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  1. I more mean, troll slayers promise no armor or ranged weapons and seek glorious death. This works well for them since they get class features for this, but how would a halfling? I'm looking for ideas for combat orientedness. I'm thinking no stealthing (but not necisarily walking up middle of street either). Still debating about armor, and maybe only slings/thrown weapons?
  2. Pierce isn't as powerful to be because it only does good against people wearing armor, +1DR is ALWAYS one more damage (unless they have an obserd amount toughness). The CR is iffy, I think at the start it's less powerful, but maybe high game it's more powerful.
  3. Mine would be: +1 DR > pierce 1 > -1 CR > vicious > +1 def > 1white
  4. So to rehash this. Someone meantioned that having a halfling mimic a slayer will just get him slaughtered, so the concept (and just rp wise) should be rekindled. So how would a halfling adapt the slayer code?
  5. What would be the best way to be a guy that just sits there and takes it? I know for the most part this would be equipment based, so would that just be get the best armor or something else? The flip of taking the most soak, would be just not getting hit, but this concept seems much harder to pull off. Would it even be possible to be (mostly) unhittable? Another idea I had would be someone who doesn't necissarily hit hard, but hits often and the damage goes through (I think that's pierce correct?). Any idea on improving this?
  6. Fender: This is what I was planning, but I was looking for tips on actions, ability scores, talents, etc. thejondifool: All halflings are born with that oath
  7. I don't mean a reskin, I mean a Halfling thug trying to imitate a slayer, not actually be a slayer.
  8. So I did a quick game this weekend with a halfling thug, and thought it would be fun to make a halfling thug that basically takes the slayer's oath. How would you go about making this? I was thinking at least daggers (calling them swords) and twin strike, maybe dirty fighting just to get the halflingness in there? You guys have any other ideas?
  9. I'd be willing to give it a go. I'm pretty new to the system though. I leave on the East Coast of the US (GMT -4 I believe). How often were you thinking? odd
  10. I thought VS defense meant 1 purple die per Defense of the target, but it's actually always a purple + black dice = defense? Does parry/block/dodge last till your turn, or just the attack it's on?
  11. Thanks, but I don't have much time to add a big block to my schedule. I am more looking for a play by post but I didn't have much like at rpol.
  12. Nice guys, been enjoying the series. I didn't know you get a bonus stat at creation for main stats for your career. It's bad for my health though cause I'm jonesing to play but no real way to do it. PS. You gotta get that brit back, he was great.
  13. I played again the other night and have a few more questions. For henchmen they have a pool of hp equal to their toughness x number of them, but they all still act? Fortune points, everyone gets 3, they can blow as many as they want to add a blue d8 for each? Seems kind of week for once a session? Anyone else have issues with colorblindness and dice/stances? Few of my friends are color blind and kept grabbing wrong dice or moving the stance the wrong way. If you get a skill from your race, can you "train" it again with the skills you get from creation points? If you specialize weapon or ballistics skills, you can pick a weapon type and add another gold d6 when using that kind of weapon? How would you recommend players dropping someone with 9 soak? I did the adventure in the back of the book and they fought the Wargor, but couldn't really hurt him cause his soak was so high.
  14. It looks like some of the earlier stuff is for 2e, is there a way to know which are for which edition?
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