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  1. Well no because those that boost a skill explicitly say "when making a X check", x being the skill in question and thusly the types of action where as a talent is it's own type of action in which you also make a skill check. At least this is what I'm getting from Sams statement.
  2. Agree with the first response. Attempting to convince him otherwise then if failed accept the trial and simply knock him out and no conflict is necessary. I don't think there should be many (if any) situations where there's no choice but to gain conflict, there should always be a way to avoid it, albiet more often than not a difficult one. As for what amounts? Maybe 1 for accepting the challenge without first trying to talk him down, 10 for killing him once unconscious and maybe 4 or so for simply walking away knowing the residents will suffer for this. Given though the native populations factions in that adventure itching for power I played more on the power vacuum and potential ensuing violence that might occur if they didn't help install a new leader or pacify both families.
  3. Yeah though they might have to be refined as I'm not certain light saber kybers and holocron kybers are necessarily the same size or cut the same. Given I dont have my book on me at the moment so I could be wrong. also if I recall there where a few lightsaber crystals players could find in that adventure during act 2
  4. As far as I recall there is no credit reward, after all they weren't hired to find ward. Instead they get (potentially) a free ship that can easily serve as a reward sellable for tons of credits, a Holocron, possible recovered weaponry from thugs, etc. You don't really need to reward them with credits as narratively what benefactor would be paying them for randomly choosing to chase down a holocrons quest?
  5. 2 posts is several? Ok. Pretty sure I said more than "no it's wrong" to. Im just saying I don't see anywhere in the RAW that would take place before damage is calculated. Before soak sure but that seems to just place it between calculate and soak not before calculate. This said the reasoning I think is simple in that if it was applied before increase you start to get players abusing it and entirely outclassing non-force users. I agree with an above poster saying in certain thematic situations allowing a DP flip but otherwise I'd be on a hard no.
  6. It holds plenty, why bother tacking on an extra 0 to everything if it's unnecessary? It's simply just to say it does this, shooting with most personal scale is pretty meaningless, etc. I don't see where in the rules anyone would gain the misconception that this would work, it doesn't make sense thematically nor mechanically and seems like just a poor attempt at munchkinining. You calculate damage, then soak and reflect is a form of soak, ergo you're reflecting planetary scale damage with personal scale soak.
  7. I don't believe that's how it works, the damage is multiplied as soon as it's calculated or in other words it's just easier to say the weapon does 4 when in reality it's 40 since tracking those larger numbers in ship combat would be more of a pain. Conclusion you'd reflect half of 1 planetary scale damage doing basically nothing and suffering the full salvo.
  8. Again you're overlooking the bounds of what these two things can do. It doesn't matter how charming you are, you aren't going to get a guy to step out of his ATST with charm, influence on the other hand you can do just that. Similarly you're not going to convince someone you just stabbed to buy you a drink with charm, influence again could though. Influence costs more exp sure but it's more powerful by leaps and bounds because unlike social skills (of which it covers nearly all) you're not bound by conventional logic with it. The same is applicable for other force powers, a player will never lift a ship with brawn but force move can do it rather easily, no amount of observation entering a club that doesn't allows weapons will discover the harm power, etc. You're basically complaining that abilities that have far greater limits than mere skills are more expensive when they have be to not make non-force users irrelevant. Also yes they need force rating to function but one force rating increases the effectiveness of every power.
  9. Yes force sensitive PC's will tend to have lower stats, less progression in class trees and less skill ranks but they gain supernatural abilities completely inaccessible to non-force sensatives as a trade off, many of which often allow them to circumvent other skills. That doesn't make them worse, but more often better. Take a non-sensitive using charm or intimidate vs a force sensitive using influence and tell me who is more prone to not only succeed but at greater lengths.
  10. Sounds perhaps like your GM might be putting you in situations that are far to harsh then. First off why don't you have a weapon? Second why is you're entire party down so often that comes to you, the guy without a weapon to save everyone? Even then you'd have to roll, at minimum, 7 checks with every single one being at least double black in a row (save 1 roll being a single black) to accomplish that. That means you have at minimum seven rounds of combat where you choose to roll a force power and roll double black on that power with all or most of your party down and out and relying solely on you. Mind you all in, supposedly, a single session and even then you're still not dark side even if you rolled a 1 after on your morality check. Thats not just bad luck it sounds like bad decision making. Invest some credits in a blaster or vibrio blade or at worst pick up your fallen allies weapon. Try to talk your way out of unnecessary fights or flee those that are hard for the party, etc. There's so many ways around it, and yeah a beginning force user who barely has a grasp of the force is going to have a higher risk of falling to the dark side... as one would expect. side note why have you taken 3 force powers if you can't reliably use the force yet? You should build up your alternative options (light ranged, melee, or something) long before you decide to start investing in more force powers you can't reliably use.
  11. Not really, if you're doing that bad off just rolls you must be using a ton of force powers when you're weak in the force and on top of that still have terrible luck. 13+ is about the max I've ever seen any of my players earn in a single session over 100s of sessions most lasting around 3-4 hours a piece. Even with only 1 force rating the odds of getting 13 is very low or you're just using the force all the time instead of trying any other methods. That said even if we took the lower average morality roll of 5 you still wouldn't be even close to the dark side in one session with that much corruption. It would take several sessions of you rolling awfully and just hammering away force powers with a small force rating to accomplish that.
  12. A few ideas, they could start slicing a blast door to cut off enemies from each other or the rest of the group. Maybe use observation to call out targets (assist). Carry around stim packs to keep others in the fight, tip over tables or shelves to create cover, etc. a lot of it just depends on the scene the combat is taking place but if you want to come up with ideas as the GM when you're plotting out the fights pre-game just jot down a few ideas about how the environment can be interacted with.
  13. To be fair though neither are the players because you 1 don't have to spend those pips and two a few conflict from that usage could be minor emotional influence if the situation called for it. As for the comparison to media portrayel contrast we very often see padawans struggling with emotions, that's literally the entire young Anakin story arc. We don't see it in stronger force users (full fledged Jedi and the sort) and that's because they have a stronger grasp of the force just like a player with more force dice is often not going to need to rely on dark side pips nearly as often as a player with few ie have more control over their emotions when tapping into the force. So in the end it's not emotional flip-flopping it's a combination of what they said and what you like to think of it. Ie we know from the words of Yoda the force is very much tied to emotion thus a force user is more easily capable of drawing upon the force by tapping into those emotions (more black pips on the force die) but doing so is risking traversing towards the darkside if done to often. Thus a player rolling a few black pips realizes they won't be able to draw upon the force in that situation without giving into those emotions. This is even less emotion or outcome based on roll than a failed charm, intimidate or nearly any kind of social check let alone something like a fear check.
  14. I might explain to them that conflict is not a punishment. Unlike many other games where a player preforming these acts might harm them (aside from an NPC holding a grudge of vengance) this game does not. Earning conflict just makes you more prone to being a dark side user... that's it. It literally only changes how some of your force powers function, also not having 5-6 conflict on average won't change your morality it should typically keep your morality fairly where it is (since with that much you're going to normally gain nor loose anything.) Then explain that if they're concern is that they want to be a light side user that they just need to realize a light side user holds themselves to a much higher standard than what most people would but all in all I think as long as they understand conflict isn't a punishment it's just a reflection of where they are with the force that hopefully should help.
  15. Yeah, the Firespray needs two pegs to work. So does the Bwing. So does the Starviper(I'm pretty sure). Also the Tie Defender needs two pegs too, if you want to put any number or TL tokens on the base. Also, the larger, base-over-hanging ships(Kwing, Arc, Tie Punisher, etc)do better with multiple pegs to keep this from bumping other models. Starviper I got on one peg just fine, the wing tips come close to the base but they don't touch it. Two pegs would probably look better though.
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