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  1. Does anyone have the rules for the Leagues that created for AH2? I found a couple of incomplete ones online and hope that some of the more die hard collectors still have some of the information. If I recall right, there were two "seasons" of English league play and two of Spanish league play. Any help would be super awesome. I also understand that this forum is dedicated to AH3 but there isn't really a place for AH2 community discussion any more. My apologies if this is a problem.
  2. I'm genuinely curious about who is having fun with the 3rd edition and ideally, why. I have nothing but respect for Richard Lanius and Fantasy Flight Games for the Arkham Files series but I feel like something integral is missing from AH3. My group has a complete version of 2nd edition and a complete Eldritch horror. We had fun with both of those games and played them for a long time. The most fun we had was going through the three seasons of League play--even when we lost. And that's the crux for me. Playing through the 3rd edition hasn't been fun for me, win or loss. I think it comes down to the pressure of the action economy. It feels like we are always behind, even when we are playing smart/making good choices. In theory that should make for a good horror game but so far being on the receiving end, it feels frustrating with our wins feeling like they depended more on luck than skill/smarts. Our group always has played at the four player level, which was the cut off in AH2 and EH for difficulty progression. Generally we tried to cover our bases in what characters would be played, even in the truncated character availability of League play (meaning we had a fighter, a gate closer, some kind of support, and then a wildcard). The first solution I thought about but didn't implement was messing with the Mythos cup in some way, either diluting it with blanks or having players draw less or something. Now that we have beaten all four of the starting antagonists (perhaps 12 games in total), we are returning to AH2 to see if we can pin point what the differences is. Normally we would play the game into the ground to make sure that we were playing "properly," but I just couldn't bring myself to do that any more. While there are things I liked in the update to 3rd ed. (the personal items that helped each character feel unique, as well as items and allies that can take damage/sanity loss) and I appreciate the risks in new ideas like the modular board and the idea of more cohesive stories, ultimately the game just didn't come together for me. Any thoughts from the community?
  3. Famous last words (to another player): It's easy, just don't roll a one . . .
  4. Hello fellow world trekkers! I was wondering if anyone else had superstitions that they use to "placate" the game. I am thinking of ways to draw cards, roll dice, places that they won't go as certain characters, etc or even just weird things that happen in the games. My group might be crazy but we have learned to always roll at least 2 dice if possible. A single roll (or reroll) almost always ends in failure. So we tend to spend spare clues (if there are any) in groups of two, rather than one by one. Yes, we might be crazy but if we are, the game has certainly driven us there. How about you?
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what is Arkham Nights? Also @Julia and @Klaymen, I don't know if it is feasible or not but you use crowd funding sites like Fund Anything or Indiegogo to fund your trip. I helped a fellow Brony visit a convention in New York from Australia. You don't even necessarily need rewards but things like shout outs, travel logs (and pictures) work. I'm sure if you visited either site that you could get an idea of what to offer. Not sure if that helped or not but there are ways out there . . . On the MoM expansion- Eff yes! I am hesitant at the new board (just because I was overwhelmed with AH boards) but all in all it will be a welcome addition.
  6. @Glaurung- I believe you but just out of curiosity, how do you know?
  7. Our group's A team for every scenario is Charlie, Lily, and Jacqueline. The fourth we keep open depending on player preference. Trish has an interesting ability combination with Jacqueline. Norman is really useful. Generally we grab another fighter to keep the board clean (Leo, Mark, or Silas). The trick that we discovered is to make sure that Lily gets to Sydney and stays there until she gets a strength bonus (if Jacqueline is there, we make sure she forwards her clue token to Lily in case Lily gets the encounter that requires a clue to buff her). After that she is pretty much unstoppable, especially with Charlie to back her. I am sure that each group of players has their tricks and strategies, this is the one that works consistently for us.
  8. I like the Serpent Crown, though admittedly it hasn't done much to help win the game. I've found that it works if either A) you can trade the allies to another player before you have to sacrifice them, or B) if you have Leo Anderson. In a couple of games we've used the Serpent Crown to "fast track" giving Leo an ally by letting him fish them out of the discard pile. Side note: our group also plays that you may not voluntarily get rid of an item (which is often thematic of cursed items). Compared to other artifacts, I agree that it is on the lesser side of usefulness especially since I don't feel allies are that good to begin with but that's neither here nor there.
  9. Hi again! I have three questions that I didn't see covered by previous posters. If these have been asked before I apologize. Two of these came up when facing Cthulu and the other one seems to nerf allies but here we go. 1) There was a card (I can't remember if it was a mythos or mystery) that moved all Clue tokens on the board to the nearest sea space. The next time we spawned clues, some of those clues indicated spaces already covered by the previously moved clues. What happens then? Do they stack? Or is there only room for the one clue? If that is true what happens to the spawned clue? 2) The rule books say that you may only use the highest bonus for a given task (though I do understand you can still use special abilities like the bullwhip's reroll and the shotgun's double success on 6's). Does this apply across the board (no pun intended)? .45 gives +3, a lucky wither gives +3 and the Syndicate ally gives +2 (all increase strength) but the final result is only a +3? If true this makes allies pretty weak imho. Hired muscle becomes (nearly) useless once you pick up a knife? On a side note: does bonus dice also count to skills that have been increased? 3) Lastly, there was a Cthulu mystery card (sorry I don't have it in front of me but it was fighting off an army of deep ones). It stated that the investigators had to go to an Eldritch token on a sea space, complete a combat (or Strength) check and then place the Eldritch token on the mystery card when successful. After placing a number of tokens equal to the investigators, the mystery is solved. Then after all that it says do not remove the Eldritch tokens. This seemed contradictory and confusing.
  10. I understand this is a little early but I was wondering if there had been any word on possible league play for the future. My play group got the most mileage out of AH's different league scenarios and while we've only played EH sans expansion four or five times (we want to beat all the AO legitimately before we add in the expansion), we are all hungry to see what kind of over-arching stories could be (re)told. Glad to see people still active on the boards from my Arkham days.
  11. I suppose that you mean stand alone investigators. My friends and I have an optimized team that covers all of our bases. Since all of us on here play the game differently, each of us have different needs and the investigators usefulness fluctuates accordingly, but here is our best 5. 1) Patrice Hathaway- All around game winner 2) Hank Samson- Monsters, what monsters? 3) Akechi Onyale- Gate closer supreme- "Suck on that 'Now One Can Help You Now'" 4) Mandy Thompson- Would you like to do better next time? 5) Rex Murphy (with Personal Story)- I inspire Patrice
  12. Actually both of these questions have been answered in the Kevin Wilson FAQ: Q2. Can weapons be used against the Dark Pharoah ("Use Lore in combat instead of Fight") monster token as normal? I see no clear rule why they couldn't be, but it feels a little silly to use Lore with a Tommy Gun. A2. Yes, because you are still making a Combat check. You are merely using Lore to make it instead of Fight. Presumably you're coming up with clever ways to use the items. I couldn't find the specific for the bullwhip but I found the one for the cross: In order to benefit from the '+1 to Horror Checks' secondary ability of the cross I assume that a hand must be devoted to it for the entirety of the initial combat round. Am I right? Nope, the Cross grants its horror bonus at all times, regardless of hand assignment. This is an official answer, BTW. The hand assignment is strictly for combating undead monsters.
  13. There have been a bunch of threads with this topic but I don't mind repeating myself. I think my group is down to 2 house rules that came from Richard Launius, who was one of the designers. 1) A gate does not override a location, it exists inside the location which means that a) investigators can co-exist with a gate and have an encounter there while waiting for a friend to come out and b) every investigator is not automatically sucked through. This makes the game slightly easier which brings me to our second rule for balance. 2) All of the gates come into play face down. I understand why people don't like this one because it takes away a strategic tool of the invetigators but thematically it feels right and it is very exciting to go into an unknown gate and either breathe a sigh of relief or groan of exasperation depending on where it leads.
  14. Alright, then this leads me to another question about when environments are replaced. I understand the order of resolving a mythos card is- gate, monster movement, effect, clue or 'event' token. So when you draw a mythos card and it is a new environment replacing an old environment does the new environment immediately kick the old one out, meaning that the old one has no effect on monster movement, or do you go through the order and only replace it after you have spawned the gate and moved the monsters? An example is the environment where flying monsters can't move is in play and you draw a new environment and this one has the flying monsters move during movement. Do the monsters move or not?
  15. My question follows yours- Is there anyway to voluntarily discard anything? Are you allowed to chuck stuff that isn't useful? Or is everything that you pick up bound to you (but you can share it with other characters)
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