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  1. Looks like these might work: http://maydaygames.com/card-sleeves-80-120-mm-100-pack-magnum-gold.html
  2. Those cards are for Dust Tactics with slightly different rules. Don't worry about them while playing Dust Warfare. Search for Rodney's cards, available as downloads here in the forums for the cards with warfare rules.
  3. I have updated the drivers for my printer and redownloaded Adobe as well. Then I went to Wargame Vault to download the file again. Still no good. The bottom section of the page is still not printing.
  4. Has anyone else had a problem printing the PDF's from Dust Warfare? I downloaded the Campaign book Zverograd because it was cheaper and I really only needed a couple of pages printed. (I play Allies). When I try to print page 34 it will only print about 3/4 of the page, leaving the rest blank. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks!
  5. Todosi

    Gaming mats

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I used Spoonflower and got a great mat at an excellent price. www.spoonflower.com/collections/5739
  6. What line from Fogmodels are you using? I can't seem to find the buildings you have pictured.
  7. The D6G guys definitely brought this to the forefront of my attention. My business partner has known of Paolo Parente for quite a while and when I mentioned it to him, well….we now each own at least one of everything for our faction. **** Russ and his Jedi mind tricks! But honestly it was Craig's enthusiasm that pushed me over the edge. He tends to be a bit more measured in his excitement for new games. So his full support behind the game really got me interested. I think their review was very well done and comprehensive.
  8. You are completely bonkers. The shaking of dice in the hand or dice cup should completely erase the probability errors you site. There should be absolutely no difference in the odds. The Dust dice have hits on two sides, the regular dice hit on two sides as well. If someone is rolling one die at a time in order to manipulate the odds, I think you should beat them with the boxed set.
  9. So game session two went swimmingly! We are all having a blast and I am starting to catch up to my players a bit. I am still having trouble with Simplified Treachery. Does anyone know how this is meant to work? I can't make heads nor tails of it and I feel like it's something big for the Overlord that I'm missing out on. Thanks!
  10. So as I understand it here is how the Heroes get Conquest: Exploring a new area, killing boss monsters in dungeons or encounters Glyphs Chests For the Overlord: Time Passing Killing Heroes Razing Cities Do I have that all right? Thanks for the quick answers guys!
  11. Hi all, We just played our first game of SOB last night and had a really good time! 2 guys, 2 gals, and a ton of fun! A couple questions I have as the Overlord: Do the heroes get Conquest Tokens for opening chests in the Campaign? I don't see anywhere that says they do, but seems like they should. Other than killing heroes, and Time Passing in the campaign map, is there any other way to gain Conquest as the Overlord? I seem to be pretty far behind after the first two levels of the first dungeon. Has anyone played with only 3 heroes before? That's what we started with, just to keep it simple. Do you think the players will be at a huge disadvantage as the campaign progresses? If so I'll add another hero and let them fight out who controls it. Thanks everyone, Todosi
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