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  1. Excellent. EDGE is the team behind 'The End of the World' RPG which IMO is not bad.
  2. The news I read is that it's the Interactive Team being layed off (the guys behind the Lord of the Rings Computer version). I'm not sure its the RPG Teams.
  3. Its showing as available here https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/genesys/products/shadow-beanstalk/
  4. Mongoose Publishing offer a free PDF if you buy there physical books from their online store. I think they also offer the same from other stores as long as you have proof of purchase. Works quite well for them.
  5. CANTONICA SECTOR Corporate Sector REGION Outer Rim GRID S4 COORDINATES 11061.11 , 8785.44
  6. This is just the Novels though under FFG on DriveThru.
  7. Hi All Very new to Destiny. I have a copy of the Two Player Boxed Set and was wondering before investing in further boosters etc, what the difference is in say the Rey Starter Set and whats included in the Two player boxed set. Are they different cards / dice or is the boxed set just a set of Rey and Kylo starters boxed togther? Many thanks in advance and apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.
  8. Hi, Am getting the following when trying to create a new Report in the GM Tools. Am on Latest version of tools , Win 10.
  9. Hi, Couple of small typos I think. Under Base Foci you have Research Facility & Weapon Depot both from page 88 of the Desperate Allies Sourcebook. I cant seem to find them on that page or am I missing something? Cheers
  10. At the top of the character generator there is an options button in there it allows you to select what sources you want to use. So every book released is listed as a separate source and at the end of the list is user data. I believe user data refers to any custom data set you have created, so by unticking this box the character generator will not show custom dataset items etc.... I found that, and mine shows all the books, but does not show User Data. I have two data sets plus the default in the Tools.
  11. Hi All This may have already been answered but I couldnt find it, so, how does the program know which data set to use if you have created your own rather than enter the descriptions in Default? Or does the CG always use the default set?
  12. Just a quick question. Why do some of the Armour names now have 'A/KT' in front of them, like 'A/KT Wing Commander Armored Flight Suit' Does it mean something?
  13. Not yet. Thought there may be a quick fix. Slow internet connection here.
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