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  1. I agree that auto-fire is a problem and something needs to change. I like your idea fine, @SkyJedi, but give it a try for a session or two and see how it plays. I think for some characters in my group, it would have made auto-fire too risky to use, while for our main gun-guy, it wouldn't have slowed him down much (though some slowing was very much needed). If I ever run FFG SW again, I'm tempted to completely remove the multi-hit capability of auto-fire and trade it for something more narrative. For example, you could spend the advantage to suppress a minion group, causing them to risk getting hit with the weapon's base damage if they roll any threat on their skill checks until your next turn. Guess I'd have to figure out how that kind of change would impact the talents that are in the game, too. Uhg, those rules-light narrative RPGs my buddies like are looking better all the time. Honestly, auto-fire didn't need to exist. They could have just given those weapons a bit better damage score and been done with it. Also, why can't I hit more than once with a regular blaster if a single combat check can represent multiple shots? I guess with minion groups you sort of get multiple hits because of the way the damage overflows into the next minion, but if that's intended to model multiple hits then I'm back to just making auto-fire weapons +X damage against minion groups or something. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled internet argument!
  2. I'm with @SEApocalypse, get rid of most of the crunch (i.e. the talents and gear attachments/mods). The narrative dice are really fun but the crunch in this system causes huge scaling problems in my experience (e.g. heavy blaster rifle + Superior Weapon + Augmented Spin Barrel + Electronic Sighting System + Q22 Retinal Tracker + Mod III Cyberlegs + Mod VI Cyberarms + Deadly Accuracy + Targeted Blow + True Aim = OMGWTFBBQ!).
  3. If the entire party is sneaking, I would use an opposed group Stealth check. So the best character at sneaking is the one that rolls, difficulty based on the best possible "detector" that they're trying to sneak past, and other characters trained in Stealth pass a boost die. Maybe give out a setback or two if some non-stealthy characters in the group are wearing heavy armor or something. But I don't know what the actual rules are, that's just how I would run it off the cuff!
  4. I feel like you forgot something with the Harch. Free maneuver, perhaps?
  5. Dang good point Richardbuxton, forgot about that! Intellect 3 I'd say.
  6. Rival version: Brawn 4 Agility 2 other stats 1. WT 15, Soak 6 (integrated "heavy clothing"), Droid Traits. Applicable skills rank 2 (probably Brawl, Coercion, Discipline, Vigilance, maybe a Ranged skill, etc.). That's what I'd spitball up, anyway.
  7. Sounds like the C-ROC is very similar to a Gozanti, which I guess makes good sense! Can't wait to nab this one.
  8. That's a good idea. Then he could have Brawn 4, which I think fits a bit better. Unfortunately Enforcer only gets Vigilance as a class skill, but I suppose if the movie character has advanced a bit, then he could have picked up some ranks of those skills along the way. That is no benefit at all. Your GM is not going to space the entire party leaving your droid functional and killing everyone else, and even if that happened, a droid character would still be effectively killed, floating out in space until it falls into a gravity well or something (excepting droids with built in maneuvering thrusters of course). Similarly, while there are certain weapons droids are immune to (poison gas perhaps), there are also weapons to which they are uniquely vulnerable (ion). The Force power immunity is quite limited (Move still crushes you, etc.) and is easily offset by not being eligible to obtain Force powers, which are some of the most powerful abilities characters can have. In short, there are narrative differences between droids and organics, and skillful GMs will call out these differences now and then, but their situational narrative advantages are just not worth the huge mechanical disadvantage droids have. The only reason for it that I can see is that organics created droids to be slaves, so they purposely made them to be inferior. That may be good from an in-universe realism perspective but kinda sucks for playing an RPG. While we're at it, giving a Gand +10 XP for having lungs basically requires the GM to take that Gand's air filter away at some point to make him pay for it.
  9. Hi guys! If you wanted to make K-2S0 as an EotE character (or AoR), how would you stat him out? Here's my attempt to make him as a starting character: Brawn 3 - He can toss stormtroopers around, and it takes a few blaster hits before he goes down. 3 is "strong as a Wookiee" and I don't have enough XP to go to 4, so that will have to do. Agility 2 - He can hit with a blaster, but he doesn't seem especially agile (but certainly more agile than, say, C3P0). Intellect 3 - He can calculate unfavorable odds quite quickly! He also handles astrogation for Captain Andor. Cunning 2 - He is a terrible liar, but he does notice some things, so I'll chalk the bad lie up to a bad roll. Willpower 2 - He defers to Captain Andor most of the time, but he can disobey when he wants to. Presence 2 - He's likable, but not a dynamo of personal magnetism. He has to take 5 extra obligation so he can afford those stats, of course. Man, droids get the shaft! As for Career/Spec, how about Hired Gun / Enforcer! I read that his series are called Enforcer droids, so that fits. Plus he's large and intimidating, and when he gets the Loom talent, he'll come in handy for social encounters too. What would you guys do differently?
  10. kickgirl you should have a webcomic or something! Nice work!
  11. In short, yes, they screwed up the math on several of the races and made them clearly inferior or superior to what appears to be the standard. It's hard for me not to get hung up on that, but probably we should try to just let it go. Alternatively, you can house rule it to fix the imbalance.
  12. So Pantorans are the new master race? 110 XP with a 3/1 split?
  13. Vader's player: "I saved my own son from the Emperor so that balances out killing a temple full of Jedi younglings and every other evil thing I did for 19 years." GM: "Yep, sound good, you're now a blue Force ghost." Let's face it, the Morality system was not being used in the movies. In practice, it promotes a steady climb to Light Side Paragon and a lot of players arguments that go like, "Well *I* didn't kill those guys, that was the Gank," or, "*I* didn't steal that stuff, that was the smuggler." I hit them with the "knowing inaction" conflict, but it's only 1 point per the rules. If I were to hit them with lots of conflict for other PC's actions, I'd be recreating "The Paladin Problem" and we'd have all kinds of intra-party arguments, possibly even intra-party conflict. I have literally never seen that work out well in any gaming group. I'm tinkering with some house rule ideas but I have nothing I really like at this time.
  14. I wrote out a couple scenarios to test out some house rules I was considering (and have been using for a few sessions now). It's here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mm0RFKz55ahI1OsXlRCIC0dZg6-SuOyRBjI7gLeDgZY House rules I was checking out are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uM-Q2WK_fdIehhIuLrTabSxbIywlJ8yBgnmQGCMYzx4
  15. Welp, so much for browsing this thread at work, I guess.
  16. So in the Clone Wars show, can a lightsaber get through the droideka shield? If not, I'd just make it something like: "While the shield is on, the droid has Armor 2 (or maybe 3) against attacks from energy weapons and melee weapons, but it can't move. Slow-moving projectiles like grenades can penetrate the shield." The stats for the shield in CotG are pretty weak (2 Defense, upgrade incoming attacks once). That shield would only barely slow down the heavy repeating blaster-wielder in my campaign, when what it should do is force the party to find a different way to deal with the threat other than "more dakka."
  17. Typo found: Stalker adds a boost to Stealth and Coordination checks, not Stealth and Coercion checks.
  18. I was able to Google it. It is a ship of the artist's own device, which he calls "Republic Interceptor." He intended it to be an Old Republic ship. Very cool!
  19. Oooh hey, what's that red ship? I like that one.
  20. She can have my cape. I'll have to get one first, but she can have whatever she wants.
  21. Yeah, I gotta take the mea culpa to some extent, because I didn't really bother to set up much of a scene to make the fights interesting. The "big" fight happened in a necessarily pretty open area (huge moon pool leading to ancient Jedi refuge deep in the Naboo planet core). I should have moved it inside, where we had established there was lots of cover and stuff. Still, 1 setback for cover ain't gonna do anything. In the most egregious encounter of the night, he killed 4 people on speeder bikes as literally the first combat check of the encounter (we did Pilot rolls before that since it was a chase). He targeted the minions, but I let him use an Auto Fire hit to hit the Rival who was leading the group. That was not correct, since the rival would have had at least one rank of Adversary. Outcome would have been about the same, though. At least he wouldn't have gotten them all in one go. I like 2P51's Auto Fire rule, think I will use that, thanks! Having a couple "tiers" of badguys is what I was thinking. Some for the light repeater to shoot at, and some for the rest of the party. And yeah, there are times when I make sure he can't carry the LR, but I feel like I gotta let him use it some times or why have it? It's definitely his 'baby' and we've mined it for some hilarity in the past. Like with a dianoga made him drop it into a couple feet of murky water and he couldn't find it again! That was great. Maybe what I need to do is give the rest of the party better weapons too. That way I could pump up the enemies' soak and everybody could still do some damage. Thanks for all the suggestions and thoughts, guys!
  22. So this past weekend, our session went rather poorly, and in part it was because all of the combat encounters were completely dominated by one character. He is a Merc Soldier / Commando with a couple ranks of True Aim and a light repeating blaster. He literally killed the entire opposition in one combat check for one of the encounters. The other characters can't hold a candle to this guy's combat power. It seems like this often happens, at least I have seen complaints about Auto Fire and True Aim in other threads. How can I craft combat encounters such that they challenge a combat-focused character but don't leave e.g. our Ace/Pilot completely out of it? Heck, even our Demolitionist with Grenade Launcher can't compete with this guy. Are there any house rules for Auto Fire that tone it down without completely nerfing it? I'm already using a house rule where True Aim takes 1 strain per rank used, but it doesn't really help when one use of True Aim kills everything in sight.
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