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  1. That is odd since I got this game from Miniature Market in November last year. I could see something like this happening if I got it from Amazon.com or some other global online site. So then, Where on the FFG site can you find information about this? If I lived in Europe and I purchased a European version of this game where would I find the correct sleeves? Is there a way to tell on the outside of the box what version I have?
  2. Actually that is not true. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fantasy-flight-supply/ The Number are the number of packs that you need and the color is the identifier of the size of sleeve. There is no information anywhere as to where in the world the game is purchased as to the sleeve size. I live in the US and never had a problem with there chart before until this game. FFG needs to update there page as far as I can tell.
  3. I think that the listing for the sleeve size in the game listing is not correct. The game lists that it needs 4 Green packs of sleeves for this game but the green sleeves do not fit these cards: Standard cards (investigation, foul fate, and good fortune cards) I had to use my Gray sleeves for these cards.
  4. I do hope that they made some changes to this game. My son and I used to really like this game a few years ago and a few month back brought it back to the table. I do not know if it is because of the vast newer games that we play now or not but this game just falls flat with us now. My son who is 12 now would rather play just about any other game then this one now as he was bored playing it. Here is to hoping that FFG takes this game and changes it enough to make it a good game again.
  5. Or maybe they will do with this game what Games Workshop is doing with Space Hulk. About every 5 years do a limited run reprint. I would be OK with that.
  6. Um, I would say no. Or at least they do not like to respond.
  7. If they do not want to support it or provide expansions like they do with just about all of there other game then they should let someone else like Z-Man games pick up the license and run with it. There is a lot of stuff for this game that can be released and several of us that will buy it once it is available.
  8. Please, please, please!!! I will buy everything released for Andor if only FFG will release it. However it may be faster for me to wait on Runebound 3rd edition. But I will take both.
  9. Does anyone know what the character dice size is? 12mm or 16mm? Also the size of the Black and red dice would be nice as well. Thanks Ray
  10. This looks to be a cross between the Star Wars LCG and the Call of Cthulhu LCG. Excited either way as I like both of those.
  11. So looking forward to this. I love all of the Warhammer games.
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