4. I pre-ordered mine from CoolStuffInc. Usually, they start shipping the goods before FFG lists it as "in stores", but it hasn't happened this time. Still waiting for TEW to ship…
  5. Great material! I run E4aE thrice now, and had great results, but I would really like to see the whole bunch of clue cards...
  6. Yes, Blood Bowl is a parody of the regular Warhammer universe... But I've been thinking for a while about an underground Blood Bowl tournament. A small community, far from the great cities, where Blood Bowl games are held in secret. Like a cult, but instead of a chaos-dedicated cult, devotees of Blood Bowl!!! I think it could be a hell of an adventure...
  7. I plan to run: Eye for an Eye -> Edge of Night -> Horror at Hugedal -> Terror at Talabheim (2nd edition). My idea is to have the Skaven manipulating the cults of Übersreik (and to make the PCs find one of them in EoN, instead of the Skaven). When they find the note from Dr. F at Hugedal, they will track him to Talabheim, where they will meet the Skaven and Dr. F (the Skaven mastermind behind the plot of TaT)... Hope it works. We just started E4aE. I'll keep you posted on the details...
  8. I'll be starting a new WFRP3 group this week. I'm planning to gather the PCs at Ubersreik and mix a few adventures, including Horror at Hugedal & Noblesse Oblige, plus some ideas from Edge of Night & Enemy Within'. I would love to throw Gathering Storm in the mix, but I have a few problems with it. I love the storm rules and like the idea of the magical vortex, but I hate the linear plot and combat-oriented stuff. Does anyone messed with TGS to make it less linear and more investigation-oriented? Thanks in advance, All
  9. Schoon, I'm very interested in the scenarios. Could you please share them so that I can run them with my group? I live in Brazil, so unfortunately I can not attend Endgame con... Thanks anyway!
  10. GoblynKing said: I smell a Chaos Wastes boxed set on the horizon to properly bring the Storm of Chaos to the Empire. I am so stoked at this possibility! This would be AWESOME!!! Please FFG, put the Storm of Chaos Boxed Set in your plans...
  11. Great! Now I was able to open it and the rules do seem very interesting. Thanks for sharing your work...
  12. I tried to open it and there's a bunch of xml files. How can I read them?
  13. I'm from Brasília and I also would like to buy the iPhone app. ;0)
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