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  1. I wasn't able to get to a store that was holding the event. Does anyone know if FFG has any plans to release the packet online so I can run groups through it?
  2. Yes, the GM and group can always choose to ignore rules if it gets in the way of fun and the story, but strictly by the rules as written you can choose each table option only once other than strain*. BTW, being prone makes him harder to hit with a ranged attack (I can't remember if being engaged negates that and turns it into a boost or not). * Just in case it's not clear, you can choose critical hit and some weapon qualities multiple times, but they have clear rules on what happens each time you choose them. For example, if you roll enough advantages to crit twice, you don't roll on the table twice, you roll once and add +10 per each other time you chose to critically hit
  3. But that's what I'm trying to say, it's not exactly contradictory. You wanted to place a shot so hit hits location X and you do so. It just so happens that someone / something got in the way at the last second - you still hit where you were shooting. Again, I probably wouldn't do that every time but do other things with the despair as suggested in this thread, but I can see the point of view that the despair isn't cancelling out the success of putting your shot(s) where you fired.
  4. Sure, I might do that too to mix things up. I was just saying that the I can see the argument for your shot was successful but you didn't hit your target as well.
  5. Agreed... You did successfully put your shot where you wanted (the success part of the roll), but your friend moved in front of it first (despair). You were still successful, just with unfortunate consequences
  6. Don't think I have ever played a game in a FLGS... Have always either hosted a game or played at someone else's house
  7. I sent the original word document and the custom font via links in a private message
  8. Honestly, between work, house and 2 year old son I don't have a ton of gaming time. I wouldn't mind trying to meet everyone sometime to make contacts for when things are slower
  9. I can try later. I did it fairly quickly and if I made the margins any smaller I was punching out text when I used my 3 hole punch to put it in my binder. Yes, there is a custom font (think I found it earlier in this thread)
  10. I agree it's your game and do what you want. That's why in my game I will allow any player who spent xp on this talent to decide, after rolling, if he wants to suffer critical hit A or B, as by choosing his character might actual be more durable than a character who didn't spend xp on the talent.
  11. I have specifically asked Sam to give his opinion on whether you use the talent before or after the roll, as this seems to be getting a little nasty.
  12. But then you could end up with someone who has the Durable trait being less durable than someone without it. Yes, unfortunately, the only way to "successfully" use this talent to match the roleplaying intent of it (Character A is more durable than Character B) is to allow the player to choose the result from the critical hit table that has less of an impact on his character. If they had written the table in such a way that a higher number was always worse, then I could see with applying it all the time and before the roll, but that's not how the table is laid out.
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