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  1. I say they get FFG to say what's cannon or not. They seem pretty good and picking the best bits in the material so far. Sure Disney will do an OK job (look at most of the Marvel films) my only worry at the moment is the director, I seem to be in the minority but I haven't really liked any of his films so far. Yup, even Star Trek. :-)
  2. Wow, just wow! Looking forward to this new version. Appreciate all the time you've been throwing at this.
  3. My bounty hunter uses a modified heavy blaster rifle for his sniping work. However for those off-side unofficial jobs (for which he doesn't get paid as its a revenge gig) he opens up the old secret compartment, takes out the disrupter rifle and gets blasting those high ranking imps with very little evidence left over. Basically it stops the character using an illegal and bit powergamy weapon for the vast majority of sessions, but one session every so often (when an opportunity for revenge occurs in game) he gets to go to town. Usually without the other PCs knowing (in game only of course :-) ). Best of all worlds. Get to use awesome weapon in game and get some actual roleplaying out of it. Perhaps some bonus XP. :-)
  4. I too am looking forward to the update, and also the possibility of someone setting up a place for sharing data files for the generator. :-) Not that this would be used for the sharing of talent/equipment/skill descriptions instead of page numbers. Wink wink,nudge nudge.... Good job OggDude.
  5. Should the YT-2000 not have 2 turrets and no front mounted blasters? :-)
  6. Both my EOTE and AoR beta books have the same weird smell. I got the EOTE beta secondhand and just assumed the previous owner was a heavy smoker until I got the AoE book from MM with the same smell. Maybe the FFG staff are all heavy smokers? The stress of living up to our demands! :-)
  7. That's good news R00kie! I too am in the UK (can you guess where ) and ordered from MM, if I'm lucky, I might get my copy tomorrow! ....might.... Regards, Scotbloke
  8. Hi there, I find lowering the difficulty a little bit (or maybe a lot if they describe their action or give a great speach/talk) helps encourages a little bit more actual roleplay. :-) As long as everyone is having fun though. If you have a party of roll players but everyone enjoys themselves anyway, you've got no problems.
  9. Good point Jegergryte. I suppose at the very least (if people do regen) that you ensure the PCs still have the same original career. :-) Liking the duplcate trees. I was worried the Ace would outclass the Pilot tree with more nifty stuff. Although I suppose, like we're saying, you could just have your EotE character buy into the Ace tree when you're ready to move onto the AoE book/adventures. Scotbloke.
  10. Hi there, Hmmm, perhaps let your characters play as usual with the content from EotE, spending XP like maniacs and enjoying what we've currently got available rule-wise. Then when you want to move on to AoR, if they aren’t happy about things they could have bought more 'efficiently', just have a session re-gening there existing characters to better suit. As long as they don't go changing the basics about their characters or blatantly re-gening for maximum POWA, you should be OK. Worst case, you upgrade the baddies the same way (remembering to enjoy an evil laugh when doing so). As long as everyone is having fun right? :-) Scotbloke.
  11. Thanks guys. Weird, I never though about being able to eventually get ALL the skills and talents! :-)
  12. Hello fellow fringe dwellers. I don't think there is, but has anyone heard/seen a hard limit for a PC's max limit of XP. I only ask as I like to generate max level characters and it looks like I can't really do this with this system. Nerd hobbies eh. :-) Thanks chaps.
  13. Just a quick post to say thanks for getting this generator up and running. Awesome work my man. Anybody seen a starship version going about? :-) Perhaps when I've got more time I'll give it a go (no doubt mega complicated though). Thanks again, Scotbloke
  14. Wait, what's to stop things like - FOUR heavy laser cannons on one turret? GM approval and player credits? :-)
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