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  1. I suggest playing through the whole campaign and then make the decision. You should know the mission objective, so if it is timed, get in, do the job, get out. If not, use a different tactic. Play Under Siege, then play Diala's mission again (ignore your first attempt) First time I played the campaign, we were not told of the time limit. I felt really cheated. Come to find out, if we knew the whole objective, we would have played it differently. Second time around we succeeded, barely, by blitzing our objective and not eliminate our enemies.
  2. I'm strictly a Rebel player, mainly because I a huge fan of the Millennium Falcon. Though for Armada, I strictly play Imperial. I
  3. I wouldn't mind EU Legends characters if it makes sense to the Campaign. They already use some characters from the EU for the X-Wing game.
  4. Who is the General in the back, can't read his name. Thanks!
  5. You are correct. That is how I interpret the rule.
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