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  1. Remember to drink lots of water, bring a snack or two, and stand up / sit down every now and then. As an Empire player myself I think the squad looks like a lot of fun. I would usually position those in a W block, so you can bank or turn without breaking formation. That said Duchess will usually break off anyway.
  2. I'm really enjoying these flavorful reports. I just picked up my copy of RitR, but thanks to work I probably won't get a chance to dig into it for a bit. It's nice to experience the campaign vicariously.
  3. I'm hoping to post up a longer report later, but I went 4 - 1 and made top 8 at a small Hyperspace tourney.
  4. As fun as that would be, I'm in Vancouver, Canada.
  5. I've really enjoyed reading about that squad, so much so that I may take it to a HST of my own next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. That's one **** of a game! Nice report!
  7. All of your points were good, but I just want to underline this one for emphasis.
  8. Neat idea for a thread. You should probably have a list of what each squad actually is, or at least a link to a squad builder. I'm not sure what 'Squad of Legend' is, though I'm familiar with the others.
  9. That's some really good, well-written advice for players of all skill levels. Even if you normally do it, it's good to be thinking target priority and pivot points.
  10. It happened to me in 1st edition. I was 2-0 at a tournament and I got paired against Patrick, who has won the Vancouver Regionals two or three times. I was running 2 x7 Delta Defenders and Quickdraw. I did a 5 straight with my Defender and landed on the other side of Quickdraw. The rear nib of the Defender hit the front nib of Quickdraw, which made it a bump. That meant no free evade token, no focus action, and that defender was destroyed that turn. Even some solid flying the rest of the match couldn't recover against an opponent of that caliber. I then lost the last match too to go 2-2 on the day.
  11. I managed to win one challenge coin, and it's a treasured possession among my X-Wing swag. My local store has a yearly tournament called the 'Alderaan Memorial', and I managed to win it the first year. I got a small trophy and a medal for that. The next year I brought my trophy along to compete, and kept my granola bars in it. I called it my 'snack chalice'. Incidentally, I did very poorly in the second tourney. My hubris was clearly my downfall.
  12. I really loved watching this video. The design on the scenario is just perfect. I hope I can get this to the table with my local group!
  13. Welcome aboard! I'm a recent arrival myself. I had a buddy spot me a fleet for a few games, and I liked it so much I bought into it. I've had such fun.
  14. I'm just happy I can run Dormitz and two Starkillers with some room for upgrades.
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