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    Dark Bunny Lord got a reaction from DurosSpacer in Squad rules someplace other than gm kit?   
    I'm a GM for edge of the empire and heard about squad rules repeatedly. I fully support the game in that I have purchased all books (minus one adventure) thus far as well as the EOTE gm kit. However after getting the AoR core book for my players to get more class options I sadly discovered the squad rules absent and was told they're in the AoR gm kit. I really would rather avoid buying another screen just for these rules (since my EoTE one does just fine as it stands) so I was curious if they where located anywhere else
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    Dark Bunny Lord got a reaction from Sarone in Need Help With Signature Abilities   
    Fatedtodie is correct, there is no rule stating that you can't have more than one signature ability. It simply states that you can only have one per tree, ie page 35 of Far Horizens (for example since it's what I have at hand at the moment) it says:
    "Once a signature ability has been attached to a tree, no other signature abilities may be attached to that tree..." note how the only limitation specified there is that that specific tree can not have any other abilities attached to it. It goes on to say "A characeter can only acquire a signature ability from his career, and can only attache that ability to in-career talent trees."
    So to summarize you can only purcahse signature abilities that belong to your chosen career. They must be attached to the bottom of one of your specilizations once you have all of the linked bottom talents from it and can not be moved or removed from that specialization. This means your only limit on the number of signature abilities according to the RAW is based on how many talent trees you possess from your career and how many are currently available (ie two so far but potentially far more in the future). I'd agree though I'd houserule only one since each is extrodinarily powreful and having a whole group with mulitple would be a nightmare for the GM.
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    Dark Bunny Lord got a reaction from Kzloy in Tokens/miniatures in your games   
    Yes I've used mini's and tokens for my games and occasionally maps.
    Typcally what I do when running the game is in more notable encounters (ie something beyond a bland hallway or bar fight), I draw out (on an erasable map with dry erase markers) a map ignoring the hex or squares (depending on the side I use).
    Then we have tokens I've printed for enemies and players (small circles with their images), and tokens I use to reperesent range distances (small triangles that came from Warhammer 3rd edition).
    Then I place the player and enemy tokens in their repsective places upon the map and set out range tokens around the map to kind of represent relative distances and use that instead of a grid. This way we get a bit more space between each movement and more room to draw the map on (as only 6 squares wouldn't do well to represent "extreme" range let alone all the details that could fit in such a distance on a normal sized map). Each token distance represents a single manuever and range is tracked as normal, ie 0 between for engaged, 1 token between being short, 2 between being medium, 3-4 between being long, and 5-6 between being extreme.

    Uploaded an example of a character/npc token sheet I made (one of many). They're a bit bigger than I wanted but I've done so many I just stuck with it.

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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Blackbird888 in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    That line of logic doesn't lead there at all . In fact, they are only absurd conclusions if someone don't understand the principles of how roleplaying games work: that a game consistently makes allowances of its own rules (or, essentially it breaks its own rules) to do things outside the norm
    A game determines its base rules. These rules are, in principle, absolute. For example: a character may never perform more than 2 maneuvers in a turn. A game introduces other factors that create allowances in (or breaks) the rules under specific circumstances. For example: there are, so far, 3 methods to allow for a third maneuver in a turn, and several more that allow for out-of-turn maneuvers. Basically, this counterargument implies that the game can't do that, even though it does. All the time.
    So, in the cases we've been beating to death, Influence and Enhance (along with Manipulate and other Force powers likely to come), each have allowances that effectively allow a player to roll Force dice with a regular skill check. They do not, however, allow the player to roll Force dice when activating a talent like Scathing Tirade or Field Commander. This is because both are actions, and cannot be used together. On the other hand, Enhanced Leader is a passive talent, which allows the player to add dice to specific checks, and is not fundamentally different from the passive talents that add Boost dice to certain checks (such as Command, Quick Strike, Talker, etc.); because adding the dice is a passive ability and not an active one (in particular, not an action).
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to The Grand Falloon in Influence, Misdirect and maybe Unleash should ignore soak?   
    It could stand to be more clear, but generally, if something inflicts "strain" or "wounds" it ignores soak, while if it inflicts "damage," it does not.  So, yeah, Influence ignores soak.
      Unleash does not and should not.  Yes, it seems fairly weak, and it is when you first get it, but remember it requires no equipment.  No blasters, no lightsabers, not even some heavy objects around to hurl with the Move power.  Fire, Ice, or Lightning just comes out of you.  That's pretty cool.  Then add some upgrades.  You have a FR of 3, so you will always have enough juice to power at least 1 upgrade type, probably more.  If you're playing a Force Sorcerer (a "Forcerer!"), at FR 3 you should have Willpower at least 4, plus several ranks of Discipline.  Grab that 5-pt Strength upgrade as soon as you can, because if you generate a lot of pips, you can tap it over and over again.  Heck, get the 10-point one as well.  Boom, you can crank it to Base Damage 6.  That's a blaster pistol right there.  You have more pips?  Why not immobilize the enemy with Ensnare, or make them keep suffering with Burn?  Once you're at FR 4, you can reliably start hitting them with multiple upgrades.  Magnitude, so you can blast a whole crew.  Get all the Strength upgrades, as they make the Burn quality even more painful.  Pop that "Unleash as a maneuver" upgrade, hit them with Unleash and Move at the same time to turn a bunch of enemies into fireballs, streaking through the night sky.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to GroggyGolem in Influence, Misdirect and maybe Unleash should ignore soak?   
    1. Influence indeed ignores soak. I'm unsure what you mean about Misdirect, as it is not a Force power that deals wounds or strain to a target but produces Illusions.
    2. It does not ignore soak. The damage potential of it comes from more than just the base ability. In addition, there is the fact that you still count extra success as additional damage on the attack.
    2.2 Unleash is more based around using the Burn or Ensnare qualities & when you acquire the Mastery upgrade, dealing a high value critical injury (which could indeed outright kill someone).
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Richardbuxton in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    I think I didn't explain myself properly. I don't think Sam is saying that using the Influence Control Upgrade requires an Action to perform. If you flip to p209 of the FaD core book you will see a list of types of actions. I think what Sam is saying is that the control upgrade can ONLY be used when you "Perform a Skill Check". Since "Spend an Action to activate an Ability" is how you use talents it excludes Influence from use with talents... seriously precise rules reading there!
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Richardbuxton in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    I think the thing that's key to all of this is:
    Are you performing a Skill Check or using a Talent that involves a Skill Check.
    If you are just performing a Skill Check then you can combine it with the Force Power (or Talent such as Enhanced Leader) that adds your Force Dice to the pool.
    But if your using a Talent (Such as Field Commander) that includes a Skill Check then you can't add your Force Dice...
    sounds crazy to me, I can certainly see many groups ignoring that ruling.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to masterstrider in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    I know what you're saying. However, in the case of Brawl, where adding w/b pips can add success or advantage to the roll, the source of the uncancelled success can come from either the Force die or the Skill ranks. So if you rolled YYGGWW-PPand generated 2 fails, 3 advantage and 3 white pips, you can convert the 3 white pips to successes (as per the Force power), giving you a net score of 1 success and 3 advantage.
    The key word in the above rule is for the CHECK to succeed, you need uncancelled successes. Some force powers add success/adv when you roll the Force dice e.g. Enhance.
    To break it down: Unless specifically stated otherwise, the character must generate enough pips to activate the force talent or force powers basic power (in the case of Brawl that would be any w/b pips) AND must generate at least one uncancelled success for the check to succeed (which can be generated from the w/b pips or the uncancelled successes in the yellow/green dice.)
    In contrast, a skill like Unleash/Move/Mind Trick, where the force die are rolled in conjunction with the skill check - exactly as described above - you need to succeed on the skill check and roll enough pips to activate the power. This is because the force die don't function independently like they do with Brawl. It's important not to confuse both situations.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Blackbird888 in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    Force powers are actions be default, unless stated otherwise. Influence's control upgrade does not state otherwise. Scathing Tirade is it's own action, and Influence is it's own action, and you cannot use them on top of each other.
    Actually, I can't help but recall somewhere (it may have been a comment on the Order 66 podcast, or a developer question) that it was said that they treat talent actions as being different then normal skill checks.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Blackbird888 in Adding Force Dice to the die pool more limited than we thought?   
    I think the key difference, though, is Force powers default as actions when being used, unless otherwise making an exception. So even though you're just adding dice to a regular check, if you're using Influence, the check becomes an Influence action. And Scathing Tirade is it's own action, so the two can't be merged.
    On the other hand, talents like Enhanced Leader, Force Connection, and Intuitive Navigation are all passive, not active. So they could be tacked onto talent checks, where applicable.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Force Using Droid   
    As long as it's a pure roleplaying thing and the PC accepts that they'll never be a Force user (barring perhaps some truly extraordinary circumstances), then I don't see this as being too big of a problem as long as the droid's desire remains primarily an role-playing thing.
    When I'd suggested using a Shard, that was under the impression the PC wanted a Droid that was a Force user.  If it's simply a case of Pinocchio Syndrome, then game mechanics as is are fine. 
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Jereru in Force Using Droid   
    Hey, there was a guy who made a super fun "force sensitive droid" build a while ago. It was basically a droid constructed to believe himself a Jedi, and who replicated some Force powers through gadgets (like replicating Move with a pair of mini-tractor beams).
    I found it quite interesting, but I'm too lazy to dip in the boards for it...
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to AnomalousAuthor in Reflect and Active weapon effects   
    If the damage from the weapon can get through reflect then the quality should be able to activate. Although, burn does specify a successful attack, which doesn't necessarily mean that base damage has to get through, but rather adds to the damage. I think it depends on the weapon that has the burn quality. I'd say a flamethrower cannot be reflected by a lightsaber but a lightsaber with a barab ingot can (although that'd be Parry in this instance). Reflect doesn't negate a single attack, it just reduces damage. At first, coming from d20 systems, that didn't make a whole lot of sense until I realized that each "attack action" doesn't translate into a single swing of a lightsaber or a single pull of a trigger but, rather, a sequence of narrative attacks which may include any number of swings or shots that takes place within a vague period of time. This isn't D&D where each round is 6 seconds long, but rather an ambiguous amount of time that takes as long as the GM and players desire it to; often minutes long. Each time a player takes damage it may be from one well placed shot or several shots. Reflect and Parry "reflect" this idea of multiple attacks per turn.
    Just to add, being right a wrong doesn't matter as much as having fun. Just go with whatever you think makes the most sense if you're the GM or just go with whatever your GM rules if you are just a player. Not saying that players and their GM can't discuss these types of issues and come up with a solution that makes logical sense for everyone to help a GM come up with a ruling, but I'd avoid throwing a contrary opinion in a GM's face just because it was the consensus of some internet forum.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to awayputurwpn in Reflect and Active weapon effects   
    If the weapon quality only requires a hit (like most active qualities), then it can be activated in such a situation.
    But if the weapon quality requires damage (like a crit, for example), then if Reflect reduce the damage to zero, the quality can't be activated.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to 2P51 in Reflect and Active weapon effects   
    Reflect reduces damage, it doesn't cancel successes.  All an effect needs is a successful combat check and the requisite Triumphs or Advantages.
    I wouldn't let anyone Reflect a flamethrower....
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Ghostofman in Enhance - the force leaping madness   
    Not much thought, but comparing the descriptions "two people can yell at each other at this distance" and using the road outside my office as reference (also in a remote area, so relative quite) and pairing that with weapons (a modern not .50 cal sniper rifle has an expected max effective range around 800-1500 yards, so I assume a blaster sniper rifle is a bit better, but not hugely so) and 0-extreme is about a mile, perhaps a mile and a half.
    Eh, not quite that bad, and remember that's going short to extreme using 2 maneuvers and an action. So you're burning two strain and blowing the entire round to do it. Doable, but not really sustainable.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Lordbiscuit in Enhance - the force leaping madness   
    Or using force speed and using it to rush a long distance forward.
    Also worth noting that a character can use it to go up instead of just along.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to emsquared in Enhance - the force leaping madness   
    Trying to quantify it in meters is a trap for this system, as that quantity can change for any given encounter.
    What is Medium range band on an open plain is not Medium range in a jungle, or on a spaceship. It's about the situation, and the story. There is no point in quantifying it if you want to retain narrative control of your game. The moment you quantify it, you have armed your PC with the ability to say, "Wait, I jumped 50 m that last time, why can't I now?" "Well because this situation has different footing, and Wond and uh..." You have to justify yourself now. Don't quantify it, it's not what range bands are for.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Donovan Morningfire in House Rule: default skill test for Force usage   
    Unless you're targeting someone else, the only thing adding an extra skill check on top of rolling Force dice does is add yet another roll.
    Besides, many of the major offensive Force effects already require a skill check to start with, so what said house rule really only does is penalize the players of Force users for having chosen to play such a character.
    As for concerns of balance, the primary balance for Force users is that any XP they are spending on Force powers is XP that's not being spent on skills or acquiring talents.  From the games I've played what featured Force users, it was the mundane PCs that had better skills ranks and a broader variety of options, while the Force users that focused on Force powers, be it Move or Influence or Enhance tended to have a much narrower area of expertise while not really being all that much more competent than the muggles.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to GroggyGolem in House Rule: default skill test for Force usage   
    I don't see how it's "binary" with Force Dice.Some powers call for just force dice being rolled, in which case you have no chance of failing to activate the power + upgrades unless you do not have enough force points.
    In a lot of cases, however, you need to roll Discipline against the target's Discipline. This is true when targeting important Rivals, Nemesis adversaries & other Player Characters. Some power upgrades even call for a Discipline check, such as the Control: Emotion/Belief upgrade for Influence. In that case, you apply it even against Stormtroopers & other minions.
    As far as it being binary, you can still spend your advantage/threat as normal, so I don't see how it is Binary in either respect. It's actually either singular, as such with only force dice or it is the same as other checks & factors in the other dice results as normal.
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to Daeglan in [Rules Lawyering] Move cannot be used to throw people.   
    Wow... still super rigid. This is why you are having trouble with people here. This game system is not meant to be as rigid as you are being. We also have the DEVs saying force pull and push are Move. Might be because the Devs decided that is the best power to do it with. Probably because Move is about moving things. Also the very paragraph you are quoting has several speeds talked about in it. So yeah. You are being super rigid. In a way this game does not call for. 
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to awayputurwpn in [Rules Lawyering] Move cannot be used to throw people.   
    Actually, if we're just repeating things ad nauseum, then let's point out that the above statement is wrong. The devs stated this:
    "Force Push, Pull, and Move are all the same thing in our game. Anything you could do with Push, you should be able to do with Move."
    ...and they haven't ever contradicted it. This is what they've always said about it.
    You, on the other hand:
    ...are the one inferring that it has changed, despite many examples to the contrary, even within the FaD core rulebook. ...are are the one inferring that Move only has 2 speeds. This is not RAW, but rather your attempt at RAI, which is contradicted by the statement from the devs (above) and in examples from the Move power rules themselves (the phrase "juggling crates," disarming someone's blaster (which Vader did quickly, not slowly and deliberately, and he didn't hurt himself in the process). Here's what I don't get: you are attempting to argue that the developers intended something specific when they wrote it, but that would be contradicting their very answer to that rules question. Their answer shows exactly what they intended when they wrote it. Therefore, your inference as to the intent of the limitations of the power is simply wrong. 
     Movies don't have game actions or turns. What Kylo Ren did is easy to explain as a single action or as a reaction to Poe/action on his first turn. The narrative is fluid, while game mechanics are necessarily blocky. 
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    Dark Bunny Lord reacted to awayputurwpn in Force pull contest?   
    I love it that, when you get a scene from the movie and ask "Can it be done with the rules?" there are always like half a dozen ideas of how it could have been done, each of them valid and each of them giving an example of players having a fun time at the gaming table.
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    Dark Bunny Lord got a reaction from The Grand Falloon in Trial by Combat! also Conflict.   
    Agree with the first response. Attempting to convince him otherwise then if failed accept the trial and simply knock him out and no conflict is necessary. I don't think there should be many (if any) situations where there's no choice but to gain conflict, there should always be a way to avoid it, albiet more often than not a difficult one.
    As for what amounts? Maybe 1 for accepting the challenge without first trying to talk him down, 10 for killing him once unconscious and maybe 4 or so for simply walking away knowing the residents will suffer for this. Given though the native populations factions in that adventure itching for power I played more on the power vacuum and potential ensuing violence that might occur if they didn't help install a new leader or pacify both families.
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