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  1. Well, feel free to open your wallet now, as I have my PDF copy on my iPad with the rest of my chaotic bounty
  2. Seeing that there are not only Warhammer themed card sleeves in the works but Warhammer 40k card sleeves (suitable for magic sized cards), I am really hoping this is a nod to Warhammer 40K being the next LCG. Seeing as they've put out just about everything else for 40k except the wargamming line, it would be a great addition. Plus, I'm a sucker for 40k stuff anyway, so it would have an early buyer here.
  3. Just so you know, FFG, that the sooner you release the PDF of the Tome of Excess, the sooner you'll get even more of my money.
  4. Hey all Planning on attending the Free RPG day this year, and noticed FFGs entry this year is based off the Star Wars RPG. Since the game requires special dice to use, is someone going to have to at least own the Basic Set or either physical dice/dice app? Was wondering if a set of dice will be provided for the person running the demo at least, since these generally have the basic rules in order to play. Thanks in advance for any info you can share. Erich
  5. Thanks, Skywalker. Glad to see you are still around. You still active over at Cthulhutech as well?
  6. Just wondering about this. The entire line except for this book is available in PDF format. I've picked up the hardcover books and have starting my conversion to PDF format by purchasing the core rules as well. I'm of the mind to pick up the rest of the books, but not having Those Who Walked Among Us as a PDF option is kind of putting me off at the moment? Is there any update on this book going to PDF?
  7. Hi Skywalker. I have not downloaded your demo yet, but I need a question answered. Are you the same Skywalker that created a demo for Cthulhutech? If so, I think this will be a great demo before I even download it. I'll let you know my full feelings once I read through it. Thanks Beli
  8. Thanks everyone for the information. Appreciate all the thoughts and suggestions, and for now I think I will go with the single sets until we decide if we are going to start up a league at my FLGS. After that, we'll look at other options.
  9. Actually, I think you answered the question(s), David. My question basically is, is it worth having three of every card, or will what comes in the sets really all you need? I know that you can have no more than three cards in your deck, but are the singles in the sets really worth spending all the money to get three sets? Do they really add that much to your game. For now, I'm playing with friends, but if there is enough interest, I'm considering trying to get my FLGS to start a league.
  10. Hi everyone. I am just getting into W:I and I am asking a simple question. I've seen people talking about going in with friends to buy Ulthuan in order to get three of each card for your self, but is it worth the effort? Looking at the list for the Core Set and the mini expansions, there would be no way to purchase sets to evenly distribute cards between friends without someone coming out on the short end of the fire stick. Is it really worth all the trouble to go through that to get a third card, or is it just as easy to play with what is in a single box and not worry about it so much?
  11. I just put an order for a copy at my FLGS. I was hoping to see something about expansions, but I guess if two games will create just about all tracks, then there is probably no need for any expansions. A book of track designs might be interesting though, similar to campaign books for wargames.
  12. Thanks all for the responses. From what i gathered both here and at BGG, I've asked my FLGS to order me a copy. I know I have a few Cthulhu fans in my board game group, as well as a few Magic fans. So, I might be able to get a few players willing to play this if I open it up and show them all the shiny, insanity inducing cards in to play.
  13. Hey folks. Honestly, I am seriously considering getting my FLGS to order me the base set, but I want that last little push to get me to get it. I've played many CCGs in my time, and I don't play them anymore for the main reason I started looking at this game... I hate the collection factor. I do not like the fact that if someone gets lucky and pulls several rare cards (saw someone pull four rare cards from a box of Magic cards this past week), they should have a major advantage over me because I don't spend all my money trying to get those cards. the idea behind this game is very intriguing, but I wonder at how well it performs. Does it work well if only one person has a complete set, or does it work better if each player has their own set? How does the game play? Is it pretty fast (similar to Yu-Gi-Oh), or is there a more cerebral play to it (closer to Magic or Vampire)? How is the deck building? Are there broken combinations I should be aware of, or are all the cards pretty well balanced? I'm planning on starting with the core set of course, but after the luster has worn with a lot of plays, is there a pair of expansions I should look at? Thanks in advance for any and all answers you might provide. Talk to you all soon! Erich
  14. Thank you, Julia. That does help. I thought that was too powerful a combination to play. Glad to know I wasn't crazy (no pun intended). However, I suppose I'll have to play again. Not that it is a bad thing to have to do.
  15. Hello folks. First post here in this forum (second post here overall) I finally found a couple of hours to play a solo game of Arkham Horror and began to delve into the game pretty heavily. I have never really played it before today, but I have had a couple of false starts before the 4 year old walked into the room and promptly forced me into other endeavors. So, I began with Doctor Harvey Walters. as he had a pretty good set of skills, plus a high sanity which is always good in this game. His Strong Mind bonus helped as well. I was a little worried about the low stamina, but I didn't plan to get into combat if I could help it. I made my initial draws, and I ended up with the Voice of Ra (+1 skill checks if a lore -1 check is passed, -1 sanity), and Heal (Heal stamina equal to successes, Lore +1, Sanity -1) Since his Strong Mind bonus lets him ignore 1 point of Sanity anytime, I figured these were great little spells to have. Now, the Old One I settled on was Yig. It doesn't have any major penalties while asleep, and doesn't really do much against the investigator when first awakened (unless you have a curse already on you, then your character is devoured). Well, onto the question. When Yig awakened (Doom Markers), I still had both of my spells. Both are upkeep spells, so they can be cast at the beginning of each round. Neither had a 'hand' marker on them, and from what I can read in the rules, you can use up to two spells as long as one is not marked with two hands. Well, that's what I did, and with a Lore of 6, I was able to delay being devoured by casting Voice of Ra and then Healing through probably 30 rounds (yeah.. took that long). Each spell cost 1 sanity, but his bonus ignores 1 sanity penalty per action. Also, Yig's damage was 1 stamina and 1 sanity. Since I ignored 1 sanity because of the Strong Mind, I just had to keep my health up. Is this correct? 1) Can I use both spells in the same round? 2) Do I ignore all sanity penalties as they were all under 1 sanity? 3) Does Yig's -3 penalty apply to all skill rolls, or only combat rolls (I just thought about this one. Probably would have made a big difference. I read it as only applying to combat). I hope I played this right, but trying to push through my first game alone is always difficult, but it lets you work through the lumps without slowing down a full player game. Thanks in advance for any replies. Erich
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