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  1. Incorrect. Page 17: "then" effects. If there is only one card you can only look and that's it. okay, so you can look but then you are not allowed to resolve the choice part of the text effect. that's even more strict. btw, edited original post to include text effect.
  2. Question, I know that the number of cards in a deck is public knowledge. I also know that unless it says may you resolve as much of an ability as able to. However does the action bit supersede the deck count? The reason i ask is because if we know that a deck has less than 2 cards left, can we still activate Jedi Council? if so, why not just say up to? (or was the intent never for it to be a discard engine for the Hero side? Any rules guys answer whether or not the 2 is static on jedi council and can only be activated IF 2 cards exist? Thank you, Fat Tony EDIT: TEXT EFFECT
  3. i always assumped that you can continue to "move" in the same location. Resting would kick you out of the area, but that also depends on what style of game you are playing (full map) the full map would make it interesting to have to move all the time.
  4. Elric of Melniboné said: Seems like our prayers were answered and Twilight of The Gods is finally upon us! Can't wait to know more about it...what I've seen so far seems very interesting, with enemies like the big Storm Aeon (can't remember the exact name) and the omnipotent Summoner Orb as enemies! Also it seems we'll have more artifacts to equip our parties...which is cake. I wouldnt mind using spanish cards since i can read them... I cant wait for this set... i enjoyed both set 1 and 2, and set 3 almost makes we wonder if the Anima Intellectual Property will continue to grow... They mentioned this set would be the conclusion to the events of set 1 and 2. but will they make a set 4 starting a new ark?
  5. Yea, once twilight of the gods comes out, the decks(Locations, Advantage, Arcane, Characters, and Encounters) will get dramatically better and more variable. I usually play each expansion on its own, and the games are more progressively put together. Set two gave us, Blessings, Curses, and Arcane Characters. so the assumption is that Set 3 will fill the wholes where set two was lacking. only a hand full of arcane characters was rather weak because smart players would end up with 2 arcane characters in their crew and other players would never be able to see them. You can get 2 arcane characters by recruiting 3 normal characters, then go to a location with Arcane Recruiting for your 4th character, then go back to a normal location to recruit an arcane by killing off a weaker normal character. remember that you must have 3 normal characters in order to Arcane Recruit, so after this, your team should be insanely beefed up.
  6. Cant wait, if its out in april ill probably do an event for Twilight of the Gods at Gamex... I did Shadow of Omega at Orc Con with the variable rules for a quick game. (variable meaning, No hand size limit, Roll during the speed check at the start of the turn, all areas of the map open but must start at certain locations to visit other areas.) Overall it went rather nicely.
  7. I think for the most part Fantasy Flight currently is busy with other projects. You can see how they update that they have been working on other properties and picking up properties from Alderac. Overall, I think that Android is really attractive... in reality ive been wanting this game for well over half a year before getting it this past christmas as a gift from my wife. Now that i have it, i cant wait to play it on friday. I know itll be high on the totem pole in terms of learning but we have a whole slew of time to burn anyways. I'm not entirely sure if the marketing was bad as much as it wasnt put out there more. The Youtube video on it clearly talks about how the designer came up with the concept of the game on a ride to Origins (i thinks). This leads me to believe that while the game was spontanious in design the concept for a good game is still there / here. Besides players that only live within games like Descent, Dominion, and so forth dont like to explore out side of their comfort realm. you really need a group of gamers at heart that are down to be willing to crack open a game and just game. Not people that get stuck within one single game and all others are "garbage, crap, could have been better" I hope it doesnt get discontinued and later it gets re brought back.
  8. lol, my wife frantically searched my history on my browser to see what games i clicked on during the sale. fortunatly for me she picked up Android... she would had picked up connan had she seen it... where actually planning on playing it on New Years Eve
  9. arcana10 said: The rules state that players cannot recruit in the same area on consecutive turns, but is it possible for a player to recruit on Turn 1, remain in the area and choose an Advantage reward on Turn 2, then remain in the same area and recruit a second character on Turn 3? Or is it necessary to leave the area before recuiting again? I didnt know you couldnt recruit in an area if that was the reward... that seems a bit odd... know i have played more consectively Beyond Good and Evil, so in that one, you have the alternate action of EX recruiting (Arcane characters with no character give up, just having an open slot), and Normal recruit (giving up a character space in order to recruit arcane) havent read in the rules that you couldnt recruit. which book does it say that?
  10. Skywalker said: Honestly, all you would need to do is add some cool anime heroic fantasy music. You could otherwise use the game as written. The art is fine as is and all you need is some animation around the cards themselves to make it feel like you were at a table (see Small World for an example). I would play the thing all day long. same here, i would buy an Ipad for that... but then again why stick with only an iPad? a simple javascript software would be enough. 1 player and 4 bots. not bad... then again, you can already play the game on a table on your own
  11. MoonShadow said: At the Tree Structure for areas variant::are all the area cards begin in play at the start of the game so there isn't any Seek New Horizons choise in the Movement phase? And,do we check in every phase who has the highest speed?For example,If I have the highest speed in the Reset phase I play first.Next,in the Movement phase if onother player has higher speed than me will he go first? Last,when you lose your turn, according to the rulebook,you can not take any actions until the end of the turn.Can you still play Advantage cards? Thanks for the support! In tree structure, there is no seek new horizon's step because you cant take the action. so you skip the physical action of seeking new horizons. remember though if you get kicked out of area 3 you have to start back at area 1. unless of course you have an ability that lets you go to ANY location. in terms of speed id just pass the priority to another player at the end of turn. this makes it so that not one player always takes the first action. when you lose your turn, its is talking about physically being involved of what would consist of your turn. both the turn and the phases are shared but the actions within them are not. So even if 4 players are in a movement phase, each player does their move individually and not in a combined group. same for Exploration. what Losing your turn means is that you cannot be apart of the phases. Lets say somebody for some crazy reason targets you with an advantage card, you can respond to this because you are physically being targeted outside of what the game considered "your" turn. hope this helps.
  12. sorry for getting back to you really late Black Cat, but i live in socal and im willing to buy set 3. I have FedEx Account so i can pay for the shipping costs from SF to Torrance no problem. you said you paid a total of $48 for all 3 or just 1?
  13. There is always deathwatch if you want to have a group of 9 space marines go Halo... Grimm even though its suppose to be "inner child" doesnt have to be. We are in essence talking about the dark side of fairy tales... where one could say "Hansel and Gretel escapes the which by killing her, they in fact entice the witch to kill the parents. When the players meet Hansel and Gretel for the first time they them selves can be coaxed into believing that they are being held by the witch instead. The player then defeat the witch much to their surprise only to find out that Hansel and Gretel have disappeared with no tracks as to where they have gone... a player then finds a chest revealing a little red riding hood.... and off into the distance the howling of wolves can be heard..." I dont know, I really enjoyed the Grimm RPG because of how cleverly sinister (more so in some cases) some of the old school fairy tales can become. Im actually exited to play this
  14. Number 2 is situational. While it is good to take another players hand. Sometimes other players don't have hands and are basically top decking points. In which case Number 2 becomes tremendously useless as an ability. I do think its a bit too early for the ability... id say be number 3 "Artificer" with the clause discard 2 buildings at the end of the turn.. So this way, everybody loses something.
  15. Most of the time, you are doing the mission encounter BEFORE your actual location encounter (if any) for instance, the mission that makes you fight level 14 beasts for 2 turns. you will fight a beast, then you will roll for the turn encounter, then end the turn. BUT mission encounters are considered different from regular encounters. and it does happen were a card you have in hand will not let you play it during those specific moments. but yes, the lv 14's are beasts. were talking about fighting a 15-20 power creature. easily.
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