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  1. -Begin Transmission I use the Calixis sector, for many of the same reasons described above: ease of play, volumes of information, etc. That doesn't mean that I don't change information or warp the world to fit my campaign ideas. Keeps the players on their toes and reminds them that word of mouth is one thing, first hand knowledge is priceless. But then, my players think I'm an evil bastard. They're only half-right. -End Transmission
  2. -Begin Transmission Having actually been in situations where I either witnessed someone being or was in the position of choking someone into unconsciousness, let me be blunt - Its alot harder than the rules suggest and requires your full attention, irregardless of which position you find yourself in. Objects only increase the collateral damage (imagine a space marine being garroted - I doubt very much he will just gasp and lay there while death finds him, more than likely he will bring the very house down on his attacker(s) head(s) in a berserk fury). I see this as nothing more than an attempt to circumvent the cumbersome process adequately described in the rules. If you wish to do this, this perversion of the RAW, then why not just scale down to basic Warhammer 40K Tabletop rules and get rid of all the roleplaying pretext entirely? The miniatures rulebook is alot lighter and cuts out all of the dross as well. Then its back to "kill-kill-kill" and no story or gritty reality required. Otherwise, with the RAW, you might have situations where your players play out a nerve-wracking several minutes (about an hour in real-time) either attempting to strangle or being strangled by an assailant. Any rule you set into play that can "insta-kill" an NPC applies just as well to the PCs, so be careful or you will find a wrecked campaign is your only reward. Or, if you must have the rules, do some real research into the subject first and weigh the time spent vs. the RAW... -End Transmission
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