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  1. I've used maptool, roll20 and fantasy grounds and very rarely play face to face these days due to work. I prefer currently prefer fantasy grounds as its a once off cost and the community is very helpful and friendly. Comms wise, discord is good but does have its moments when the quality drops, although I do think it is better than skype.
  2. Just thought I would pop on and say that this expansion for Genesys is great, looking forward to seeing the new version.
  3. Hi Arkio, Im glad you enjoyed the read, I ran this game and have run some others. The other game of note was a 40-50-ish Dark Heresy campaign that we played before Rogue Trader that told the story of Interrogator Attelus and a group of Inquistorial Agents and their rise, fall then rise. At the start of that campaign I set the seeds of the main end plots for Rogue Trader. Sadly the scribe of that game failed in their duties and the notes are haphazard at best. I know all of the players first hand but due to people moving away we played the game via skype and maptool. Sadly, work has been very busy for me of late so I havent managed to start a new campaign but hopefully in the future I might be able to start a new one. I also ran a Tour of Darkness campaign that Lord Spatula wrote up but the website it is on is down at the moment, if we can get copies of it we could think about releasing them. Just be aware that the campaign didn't actually finish though we got it to an end point. Also, sorry for the late reply
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for the kind words. Sadly the game we were going to start has been put on hold due. We will start another campaign but it probably wont be for a few months. Sorry to garner interest and then shoot it down. Cheers
  5. Hey Asajev, It should be a season 4 and will be between 10-30 years on from the events of the last book. Also, I spoke to Lord Spatula and he said he is happy to act as chief chronicler and will no doubt produce something to the same high standard. The group is just finishing through another game at the moment but should be finished in a few weeks. Cheers
  6. Howdy all, Sorry for the enforced absence but ive been overseas. Update… House Dureen, once a rising star in the Koronus Expanse teeters on the brink of collapse. The heart of the dynasty was destroyed defending the Calixis Sector from the great devourer and while the house is assailed by enemies on every side, infighting and enemies within further weaken the foundation of the house. Can the few original survivors and a new generation of loyal subjects pull together the last disparate tethers that remains of House Dureen Only time will tell…
  7. Dont worry, they will release it when they want to, nothing we do or say will change that (Unless we all agree not to buy it off them out of spite). If scandinavian's have it now, awesome, im glad someone has got the chance to see it early.
  8. Zakalwe - Yep, all of it was online, quite a feat as Major Kimenth mentions due to my horrendous internet connection and that ropey pc Major Kimenth - That is praise indeed and I did consider a weekend based face to face game but the next one will be online so you can play.
  9. I also have my T-Shirt but I havent got round to wearing it yet. Its good to see that the games legacy is continuing on. Im even beginning to drag together the potential framework for a short campaign to carry on the tale of House Dureen. Again this would be played via maptool and chat over skype, if any spare slots come up I will give first call to our faithful followers but I am fairly strict with the numbers I allow in my maptool campaigns as I find the lack of direct human interaction makes it more difficult to control/lead.
  10. Hi all, Thanks for waiting, the aftermath chapter is now complete and below for your reading... Enjoy! Segment taken from the official history of the Dureen Rogue Trader Dynasty CURRENT LOCATION: ASTEROID BASE ALPHA, FOOTFALL SYSTEM, THE CAULDRON Preliminary note: In my role as official historian of the Dureen Rogue Trader Dynasty, which the new Rogue Trader Regent has most beneficently seen fit to retain my services, I have seen much change, however it is the decade after the famous tragic victory at the Battle of Meltorn that the Dynasty was at its most fragile. This section of this official record deals with that particular period of time. As well as my own observations, I have been allowed access to certain personal diaries, security logs, and have used my personal contacts to gain a complete picture of events. Furthermore, even though the position of House Dureen may have been precarious at times, we obviously had powerful friends, and I regularly found fragments of intelligence reports from a number of Imperial organisations mysteriously left on my desk. Finally, some of the more high profile events covered here were already a matter of public record, and some featured in the vid-casts popular with the ordinary populations of the Calixis Sector and beyond. Glory be to the God-Emperor of the Imperium of Mankind, and to House Dureen. My Lords, I am in perpetuity your faithful servant. Adept Michaelus Helix For House Dureen, the aftermath of the Battle of Meltorn was just as busy as the preparations for the defence of the sub-sector against the Tyranid invaders. As well as usual post conflict debriefings, resupply, and reorganisations the House had to deal with the shock of the loss of its head and one of his trusted Lieutenants. It was in this time of upheaval that Major Iaris Kimenth stepped to the fore and took control. She was the most senior surviving member of the command staff and had become the defacto head of the Dynasty; with her steady hand dealing with the minutiae of command, indeed it was only a few weeks before, unbidden, officers and enlisted personnel alike began to address her as "Rogue Trader Regent". At first she protested, but after a meeting of senior commanders, she accepted, recognising the argument that without a clear succession, the House would be significantly weakened. This however left her musing the fate of Antonio Fenducci, the aid to the martyred Rogue Trader Hartek who had been left at Footfall to control operations there; Iaris knew that Hartek had been grooming him for command, but was unaware of how completely the old Rogue Trader had apprised him of his plans. Still, the majority of the military of the Dynasty had accompanied the force sent to Meltorn, and were supporting her as Regent, so she was relatively relaxed about any future confrontation. The defenders of Meltorn could not afford to be idle and while the administrative changes were pushed through, and ratified in record time by the Administratum on Malfi, rumour has it at the strong urgings of the Sub-Sector Governor, and other powerful figures, the military forces were kept busy. Although the Tyranids had been largely destroyed, the ocean agri-world of Meltorn Tetra remained infested, and it took several months of hard fighting by the blue-water Naval specialists of the Meltorn Planetary Defence Forces supported by Battle Brothers of the Hell Bringers before the fishing fleets could return and begin to harvest the food-stocks that inhabited the world; even then, for years afterwards rumours persisted of new types of sea-monsters that would attack isolated platforms and ships, and as a result a permanent, small, detachment of Battle Brothers remained in a new orbital facility ready to deploy and defeat any such threat. In addition to this major threat, a number of smaller incursions were detected not only within the Meltorn system, but in the Malfian Sub-sector as a whole, as the few surviving organisms of the splinter of the Hive Fleet reverted to instinct and revealed their presence by attacking settlements and outposts. Imperial forces were quick to respond and deal with confirmed sightings, the commanders conscious that a threat left unchecked could quickly spiral out of control. All surviving Battle Brothers of the Hell Bringers were recalled to their Chapter and accompanied by a massive Adeptus Mecanicus constructor fleet, the Astartes and their allies threw their not insignificant energies into repairing and rebuilding the damage caused during the invasion. In some cases the effort was completed in a few months, in others it would take decades of work. At this time House Dureen was awarded salvage rights to all non-Astartes and non-Imperial Navy vessels within the Meltorn system and complete access to the Hell Bringers orbital docks facility. As a result although there were few vessels with any real military capability, Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth was able to significantly increase the merchant fleet available to the House. Within two years these salvaged vessels had joined the convoys of vessels plying their trade wherever House Dureen had commercial interests. Months passed, until finally, it became clear that House Dureen had completed all its necessary tasks, and final preparations for departure were underway. All the ground forces that had been training and fighting alongside the Meltorn PDF and Astartes of the Hell Bringers were recalled to the ships, and like their Naval counterparts, the hard-won experience during the battle against the Tyranids and under the tutelage of the Space Marines had been well learned; they were a far more potent force than they had been prior to the battle; each man and woman had become a hard-eyed veteran. Shortly before the fleet left to return to the Koronus Expanse, Brother Castagir appeared on board the Scourge of Tyrants, the Light Cruiser that Kimenth had made her flagship. He requested an audience with the Rogue Trader Regent and was immediately granted one, so he made his way to her day cabin. The door was open, as it always was; most would have preferred privacy but Kimenth had discovered that she found it less distracting to see who was coming rather than guess who was on the other side of a closed door. As the Deathwatch Marine entered he found her finishing a vox conversation with Magos Vyakai. "Tinman, I don’t care about the 'Rituals of Salvage'. I just need to know how many of the wrecks are stable enough to be towed and have functioning Geller Fields. I have thousands of crew to get home and I need every berth I can get. Call me when you have something." She cut off the vox and looked up as Castagir strode in. "Ah. Well meet, Brother Castagir! It seems there are a million things to be done before we can return home. Magos Vyakai decided that he liked how House Dureen operates and has chosen to join us. I understand you have been busy too?" "Indeed. We defeated the xenos, but several groups are still out there, both in this system and beyond. I have my duty, as you have yours." The Space Marine rumbled. Silence stretched out as unspoken words circled the room. Before it could go on too long Iaris sighed and nodded in understanding. Slowly, she drew her arm across her chest in salute and bowed slightly. "You will be missed. We wish you good hunting, Battle Brother." She paused, and spoke again. "My friend." Castagir returned the salute and Kimenth smiled. "Good hunting to you too, Rogue Trader Regent." He turned on his heel to leave, and then paused and spoke again. "I have no doubt that House Dureen is in good hands, but do not forget that this Dynasty has built a reputation for honour. Many have built that honour with their blood." He fixed her with steady eyes. "Do not forget the sacrifice that has put you in the position you find yourself." There was a short silence, and then Kimenth spoke again. "Brother Castagir, you have my word, I will not forget." The deep voice of the Space Marine filled her office once more. "I will be watching Rogue Trader Regent, and will aid where I can. The Emperor Protects." The moment was broken by the chime of the intercom. "Ma’am, you have a meeting with the Chapter Master in twenty minutes. I also have the new repair schedule and the latest casualty list for your review." Iaris took a deep breath as something that could almost be called a smile crossed Castagirs' face. "Bring them in." A moment later a bespectacled adept scurried in as the Marine made to leave. "Oh, and Brother Castagir? We can spend our entire lives atoning for a single mistake. You never know if you are going to manage it but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. In that regard, could you deliver this for me, please?" She handed him a dataslate. "I would do it myself but it looks like I will be needed here for the foreseeable future..." She gestured to the desk, already swamped with files, which the adept was in the process of adding to. The Space Marine took on his more accustomed, serious, look and nodded solemnly. "I will see it done." He saluted again from the doorway and she returned it. Both knew many years would likely pass before they met again, if they ever did. "Goodbye, Brother Castagir" "Goodbye, Rogue Trader Regent" As he left Castagir glanced at the dataslate and saw the title screen; +++Delayed Final Report for Inquisitor Merriotic from Inquisitorial Agent Phebea Kelter: Here in being detailed the course of events that led to the fall of Graidenheim, Trading World of the Calixis Sector+++ He deactivated it smiled to himself knowing that he need not read any further, and made for the shuttle bay. The forces of House Dureen left the Meltorn System, having secured an unusual alliance with the Hell Bringers, ensuring they were not alone; they were accompanied by an Astartes Strike Cruiser the Emperor's Light and two Rapid Strike Vessels, the Nova Class Frigate Altair and the Gladius Class Frigate Lorica Segmentata, that the Chapter Master had dispatched as an honour guard to accompany them to Footfall. Clearly, this was also a political statement, although House Dureen had been weakened by their actions, the Hell Bringers would not forget, and any that hoped to take advantage would also have to face Astartes forces too. The inhabitants of Footfall seemed to pay sharp attention to this, as surprisingly no overt attempts were made to further destabilise the weakened Dynasty. In addition, a small cadre of Hell Bringers Space Marines were detached to House Dureen to bolster their forces; an experienced Tactical Squad led by Sergeant Anatolius accompanied by two Veteran Scouts, Veteran Sergeant Cohlon and Veteran Brother Knobbes, an Apothecary named Mattin, and a Techmarine, Brother Grael, were welcomed aboard Asteroid Base Alpha, and a chamber was set aside to house them and all their equipment. They had clearly prepared for any eventuality as dozens of weapons cases were unloaded by the Chapter Serfs that would also be staying. The only condition that the Chapter Master had imposed before offering the services of the Space Marines was that they would have first choice of any potential candidates for Neophyte status on any world that House Dureen had influence. In his first meeting with Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth, Sergeant Anatolius explained that the Scouts in particular were unusual; in most Chapters the scouts were the youngest, least experienced of the Astartes, some had yet to even don power armour, however the Hell Bringers differed from this, and maintained a small cadre of Space Marines who excelled in the individualistic role of scouting and covert operations. In Veteran Sergeant Cohlon and Veteran Brother Knobbes House Dureen had access to two of the most experienced warriors in the Chapter, both having served for more than three centuries, and included spells within the Deathwatch. Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth considered the information carefully, and arranged for Sergeant Anatolius to speak to Mario Fenducci and the other military leaders of the Dynasty so that they could best decide how to integrate the potent new force. Despite her heroics at Meltorn, Captain Locke and the Aegis were still suffering due to the politics of Fleet command; she was left without orders at Meltorn for several months. The time was not wasted, however as the Deathwatch found that they could make use of a daring Naval Captain capable of independent thought, and for three years her vessel constantly moved around the Malfian Sub-Sector on one task or another. She found herself pleased to be doing something that she could see a tangible effect from, but it was not to last, and when the she returned to the control of Naval hierarchy she discovered that she was still persona non grata, and found herself ordered to resume lone, or small flotilla, patrols around the Koronus Expanse. As a result the Aegis became a regular visitor at Asteroid Base Alpha, either for social visits, or on occasion, for repairs after battle with one of the enemies that abounded in the expanse. She was always warmly received, and her crew and the members of House Dureen grew to be more than allies. There was more than one wedding where bride and groom came from the different factions. Knowing that she got little support from her command, House Dureen always freely gave of its resources to Captain Locke and the Aegis, aid which other Imperial Captains were forced to return to Port Wander, or pay the fees that House Dureen charged for such services. One man who had been noticeable by his absence at the end of the defence of Meltorn, and in the weeks afterwards was Inquisitor Atellus. It was to be several years before any representative of House Dureen was to see him again; however reports from the Gubernatorial Palace on Malfi indicated that Brother Castagir was able to locate him, and remind him of his promise to secure access through the Warp Gate to the Jericho Reach for House Dureen. Accordingly, almost eight months after the battle official notification reached Asteroid Base Alpha that all House Dureen flagged vessels would be allowed access through the Gate. Immediately a small diplomatic and explorator mission was dispatched to discover the potential for profit, and a small base was established within the Iron Collar near the Jericho Reach gate. Shortly after the right to passage was confirmed, the three Astartes warships that had been anchored outside Asteroid Base Alpha took their leave of Footfall, although whether they went deeper into the Expanse on their own mission, or returned to Meltorn remained unclear. Iaris came up with a novel way to deal with the potential power struggle that could have resulted between herself and Fenducci. She called a private meeting with him, and although the discussions remained private, over the years investigations and subtle questions of the two have revealed that the broad gist of the conversation went as follows. Kimenth recognised that Hartek had been grooming Fenducci for command, and although his private records indicated that he intended control of the Dynasty go to Fenducci, Fenducci himself was unaware of this, and crucially, this decision had not been legally ratified. Fenducci was realistic enough to know that the fighting forces recognised Kimenth as the de facto leader, and that most external agencies saw her as the face of House Dureen, whereas his own specialities had been the covert and deniable operations, including control of the cadre of tattooed men 'retirement specialists' that Kilgrim had developed with the help of the Black Dragon Society in Footfall. Both of them preferred their own field of speciality, and the idea of crossing over to handle the other side of the business did not greatly appeal, effectively, both had something the other needed for the stability of the House. Both considered the other to be reasonably attractive, and so Kimenth passed Fenducci a small box uttering the immortal words "I believe that it's tradition for you to go down on one knee first! I'm not changing my name though..." Fenducci, paused, shrugged, and half an hour later the engagement was announced to all members of House Dureen, to great celebration. The evidence suggests that when Kimenth and Fenducci made the decision, neither had completely ruled out the idea of removing the other from the picture, however, as the years passed, a genuine affection blossomed between them. It is generally accepted within the Dynasty that this occurred almost seven years after the engagement, certainly this was the last time either attempted to assassinate the other. The damage report and vid-capture from that event perhaps explains more fully; +++ Transcript of security vid relevant to Damage Report from Main Docking Bay of Asteroid Base Alpha. Incident A978335-Z +++ Iaris passed the last of the reports to her personal Adept as a rattle ran through the cabin, the ship had begun its final deceleration in preparation to dock with Asteroid Base Alpha. She sighed and stood. "Nearly home again, Jeevan." She said and collected the small box from her desk. "Yes Ma'am" "Have the standard Home coming drinks ready for the crew when we dock" "Yes Ma'am" "I want a full inventory taken as the plunder is unloaded. No more 'missing artefacts'" "Yes Ma'am" "Actually, best shoot anyone who touches the cargo who’s not assigned to the unload teams. Just to be on the safe side" "Yes Ma'am" Iaris pulled on her elaborate jacket, checked the flak inserts where sitting comfortably and took another look at the box in her hand. "I do hope it’s enough. It can be so difficult to judge these things. Maybe I should get something bigger?" "It’s not my place to say, Ma'am" Iaris sighed again and slipped the box into her pocket. "I suppose it will have to do" With that she made her way to the bridge and took her place on the Command Throne to oversee the last, delicate manoeuvres. She stepping into the massive landing bay alone, the box concealed in her hand and walk towards the smiling man who stepped out of the shadows to meet her. She was still slightly unnerved by the fact that he could conceal himself so effectively. It had been over a year since they had seen each other, and she liked the feeling of anticipation that the upcoming meeting engendered in her. She had brought two more worlds under the flag of House Dureen; he had 'dealt' with a minor house edging into Dureen territory. She had over seen the training of new troops and he had finished re-fitting a salvaged ship to add to the House fleet. Overall a successful year. Kimenth and Fenducci stopped exactly one pace apart and met each other's eyes. Very slowly, they brought up their arms and revealed what was in their hands. She held out the box and he an oddly shaped parcel tied with a delicate bow. With extreme care they took the items, all the while holding eye contact, and then carefully and slowly opened them. He held a box of cuff links, she an exquisite model of a Grand Cruiser. Suddenly the silence was broken by an almost imperceptible hum from the box Fenducci held, quickly followed by a high pitched whine from the model. The tiniest of smiles crept over Iaris's face and she threw the model over Fenducci's shoulder as he immediately did the same with her gift. The minor explosions threw them to the ground and they grappled across the deck as alarms sounded far away. They ended as a tangled mess of limbs pinned together, face to face and out of breath, neither holding the advantage. Seconds passed. "Welcome Home, my Love." He said and kissed her. "Good to be back!" she replied then returned his affection and didn’t stop until the emergency crew turned up to put out the fire. +++ End of Report +++ That Kimenth's and Fenducci's affection for each other grew, is further evidenced by an exchange that Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth had with an unnamed, but well known fellow Rogue Trader, who had a reputation of bluster and being particularly bombastic. The opposing Rogue Trader had just been out-negotiated for a cargo he was bidding for, and in what was interpreted as a thinly veiled threat against Fenducci; he hailed Kimenth, and asked sneeringly. "Ah, Trader Kimenth. Tell me, how is your husband?" Kimenth smiled sweetly before replying "Incredibly satisfying. How is yours?" The unfortunate man nearly choked on his drink and Kimenth cut communication. The brief communication became legendary amongst the members of the Dureen Dynasty, and some enterprising soul managed to get a bootleg copy of the vid and disseminate it around Footfall much to the dismay of the man. Rumour has it he has spent considerable resources trying to track down and destroy every copy. Helga, Hartek's paramour, took her leave of the Asteroid Base, choosing to return to life amongst her Squat kin, stating that the holdings of House Dureen held too many painful memories. A week later Gartek Fiendhammer arrived at the Asteroid Base and reported that she had given birth to a healthy son who she had named Malgrim. "He has a healthy set of lung on him, he does!" Gartek laughed, then mused, grimacing; "Hardly surprising, given who his parents are!" Gartek had not been alone when he returned; accompanying him were two thousand Squat warriors. "It was put to the vote..." Gartek explained. "The Elders wanted to focus on strengthening the new colonies, but it was pointed out that the colonies would only be safe if House Dureen was secure. They saw some sense in that, but they're nothing if not cautious. They allowed volunteers to come and support you!" He barked a laugh as Kimenth looked at the massed ranks of warriors forming up in the docking bay, a stunned expression on her face. "I think they underestimated the impact your Dynasty has had on us...!" "Clearly!" she muttered. "It looks like the barracks will be a tight squeeze until we get some of the empty spaces in the Asteroid Base fitted out..." "Don't worry about that Major-" He paused. "Sorry, I mean, Trader Regent." Gartek smiled reassuringly "It'll be less crowded than it was when we were being besieged by them bad buggers when you all found us!" He slapped Kimenth on the back, staggering her slightly. "I'm sure." She agreed. Suddenly serious, Gartek's posture changed, and he spoke again; "Trader Regent, as a race we have long memories, for better, as well as for worse. And we dinna ferget what you did for us, and young Kilgrim did us all proud against the bugs! We owed them a proper kicking. That's why we're here." Rogue Trader Regent smiled warmly. "Thank you Gartek. I- we appreciate that..." The Squat barked a laugh. "And anyway we want to keep an eye on you all too, we need to be sure what you're up to - and try to keep you out of trouble..." It was Kimenths' turn to laugh. "Good luck with that!" She paused, then continued; "I suppose I should formally welcome you all then! Come on, let's go and address the new Regiments!" The Squats were not the only surprise for House Dureen that arrived at Asteroid Base Alpha; almost three years after the Battle of Meltorn a small Adeptus Mechanicus repair fleet appeared in Footfall, and under tow was the hull of an ancient warship, that of an Ironclad Lunar Class Cruiser. Ironclads were an unusual design modification, sacrificing void shields and some manoeuvrability for massive slabs of armour twice as thick as would normally be seen on hulls of a corresponding class. The Magos in charge of the fleet explained that he had been instructed to deliver the hull to House Dureen by the Imperial authorities in the Calixis Sector. He handed the Rogue Trader Regent an encrypted dataslate which contained a message from Sub-Sector Governor Kaffiq, explaining that the ship was to be scrapped by the Navy, but that Governor had arranged for it to be granted to House Dureen in recognition for the losses they suffered fighting the Tyranids. Granted it had been stripped of the majority of its components, but the Lathe Adeptus Mechanicus had agreed to aid with a refit to the specifications of the House. As a side note Governor Kaffiq added that he had included a comprehensive collection of star-charts as a personal thank-you, and even suggested a name, Hartek's Wrath. Kimenth could not help but smile when she read that part, remembering the readiness of her predecessor to use a bolt-pistol to discipline poor performers. The refit took a further three years but the time taken was well spent and the completed ship was of the highest quality, as befitted a vessel that carried Hartek's name, so much so that several of the Tech-Priests who had worked on the refit elected to stay with her after she was commissioned. As usual with the ships of House Dureen, the Lelian Tech Adepts upgraded the plasma drives using their advanced understanding of such technology, allowing the heavy vessel to move with surprising speed. Naturally, the new warship became a potent symbol of the resurgence of the Dynasty. When House Dureen was recalled to the Calixis Sector, Hartek had agreed to support House Chorda in their conflict with the Winterscales Dynasty. Although the power of the Fleet was greatly reduced, the new Command Staff were resolved to keep the promise that the Dynasty made when they returned to the Koronus Expanse, however, the plan of action was changed. It was no longer sensible to wage open war, so they settled on more covert actions, and used disguised fast ships to raid Winterscales' trade routes, and made use of the Tattooed men to assassinate key Winterscales personnel. Sergeant Major Talon, who had been responsible for the training of Antonio Fenducci led a number of covert raids on isolated Winterscales outposts, mainly aimed at being a nuisance, but occasionally retrieving invaluable intelligence. The subtlety of the approach was such that several months after her return to Asteroid Base Alpha, Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth found herself summoned to a meeting on one of the deserted asteroids that dotted the system, and once there was confronted by an angry representative of the Chorda Dynasty. The man wasted no time on small talk or pleasantries; "Rogue Trader Regent, Lady Chorda made an agreement with House Dureen. You would support her against Winterscales, and we would share the profits of the enterprise, and provide you with a crew for your Light Cruiser. We supplied the crew, yet you have done nothing...!" Kimenth paused, and then spoke in a measured voice. "Lady Chorda is aware of where our forces went?" "She is." The man confirmed. "But not convinced that the summons should have been answered..." Kimenth laughed. "Pardon my laugh, however, if the battle had not been fought in the Calixis Sector, then Winterscales would have been the least of her worries..." She passed the man a dataslate. "That includes the assessment of the threat that faced the Calixis Sector, and the Koronus Expanse." The man shrugged, and looked about to speak, but Iaris continued to speak. "I know house Chorda has greater power and influence than House Dureen, but I doubt Lady Aspyce herself would ignore a summons from the Inquisition, the Sub-sector Governor, and an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Commander. Not if she ever wanted to return to Imperial Space, or maintain her markets there..." There was a pause and the man grudgingly nodded. So Iaris continued. "We have lost our two key warships, the leader of the Dynasty, and our fleet Commodore, yet we promised support, so we haven't 'done nothing' as you phrased it. We have used our remaining resources in the most efficient way possible, aiding you as we promised, sometimes to the detriment of our own House. Because we gave you our word. Unlike some Houses we keep our word." She paused again. "You may have noticed that a number of Winterscales senior staff have suffered unfortunate accidents?" "We have." The man confirmed. "It has been lucky for us." Kimenth snorted. "Luck has nothing to do with it. Details of every accident are included in that dataslate." The man looked surprised, and was about to speak, but again Kimenth interrupted. "Finally, you may have noticed that certain trade routes have become less profitable for Winterscales?" This time the man made no effort to speak, and simply nodded, scanning through the dataslate. "The details of his losses and the location of some of the damaged hulls are listed there too. Do with them what you will... Satisfied?" The man paused, as though waiting for Iaris to interrupt him again, but she simply smiled a tight lipped smile, so he spoke, the anger no longer in his voice. "This is not the support we expected, but if what you have presented me is true, I expect that Lady Aspyce will be somewhat mollified. She will have to alter her military plans, but any pressure on Winterscales is positive for us." It should be noted that the conflict between Chorda and Winterscales went on for several more years, but neither were able to gain an advantage and it eventually fizzled out. Relations between Houses Chorda and Dureen remained relatively good, but the 'preferred partner' status that Hartek had hoped to gain did not materialise. Furthermore, the Winterscales Dynasty was distinctly frosty with House Dureen when their paths crossed, which resulted in several missed opportunities as the House attempted to rebuild. Fortunately House Dureen managed to keep all the trade links that they had worked so hard to forge prior to the Battle of Meltorn and the death of Hartek. There was a period of uncertainty, but after Rogue Trader Regent Kimenth personally visited all the worlds and spoke to each of the local leaders, the links remained as strong as ever. In fact, in many eyes the status of the House had actually increased as they had new, powerful allies, and had proved themselves honourable, and willing to keep their promises, no matter the danger or the cost. After Kimenth had visited a world, there was a notable upsurge in recruits from there. Of course this may have had something to do with the vid-casts that saw regular broadcast throughout the worlds of the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector showcasing the House as an exemplar of virtue and self sacrifice, largely due to their actions during the defences of Damaris and Meltorn, and the rescue of the Squats. Brother Castagir left the Meltorn System with little fanfare; he requested passage back to Malfi aboard the Aegis, a service that Captain Locke gladly agreed to. However, unlike his departure, fate decreed that the journey was not to be without incident. En route the Aegis detected a distress call from the Carpathia, a luxury liner that was sailing from Malfi to the pleasure world of Kinog. On board were several hundred influential Imperial citizens who had decided that after the horror of the near Tyranid invasion of Malfi, they needed a period away from the pressures of their lives. Unfortunately all was not well on the vessel, and several dozen crew had been discovered messily slaughtered, as had three of the passengers, and there were whispers of a monster on board. The Captain of the vessel had sent a security detail into the bowels of the ship where most of the crew had disappeared, but aside from screams heard over the vox, he had not heard from them again. Captain Locke, despite her obvious disdain towards the privileged passengers who knew little of real hardship, knew her duty, and brought the Aegis alongside the liner, and dispatched armsmen and a Stormtrooper detachment to protect the passengers. Many of the curious passengers, although somewhat frightened by events, had gathered on the promenade decks that flanked the huge ballroom which dominated the vessels social calendar, to take the rare opportunity to view an Imperial warship close up. The Captain had decided to attempt to calm their fears by relaying a vid feed from the Carpathia's lighter bay showing the heavily armed fighting men and women disembarking from the shuttle. Brother Castagir was the last to step off the shuttle, and his inclusion in the boarding party sent ripples of relief and fear throughout the passengers and crew in equal measure, as they were unable to decide whether it was a good omen that he was present, or that the presence of one of the Emperor's Angels of Death surely meant they were doomed. Over the next week, several more people died, all within the protective zones that the troops had setup, but it was one of the last victims that enabled Brother Castagir to identify the killer; a number of small hooks were embedded in the unfortunate woman’s corpse, and it was clear that she had been dragged along the corridor. He reported to Captain Locke that a Tyranid Lictor was aboard the Carpathia, and that until it was dealt with, the ship should be effectively quarantined. He informed the Captain Msengi of the Carpathia of this fact, ignoring his protests that the ship should get to a safe berth and all aboard should disembark for safety's sake, and headed into the depths of the ship to hunt the xenos beast. The knowledge that the killer had been identified did not calm the fears of those aboard, and both passengers and crew gathered in the huge ballroom, hoping to find safety in numbers. Post operation analysis seemed to indicate that it was the sheer number of prey that had drawn the Lictor out of the shadows, and to the horror of those below, it attacked and rapidly slaughtering the security detail on the mezzanine deck overlooking the ballroom. However, when all seemed lost and as the Tyranid organism was about to launch itself into the thousands of people below, that Brother Castagir intervened. He had tracked the beast through the decks and to its current location, and seeing the circumstances he immediately threw himself into the fray. Instinctively he evaded the flesh hooks that the Lictor tried to snare him with, and with superhuman speed, struck at the creature again and again. Incredibly, the beast blocked his initial attacks, but howled in pain as a rapid blow cut through its defences, biting deeply into its abdomen and spilling gore onto the deck; the Lictor lashed out at the Deathwatch Marine who seemed to anticipate the blows, blocking them, and then with a deft flick of his lightning claws beheaded the foul xenos creature. Even so, it took several hours for the screams and sobbing from the ballroom to subside after the panic had taken hold. Normality restored to the Carpathia, Captain Locke withdrew her troops, allowing the liner to continue to its destination. However, the word was out and news of the Carpathia incident quickly spread; any ship or settlement in the Malfian Sub-Sector that was having 'monster' problems put out distress calls to the Aegis. After another, similar intervention, the Deathwatch formally requested that Captain Locke and the Aegis be placed at their disposal to neutralise such isolated threats; left with little option, Fleet Command reluctantly agreed. Over the next three years the popular reputation of the Aegis and the lone black armoured Astartes warrior grew, and over a dozen void ships and four planetary Governors were thankful for their intervention; most of the threats they were called to deal with were of Tyranid origin, survivors of the splinter of Hive Fleet Dagon, but they also fought Orks, and on one occasion a small group of Loxatl mercenaries who had been employed by an unscrupulous trading house. Finally, Fleet Command demanded the return of the Aegis to normal duties, arguing that their resources were spread thinly enough and they could ill afford the luxury of loaning the services of a Light Cruiser. Captain Locke was ordered to Malfi where she bade farewell to Brother Castagir. Castagir was summoned to a meeting with the Sub-Sector Governor Kaffiq at his personal lodge in the remote countryside away from the normal seat of power, a fact that immediately put him on the alert, as it was clear to him that this was something the Governor wanted to remain secret. He was met at the shuttle pad by Brother Sergeant Agamoor, the man who had tested him to see if he was worthy to be inducted into the Deathwatch, and who he had not seen for almost a decade. In response to the questions the Brother Sergeant asked, Castagir quickly and concisely gave a verbal account of the Battle of Meltorn, and his actions since, before the two men walked into a large room that had been configured as a operations centre. Governor Kaffiq was waiting, looking somewhat uncomfortable and seated at the large table was Inquisitor Atellus, however, the figure that caught Castagir's attention, and was the obvious source of tension in the room was a female Eldar, sitting quietly at the far end of the table. Castagir paused, surprised to see the xenos there, but glanced at Agamoor, taking his lead from his Battle Brother who seemed relatively calm, though not particularly happy. Then, to the further surprise of Brother Castagir, into the room walked Niall Benjamin, the Chief Librarian of the Hell Bringers. The Eldar stood, her eyes fixed on Castagir, and then she spoke in Low Gothic, a strange melodic, but inhuman tone to her voice. "Brother Castagir. It has been several years..." Castagir stood in silence for several seconds, as though searching his memories, and then replied, not in any human dialect, but in the tongue of the Eldar themselves. "The tomb-world. That was you. You demanded much, offered little, and explained less. Without considering what we were looking for or why." For a brief second it seemed surprise crossed the expressionless face of the xenos, and she spoke quietly almost to herself. "I did not see this!" Then she gathered herself and spoke to Castagir again. "It is unusual for Mon-K... For Humans to know our language, and you speak it better than most..." Castagir smiled a cold smile, and returned to speaking Low Gothic. "The more I understand those I may be called on to fight, the better my chances are of victory." The Eldar nodded. "That is so." She paused, as though weighing her next action. "I am Farseer Athenelion, and I have seen that your actions are important to my people and yours..." "I do my duty." Castagir spoke evenly. "Forgive me Farseer, however I find it difficult to trust your words. It is my experience that your people see mine with little more than disdain, and when you deign to speak with us, you talk in little more than riddles, and for your own benefit." The Eldar looked about to speak, but Castagir continued. "You knew more of the future when we met in that tomb. You were aware of what was there, yet you chose not to warn us, and because of that a system nearly died. It was only because of the actions, of the deaths of honourable men and women that that fate was averted..." An edge of anger reached Castagir's words. "That is true." Farseer Athenelion agreed. "I am charged with protecting my people, as you are yours. I see potential futures, and must attempt to prevent those that would harm my race from coming to pass. Sometimes I cannot explain in detail, particularly to those not of my people, and perhaps, sometimes we underestimate those we must ally ourselves with." She sighed. "We are an old race, and have suffered much, and that can lead to arrogance when we see younger races making the same mistakes... There are those of my people who would violently oppose me if they knew I was speaking to you, but I have seen that your actions are necessary to prevent suffering to both our races, so I must act as my conscience dictates." Castagir paused, and glanced around the room. Each man nodded at him, and he sighed. "In that we have a common cause, at least. Which of my actions do you see as 'necessary', Farseer?" "Your hunt of the Tyranids in the Calixis Sector is necessary, but I have seen that it is almost complete. And there are others who are qualified to take it to its conclusion."' Castagir nodded, and the Eldar continued, shifting her inhuman, almond shaped eyes to the Chief Librarian. "There is another hunt that is necessary." Benjamin nodded in agreement, and it was clear to Castagir that all those present except him had already discussed the matter. Athenelion turned to look at Castagir closely again. "There are those that turned their backs on their oaths to protect the weak, those who turned on those they swore to defend, and betrayed their ideals. They are relatively few, but their power could grow. That would be disastrous for us all. I believe that you have already decided to stand against them. They are an anathema to your beliefs, but you have your duty too. Face those that threaten your people from the outside, but do not ignore the oath-breakers..." Suddenly the Eldar sat down, silent, almost as though she had exhausted her words. Castagir again met the eyes of those in the room, and it was Niall Benjamin who broke the silence. "You know of whom she speaks. You have our approval." Inquisitor Atellus spoke for the first time. "You have given much already..." Castagir looked ready to speak, but Atellus waved a hand at him. "I know, I know. You have done your duty. The Inquisition, all the Ordos knows of the threat, and will offer support." He nodded at Brother Sergeant Agamoor. "Our Watch Captain agrees. Several Kill-teams have already crossed swords with the oath-breakers. They have not been idle." The Deathwatch Sergeant spoke slowly. Governor Kaffiq cleared his throat. "Castagir, my friend. Despite the nature of meeting, I believe that the Farseer is correct. In fact all of us do, but we must be circumspect in the way we deal with the... fallen... the enemy... You cannot be reliant on external resources, so I have been able to persuade the Navy to release a small void-ship. They thought it was to be a fast courier, but it will serve our, and your, purposes admirably." Atellus spoke again. "It is a modified Viper Class scout. We've been able to persuade the Mechanicus to cram the hull full of the very best technology they have, but that means there are no offensive weapons, however, if a ship that size gets into combat, all is probably lost anyway... She is called the Vindictum, and is small, fast, manoeuvrable, and almost undetectable. The Farseer managed to persuade some of her people to install one of their defence grids on the hull, which does mean that should she be discovered she is not defenceless." Castagir was stunned into silence. He finally found his voice; "I... I am inexperienced at running a ship." Kaffiq smiled. "We have a crew. As there are no weapons we didn't need to find many, and you have developed a reputation so we were able to pick and choose the best candidates. Some have been released by the Hell Bringers, some from House Dureen, and Captain Locke recommended a Commander for us. He brings many of his people with him too. They are all combat veterans, and have been training together for over a year now, and I believe are amongst the very best that the Imperium have to offer..." Brother Sergeant Agamoor clapped Castagir on the shoulder. "This will give you the chance to track your quarry wherever they go. The ship will carry the credentials of the Deathwatch and the Inquisition, the Navy and, for places outside of the Imperium, House Dureen." He paused and smiled. "Good hunting, Brother." From the evidence that has been seen by House Dureen, it would appear that Brother Castagir, did indeed have good hunting. Rumours abounded throughout the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse of a ghost ship that was able to drift into places where no other void-ship would dare, and of a ferocious black armoured warrior who would appear as if from nowhere bringing death and destruction to xenos and humans who had fallen from the light of the Emperor and were threatening Imperial citizens. There had been increasing sightings of Chaos warriors, Space Marines that had fallen to the Great Enemy, like those House Dureen faced when liberating the Squats and these in particular seemed to draw the ire of this warrior. Indeed, after each engagement, an astropathic signal was received both on Malfi and on Meltorn Tria; that signal consisted only of names followed by the word "terminatus". Sometimes there would be only a single name, sometimes more, and on one rare occasion, as many as eleven. At last count thirty-seven names had been added to the so-called 'Terminatus List' House Dureen has seen much change over the decade since the Battle of Meltorn, and has suffered many setbacks, however, the Dynasty has also developed and continued the good work that Kilgrim Hartek began. It has found itself at the centre of events that could have thrown the entire Expanse, and the Calixis Sector beyond into turmoil, and has endured, even thrived. Nothing is ever certain in this galaxy, but many believe that the Emperor pays special attention to House Dureen, and that as long as those that guide the destiny of the House remember how they came to power, then further prosperity is certain. As Brother Castagir often said, "The Emperor protects." It is my belief that this optimism will be borne out by further volumes of this history, written by myself, and those that follow me once I have passed to the Emperors side. Glory be to the God-Emperor of the Imperium of Mankind, and to House Dureen. My Lords, I am in perpetuity your faithful servant. Adept Michaelus Helix End of Volume
  11. Ogres!!! Awesome, I would like to play an Ogre and have another player as a merchant/rich noble/close friend, we could have some awesome tag team action going on in both social and combat actions. It really does depend on your group and the style of campaign.
  12. Finally, the man that got it all started but lasted about as long as a grot in a game of tabletop 40k. Rico Dureen Character Profile Rico Dureen is an old associate of Atellus Haarlock from his days on Malfi. Rico was integral in Attalus' infiltration of the go gangs residing in the slums of Malfi, to recover Syrene Nostrum whom was being held to extort her to use the abilities of Raven to assasinate key obstacles in they're bid for power. To useful a source of information to risk losing, Attalus recruited Rico into his Corvidae (His enclave on Malfi), however Rico soon became bored and his interests began to stray back to his prior life. Noting this, Attalus made an offer to Rico, he needed someone to infiltrate the pirate gangs operating in the Calixis system. They were preying on the innocent and there was rumours of slaves being traded with the planet (" ") which had come under inquisitorial scrutiny. Rico succeeded in infiltrating the gang and was an excellent source of information to Attalus, gaining him inside knowledge of the activities and habits of a number of key figures within the Agents of Khoros. though he had to do things that have stained his soul to get himself trusted and accepted. He had discovered rumours and tentative hints linking a mysterious advisor to the gang whom he could get no bead on despite his best efforts. Till one day he was set-up, becoming almost complacent, he only just got away with his life. He had been attempting to trace the identity of the gangs mysterious benefactor, but to no avail until he heard that he would be in a certain place at a certain time. Pulling strings where he could and in fact assasinating one key obstacle he found himself at the meeting just one of 7 people there. To be continued.... i.e. the player dropped out of the game.
  13. Honourable mention should also go out to the Navigator who had to leave the group due to work reasons. I ended up playing the character as an NPC and I had a lot of fun seeing how far I could push Kilgrim before he started thinking about spacing the character. Patronius Proscesu Character Profile Patronius Proscesu is a Navigator originally from the Imperial World of Fervious, he has served as a junior navigator on board other rogue trader vessels but now through recommendation he finds himself as the head Navigator on board the ship of the newly formed Dureen Dynasty Commanded by Rico Dureen. Personal Statistics Origins Path Homeworld:Fervious a Feudal World in the Drusus Marches area of The Calixis Sector Birthright: Child of the Creed Lure of the Void: Duty Bound Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage Motivation: Pride Career: Navigator Lineage Tracks in the Stars Appearance Build: Wiry Size: Average Height: 1.8m Weight: 70kg Age: 50 Skin: Greying Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Experience Points XP Earned: 11150 XP Spent: 10750 XP to Spend: 50 XP Rank: 3 - upgrades purchased: Awareness, Intelligence Fellowship: Simple, Intermediate. Willpower: Trained, Perception Expert. Next Rank: 10000 Characteristics STATISTIC SCORE BONUS ADVANCEMENTS BOUGHT Weapon Skill (WS): 33 +3 Ballistic Skill (BS): 42 +4 Simple Strength (S): 36 +3 Toughness (T): 37 +3 Agility (AG): 36 +3 Intelligence (INT): 41 +4 Intermediate Perception (PER): 58 +5 Expert Willpower (WP): 61 +6 Trained Fellowship (FEL): 39 +3 Simple Damage Wounds: 11 Critical: Nil Fatigue (Max = TB): 3 Fate Total: 4 Current: 2 Movement (m) Half Action: 3 Walk: 6 Charge: 9 Run: 18 Lifting (kg) Carry: Lift: Push: Sanity, Corruption and Mutations Insanity Corruption Points: 2 Degree of Corruption: Nil Malignancy Test: +0 Malignancies: Nil Mutations Strangely Jointed Limbs Pale and hairless flesh Tested Against: WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL N/A N/A N/A +10 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Skills Basic Skills Awareness (PER): Skilled Barter (Fel): Unskilled Carouse (T): Unskilled Charm (FEL): Unskilled Climb (S): Unskilled Command (FEL): Unskilled Common Lore; (Int): Unskilled Common Lore; (Int): Unskilled Concealment (AG): Unskilled Contortionist (AG): Unskilled (Strangely Jointed Limbs Trait) Deceive (FEL): Skilled Disguise (Fel): Unskilled Dodge (AG): Unskilled Evaluate (INT): Unskilled Inquiry (FEL): Unskilled Intimidate (ST): Skilled Logic (INT): Unskilled Scrutiny (PER): Unskilled Search (PER): Unskilled Silent Move (AG): Unskilled Swim (S): Unskilled Advanced Skills Awareness +10 - (Per) Common Lore - Imperial Creed(Int): Half Common Lore - Imperium(Int): Half Common Lore - War(Int): Half Common Lore - Navis Nobilite(Int): Literacy(Int): Secret Tongue - Navigator: (Fel) Speak Language - High Gothic(Int): Speak Language - Low Gothic(Int): Forbidden Lore - Warp(Int): Forbidden Lore - Pirates(Int): Forbidden Lore - Navigators(Int): Navigation - Stellar(Int): Navigation - Warp(Int): Psyniscience(Per): Scholastic Lore - Astromancy(Int): Trade - Astrographer (Ag)(WS): Traits Talents Navigator Lidless Stare (psy power) Tracks in the Stars(psy power) Held in My Gaze )psy power) Pistol Weapon Training Warp Sense Navigator Power (A Cloud In the Warp) Navigator Power (Adept - lidless stare) Meditation Navigator (The Course Untravelled) Hatred (Daemons) Resistances Hatreds Weapons Training • Basic Weapon Training; Nil • Exotic Weapon Training; Nil • Heavy Weapon Training; Nil • Melee Weapon Training; Nil • Pistol Weapon Training; Universal Weapons Patronius Proscesu in battle stance Ranged & Melee WEAPON CLASS DAMAGE TYPE PEN RANGE RoF CLIP RELOAD WEIGHT SPECIAL Hell Pistol Pistol 1d10+4e Energy 7 110m 1/3/- 40 2 Full 4kg Best Craftsmanship: No Jamming or Overheating Metal Staff Melee 1d10+1 Impact N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3kg Balanced, Primitive Grenades & Ammunition GRENADE DAMAGE TYPE PEN SPECIAL - - - - - Gear Emperors Tarot Deck Charm Silk Headscarf Micro - Bead Nobilite Robes Common Displacement field Amulet Good Star Charts Armour Best Craftsmanship - Xeno Mesh Weight: 1KG AP: 4 Protection Head (01-10): Nil Right Arm (11-20): 3 Left Arm (21-30): 3 Body (31-70): 3 Right Leg (71-85): 3 Left Leg (86-00): 3 Description Patronius Proscesu is a Navigator currently serving The House Dureen. He has previously served other Rogue Traders who wish to remain nameless at this time. He is of average height with slightly greying and ageing skin. His time in the warp and in the service have meant little time to work out causing a wiry build that does not suit his height. He wears a set of Xeno Mesh Armour covered with a set of black, red and golden Navis Nobilite Robes. Patronius (known as Notch to most people on board the ship will always be seen carrying his metal staff topped with the symbol of the Emperor and also carries a sheathed hell pistol with him at all times. Notch's experiences have made him a suspicious type and he will never leave the safety of his warp Navigation "bubble" without his armour and weaponry.
  14. Of course we couldnt post with out mentioning a fan favourite.... Nicandar Hak Character Profile Nicander Hak is an Explorator, or Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who has served the cult Mechanicus away from his homeworld previously. He now finds himself the senior Mechanicus representative in a new Rogue Trader Dynasty. Personal Statistics Origins Path Homeworld: Perinctus, a Forge World of the Adrantis Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector Birthright: Stubjack Lure of the Void: Criminal: Judged and found wanting Trials and Travails: Press ganged Motivation: Knowledge: Knowledge is power Lineage: A proud tradition: Heir apparent Rank: Enginseer Prime (+10 Tech Use for Extended Repairs) Appearance Build: Wiry Size: Average Height: 1.75m Weight: 65kg Age: 32 Skin: Fair Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Experience Points XP Earned: 24550 XP Spent: 24400 XP to Spend: 150 XP Rank: 6 Next Rank: 25000 Characteristics STATISTIC SCORE BONUS ADVANCEMENTS BOUGHT Weapon Skill (WS): 34 +3 Simple Ballistic Skill (BS): 52 +5 Intermediate Strength (S): 47 +4 Intermediate Toughness (T): 52 +5 Trained Agility (AG): 41 +4 Simple Intelligence (INT): 62 +12 Trained Perception (PER): 31 +3 Nil Willpower (WP): 52 +5 Intermediate Fellowship (FEL): 31 +3 Simple Damage Wounds: 17 / 17 Critical: Nil Fatigue (Max = TB): Nil Fate Total: 2 Current: 2 Movement (m) Half Action: 4 Walk: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 Initiative Penalty: -5 Lifting (kg) Carry: 56 Lift: 112 Push: 225 Sanity, Corruption and Mutations Insanity Points: 25 Degree of Madness: Unsettled Trauma Modifier: +10 Disorders Severity Nil Nil Corruption Points: 23 Degree of Corruption: Tainted Malignancy Test: +0 Malignancies: Nil Mutations Nil Tested Against: WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Skills Basic Skills Awareness (PER): Skilled Barter (Fel): Unskilled Carouse (T): Unskilled Charm (FEL): Unskilled Climb (S): Unskilled Command (FEL): Unskilled Common Lore; Machine Cult (Int): Skilled Common Lore; Tech (Int): Skilled Concealment (AG): Unskilled Contortionist (AG): Unskilled Deceive (FEL): Unskilled Disguise (Fel): Unskilled Dodge (AG): Skilled +10 Evaluate (INT): Skilled Inquiry (FEL): Unskilled Intimidate (ST): Skilled Logic (INT): Skilled +10 Scrutiny (PER): Unskilled Search (PER): Unskilled Silent Move (AG): Unskilled Swim (S): Unskilled Advanced Skills Chem Use (INT): Skilled Common Lore; Koronus Expanse (Int): Skilled Drive; Ground Vehicle (Ag): Skilled Forbidden Lore; Adeptus Mechanicus (INT): Skilled +20 Forbidden Lore; Archeotech (INT): Skilled Literacy (INT): Skilled Medicae (INT): Skilled +20 Scholastic Lore; Astromancy (INT): Skilled Scholastic Lore; Chymistry (INT): Skilled Scholastic Lore; Tactica Imperialis (INT): Skilled Secret Tongue; Rogue Trader (INT): Skilled Secret Tongue; Tech (INT): Skilled Security (Ag): Skilled Speak Language; Explorator Binary (INT): Skilled Speak Language; Low Gothic (INT): Skilled Speak Language; Techna-Lingua (INT): Skilled Tech-Use (INT): Skilled +30 (Talented) Trade; Archaeologist (INT): Skilled Trade; Armourer (Ag): Skilled Trade; Explorator (INT): Skilled Trade; Shipwright (INT): Skilled Trade; Technomat (INT): Skilled Traits • Dark Sight (See normally in areas of total darkness) • Machine 4 (Do not breathe, immune to the effects of a vacuum, extremes of cold, any mind influencing psychic effect, AP counts towards fire damage) • Mechanicus Implants Electro-graft; (Interface with machine data ports and nets) Electoo Inductors; (Emit, or siphon power through skin or mechadendrite contacts) Respirator Unit; (Purifies the air supply, +20 T vs airborne toxins & gas) Cyber Mantle; (Sub-dermal spine mounted anchor point for cybernetic implants) Potentia Coil; (Power unit mounted within the Cyber Mantle) Cranial Circuitry; (Linked processors and implants replacing parts of the brain) • Rite of Duplessence: Tech Priest Kadis Calldia XP Earned: 8825 XP Rank: 7 INT: 70 (Expert Advance) WP: 49 (Trained Advance) Skills: Common Lore; Koronus Expanse Common Lore; Machine Cult Common Lore; Tech Forbidden Lore; Adeptus Mechanicus +10 Forbidden Lore; Archeotech +20 Literacy Logic +10 Medicae Scholastic Lore; Chymistry Speak Language; Explorator Binary Speak Language; Low Gothic Speak Language; Techna-Lingua Tech Use +20 Trade; Armourer Trade; Technomat • Stranger to the Cult (-5 FEL vs Ecclesiarchy) • Unnatural Characteristic; Intelligence Talents • Autosanguine (Always considered lightly wounded, and heal 2 wounds per day) • Binary Chatter (Optimised use of Techna-Lingua for controlling servitors. +10 to any attempt to communicate with servitors. +1 to crew morale due to increased servitor efficiency) • Deadeye Shot (Called shots at -10 rather than -20) • Electrical Succour (T test +10 to remove one level of Fatigue plus an additional level of Fatigue per degree of success) • Electro Graft Use (Grants +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry, and Tech-Use Tests while connected to a data port) • Feedback Screech (Can haywire your own vox synthesisers causing a blast of noise. All unprotected creatures in 30m radius must pass a WP test or lose half an action next turn) • Ferric Lure (Can cause an unsecure metal object within 20m to fly into his hand. The object may mass WPB x 1kg. Requires a Full Action and a WP test) • Foresight (Contemplate to gain +10 bonus to next Test) • Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus) (FEL +10 when dealing with the Adeptus Mechanicus) • Heightened Senses: Sight (+10 bonus to all tests involving sight) • Infused Knowledge (Treat all Common and Scholastic Lore skills as basic, and get +10 to any Common or Scholastic Lore tests for which you already have the skills) • Leap Up (Stand as a free action) • Logis Implant (+10 on WS / BS with a successful Tech Use test. Must pass a T test or suffer 1 level of Fatigue) • Luminen Blast (Toughness test to make half action attack, up to 10m range 1d10+5 energy damage, with successful BS test. Fail the toughness test, take 1 level of Fatigue) • Luminen Charge (Toughness test to recharge or power machinery with his Potentia Coil. Takes 1 minute of meditation and incantation. Fail the toughness test, take 1 level of Fatigue) • Luminen Shock (Weapon Skill or Grapple test to hit target and deliver half action attack for 1d10+3 Energy damage with Shocking Quality. Fail the toughness test, take 1 level of Fatigue) • Maglev Grace (Half Action to hover 20-30cm off the ground for 1d10+TB minutes once per day. May reduce falling damage to 1d10+3 (I)) • Maglev Transcendence (Half Action to hover 20-30cm off the ground for 2d10+TB minutes once per day. May reduce falling damage to zero damage) • Master Enginseer (Spend a Fate Point for an automatic success on a Tech-Use test for enhancement, repair or upgrade of starship systems in minimum amount of time possible) • Mechadendrite Use; Utility (Allows use of Manipulator, Medicae, Optical, and Utility Mechadendrites) • Mechadendrite Use; Weapon (Allows use of melee and ballistic weapons) • Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) (FEL +10 when dealing with the Adeptus Mechanicus) • Prosanguine (Spend 10 minutes in meditation and make a Tech-Use Test to heal 1d5 Damage once per day, if the test roll is 96-00 lose both Autosanguine and Prosanguine talents for a week) • Quick Draw (Can "Ready" as a free action) • Rite of Pure Thought (No longer feels emotion, and becomes immune to Fear, Pinning, and any effects of emotional disturbance) • Sound Constitution (Gain 8 Wounds) • Talented: Tech-Use (+10 to Tech-Use tests) • Technical Knock (May unjam a weapon as a half action) • The Flesh is Weak 4 (Gain the Machine Trait, and 4 AP all over) • Total Recall (Remember trivial facts and details) • Strange Talents Resistances Nil Hatreds Nil Weapons Training • Basic Weapon Training; Universal (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP) • Exotic Weapon Training; Nil • Heavy Weapon Training; Nil • Melee Weapon Training; Universal (Chain, Primitive, Power, Shock) • Pistol Weapon Training; Universal (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP) Weapons Ranged & Melee WEAPON CLASS DAMAGE TYPE PEN RANGE RoF CLIP RELOAD WEIGHT SPECIAL Hellgun Basic 1d10+4 Energy 7 110m 1/3/- 30 2 Full 6kg Good Quality: Reliable Meltagun (Mezoa) Basic 2d10+8 Energy 13 20m 1/-/- 10 3 Full 12kg Best Quality: Never jams / overheats Omnissian Axe Melee 2d10+4+SB Energy 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A 8kg Power Field, Unalanced, Combi-tool Power Axe Melee 1d10+7+SB Energy 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A 6kg Good Quality: WS+5, Power Field, Unbalanced Grenades & Ammunition GRENADE DAMAGE TYPE PEN SPECIAL - - - - - Gear Combi-tool Dataslate Injector Micro-bead Vox Multi-key Sacred Ungents Void Suit Cybernetic Implants Cortex Implants (Good Quality) (Gain Unnatural Intelligence (x2), & perform the functions of a Cogitator System) Cybernetic Senses: Sight (Good Quality) (Gain Heightened Senses: Sight (+10 bonus to all tests involving sight), & Dark Sight; see normally in areas of total darkness) Memorance Implant (Trade (Remembrancer) tests at +10, gain Total Recall Talent) Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) (Good Quality) (Rolls to interact with machine spirits +10. Tech Use, Pilot, Drive Logic, Inquiry, BS tests +10 in conjunction with MIU linking capable devices. May experience the senses of any familiar controlled) Ballistic Mechadendrite (Shoulder mounted limb mounted with a sleek compact laspistol of Adeptus Mechanicus design. May be used as a reaction, or as a half-action to fire) Utility Mechadendrite (2m limb, counts as a combi-tool granting +10 to all Tech Use tests, 6 injector pistons which may be filled with one dose of sacred unguent, Censer generates smoke every 15 mins, half-action to use in melee imposes -5 WS test to all living creatures within 2m for 1 round, smell tests to detect Tech-Priest gain +10 unless deactivated, contains a mono-knife with defensive quality) Armour Enforcer Dragon Scale Weight: 20kg Gear Included: Photo-visor, Respirator, Strength +10 (Spare: Enforcer Carapace, 15kg) Protection Head (01-10): 12 Right Arm (11-20): 12 Left Arm (21-30): 12 Body (31-70): 12 Right Leg (71-85): 12 Left Leg (86-00): 12 Description Nicander Hak has the appearance typical of a servant of the Adeptus Mechanicus, wearing the rust-red robes, and carrying an Omnissian Axe. He has a series of cybernetic augmentations, however atypically, these are not always obvious, giving him a more human countenance than many of his counterparts, and on occasion, will eschew the uniform robes, for non-descript grey versions. He is wiry, yet stronger an tougher than average, as reflects his background, put has the pale, pallid, skin that suggest too much time away from natural light. He is naturally curious, keen to unravel the mysteries of technology, dedicating this knowledge to the Omnissiah, and as a result often appears to be distracted, as he focusses his keen intellect on the wonders that surround him. Background and History Nicander was born on the Mechanicus Forge World of Perinctus in the Adrantis Subsector of the Calixis Sector. He spent his early years on the fringes of Mechanicus society, before being inducted into the the mysteries of the Machine God in his teenage years. He, along with his best friend Yorrick Gar, came to the attention of the Mago's of the planet a few years later when through research and investigation they uncovered tech-heresies linked with the worship of the ruinous powers. In the ensuing conflict that envaloped an entire forge, Nikander was at the fore, despatching numerous Chaos worshipping heretics, however, during the battle Yorrick was killed. To honour his memory, Nicander preserved the spirit of his friend as an artifact of the Omnissiah, using his skull as the basis of his ever present Servo Skull. After the defeat of the heretics, Nicander was given more responsibilty by his superiors, and travelled on board a number of Mechanicus ships, and was finally transfrerred to the Lathes system, where he worked on a number of cutting edge research projects. His last project was as one of the lead Tech-Priests on the Inquisition sponsored refit of the Furnace of Redemption before it was delivered to the new Dureen Rogue Trader Dynasty. When it was suggested that Nicander become the Explorator for the Rogue Trader, he saw an opportunity to further the glory of the Omnissiah by bringing lost technologies back under his holy gaze, and with the approval of the Mechanicus Sector command, he readily accepted the offer. As a result, he was able to build his own workshop area into the refit of the ship, tailored to suit his every need. Servo Skull Profiles Yorrick Gar - Camera Servo Skull WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL 15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 - Wounds: 4 Skills: Awareness (PER) +10, Concealment (AG) +10, Dodge (AG), Silent Move (AG) +10, Shadowing (AG) +20 Talents: Fearless Traits: Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine 2, Size (Puny) Gear: Armour: All 2, Inbuilt Vox, Inbuilt Cogitator, Recorder (Multi-spectrum Video, Audio & Pict) Horatio Vir - Auspex Servo Skull WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL 15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 - Wounds: 4 Skills: Awareness (PER) +10, Concealment (AG) +10, Dodge (AG), Scrutiny (PER) +20, Silent Move (AG) +10 Talents: Fearless Traits: Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine 2, Size (Puny) Gear: Armour: All 2, Inbuilt Vox, Inbuilt Cogitator, Auspex (Awareness +20, Tech-use test detects things not normally detectable to human senses)
  15. Next up is the beaky boy, Castagir was an old character that Lord Spatula used in our/my Dark Heresy campaign (It also lasted approx 50 sessions and resulted in the avatar of the horned darkness being banished). Between the two campaigns I think he has only one real limb remaining, I how I loved to shoot bits off that beaky boy. Castagir Arl Character Profile Castagir Arl is an Adeptus Astartes Space Marine, he serves as a Kill-Marine in the Deathwatch, the militant arm of the Ordos Xenos. he specialises in melee combat where his enhanced physique pays dividends and has fought the enemies of humanity across numerous worlds of the Calixis Sector, and beyond. Pict-capture of the Deathwatch Kill-Marine, Castagir Arl wearing a jump-pack and armed with lightning claws and a bolt pistol. Personal Statistics Origins Pict-capture of Castagir, whilst still a Battle Brother of the Adeptus Astartes Chapter, Hell Bringers carrying the The Sword of Vidar and a bolt pistol. Homeworld: Meltorn Dis, a Deathworld. Demeanor: Stoic Special Ability: Wings of Angels Deeds: The Price of Victory Appearance Build: Muscular Size: Hulking Height: 2.45m Weight: 145kg Age: 60 Skin: Tanned Hair: Brown Eyes: - Experience Points XP Earned: 43400 XP Spent: 43350 XP to Spend: 50 Deathwatch XP Rank: 7 Next Rank: 45000 Characteristics STATISTIC SCORE BONUS SCORE (Armoured) BONUS (Armoured) ADVANCEMENTS BOUGHT Weapon Skill (WS): 57 +5 57 +5 Intermediate Ballistic Skill (BS): 49 +4 44 +4 Simple Strength (S): 62 +12/+13 92 +15/+16 Expert Toughness (T): 54 +10 54 +10 Intermediate Agility (AG): 51 +5 51 +5 Intermediate Intelligence (INT): 39 +3 39 +3 Nil Perception (PER): 46 +4 46 +4 Simple Willpower (WP): 43 +4 43 +4 Nil Fellowship (FEL): 46 +4 46 +4 Nil Damage Wounds: 23 Critical: Nil Fatigue (Max = TB): Nil Fate Total: 2 Current: 2 Movement (m) Half Action: 6 Walk: 12 Charge: 18 Run: 36 Lifting (kg) (Un-armoured / Armoured) Carry: 3150 / 4500 Lift: 6300 / 9000 Push: 12600 / 18000 Sanity, Corruption and Mutations Insanity Points: 0 Degree of Madness: Stable Trauma Modifier: +0 Disorders Severity Nil Nil Corruption Points: 6 Degree of Corruption: Tainted Malignancy Test: +0 Malignancies: Nil Mutations Nil Tested Against: WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Skills Pict-capture of Castagir, disguising his true nature under plain robes, the eerie glow from his cybernetic eye working at full power escaping from under the cowl of his plain robes. Acrobatics (AG): Trained Awareness (PER): Trained Barter (FEL): Half Carouse (T): Trained Charm (FEL): Trained Ciphers; Chapter Runes (INT): Trained Ciphers; Deathwatch (INT): Trained Climb (S): Trained Command (FEL): Trained Common Lore; Adeptus Astartes (INT): Trained Common Lore; Deathwatch (INT): Trained Common Lore; Imperial Guard (INT): Trained Common Lore; Imperial Navy (INT): Trained Common Lore; War (INT): Trained Concealment (AG): Trained Contortionist (AG): Half Deceive (FEL): Half Dodge (AG): Trained Drive; Ground Vehicle (AG): Trained Evaluate (INT): Half Forbidden Lore; Adeptus Astartes (INT): Trained Forbidden Lore; Deathwatch (INT): Trained Forbidden Lore; Xenos (INT): Trained +20 Gamble (INT): Half Inquiry (FEL): Trained Intimidate (S): Trained Literacy (INT): Trained Logic (INT): Half Navigation; Surface (INT): Trained Performer; Storyteller (Fel): Trained Pilot; Personal (AG): Trained +20 Scholastic Lore; Codex Astartes (INT): Trained Scrutiny (PER): Trained Search (PER): Half Shadowing (Ag): Trained Silent Move (AG): Trained Speak Language; Eldar (INT): Trained Speak Language; High Gothic (INT): Trained Speak Language; Kroot (INT): Trained Speak Language; Low Gothic (INT): Trained Speak Language; Ork (INT): Trained Speak Language; Tau (INT): Trained Survival (INT): Trained Swim (S): Trained Tactics; Assault Doctrine (INT): Trained Tactics; Recon and Stealth (INT): Trained Tracking (INT): Trained Wrangling (INT): Trained +10 Talents Pict-capture of Castagir Arl displaying no Chapter colours while serving the Ordo Malleus and the Daemonhunter Ahmazzi. • Ambidextrous (Use either hand equally well) • Assassin Strike (Agility Test to move half move after a successful Melee Attack. Opponents do not receive free attacks resulting form the move.) • Berserk Charge (+20 WS when charging) • Blademaster (When using a bladed weapon may re-roll any missed attack per round) • Bulging Biceps (Remove Bracing requirements for firing Heavy Weapons on semi- and fully-automatic) • Catfall (Agility Test as a free action. Success, plus each Degree of Success reduces the distance fallen by Agility Bonus Metres for damage calculation) • Counter Attack (After a successful Parry may make a free attack at WS -20) • Crushing Blow (+2 Damage with Melee Weapons) • Death From Above (When making a jump pack Charge action, the melee attack deals an additional 1d10 damage per two degrees of success to a maximum bonus of 2d10) • Double Team (Gain an additional +10 bonus to WS for ganging up on a single target. If both characters have the Talent, gain a +20 bonus) • Hatred ((Xeno) Tyranids) (Gain an additional +10 bonus to WS when fighting Tyranids in close combat) • Hammer Blow (With melee all out attack, add 1/2 Strength bonus to penetration. Weapon gains shocking trait.) • Hardy (Always treated as though Lightly Damaged.) • Heightened Senses; Sound (+10 to awareness tests involving sound) • Heightened Senses; Sight (+10 to awareness tests involving sight) • Hunter of Aliens (+10 WS and +2 damage vs aliens) • Jaded (Never gain Insanity, or be forced to make Fear Tests as a result of ordinary horrors) • Killing Strike (During all out attack, spend fate point to make the attack impossible to parry or dodge) • Lightning Attack (Supercedes Swift Attack. As a full action make 3 melee attacks per turn) • Lightning Reflexes (Add double the Agility Bonus to Initiative) • Nerves of Steel (Re-roll failed tests to avoid pinning) • One Man Kill-Team (May enter Squad Mode without the support of another Battle-Brother and use Bolter Assault, Dig In, Fire for Effect, Furious Charge and Regroup) • Precise Blow (Supercedes by Sure Strike. When determining a melee strike called shot there is no penalty) • Quick Draw (Can "Ready" as a free action) • Resistance; Cold +10 • Resistance; Heat +10 • Resistance; Psychic +10 • Scourge of Heretics (+10 WS and +2 damage vs Heretics) • Slayer of Daemons (+10 WS and +2 damage vs Daemons) • Sound Constitution x 2 (+2 Wounds) • Space Marine Implants Secondary Heart: Increases blood supply and pumping capacity and is capable of taking over entirely should the primary heart fail Ossmodula: Strengthens the skeleton and increases it's size, fuses the rib-cage into a solid bone plate. Gain Unnatural Toughness (x2) Biscopea: Implanted into the chest cavity, this implant massively bolsters muscle development and density throughout the Marine's body. Gain Unnatural Strength (x2) Haemastamen: Implanted into a main blood vessel, the Haemastamen alters the blood composition to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently Larraman’s Organ: Produces Larraman Cells which attach to blood leucocytes causing injuries to rapidly form scar tissue. Do not suffer from Blood Loss, Gain True Grit talent Catalepsean Node: Removes the need for sleep, instead entering a trance resting half the brain while the other remains alert. No penalties for being awake a long time Preomnor: A decontamination chamber inside the chest cavity which chemically analyses ingested materials and neutralizes toxins. +20 to Resist Poisons Omophagea: Implanted into the spinal cord, enables the gaining of information, in a survival or tactical sense, simply by eating a creature Multi-Lung: A third lung, able to absorb oxygen from low oxygen environments, and can filter out poisons. +30 to Resist Gases, may re-roll, and may breathe water Occulobe: Enhances eyesight granting exceptional vision and the ability to see normally in low-light environment. Gain Heightened Senses (Sight) talent Lyman’s Ear: Renders a Marine immune to dizziness and nausea, and enables the conscious filtering of background noise. Gain Heightened Senses (Hearing) talent Sus-An Membrane: Allows the entering of a catatonic or "suspended animation" state, slowing the metabolism Melanchromic Organ: Offers protection to levels of radiation Oolitic Kidney: Works with the Preomnor, filtering the blood. May re-roll failed Toughness tests resist Poisons and Toxins, including Toxic Weapons Neuroglottis: Allows the identification of poisons and toxins by taste (+0 Awareness test) or smell (-20 Awareness test). Gain Tracking skill Mucranoid: Creates an oily skin coating substance protecting from extreme temperatures and vacuums. May re-roll failed tests vs temperature extremes Betchers Gland: Transforms saliva into an acid when triggered; Rge 3, Dam 1d5, Pen 4, Toxic. May blind for 1d5 rounds, dissolves non-living material at 4kg/min Progenoids: Collect and cultivate gene-seed from a Marine's body, and are then used to create new Space Marines Black Carapace: Under skin implant linked to the Marine's own nervous system & allowing interface with Armour. No bonuses to hit him due to hulking size • Sprint (Full Move Action +AGB metres, Run Action Double Movement, however gain 1 level of Fatigue if used on successive turns) • Sure Strike (Superceded by Precise Blow. When determining a melee strike hit location, may accept the roll or reverse the numbers) • Swift Attack (Superceded by Lightning Attack. As a full action make 2 melee attacks per turn) • True Grit (Halve critical damage taken) • Two-Weapon Wielder; Melee (Attack twice with two weapons, -20 with each attack, -10 if also have Ambidextrous Talent) • Two-Weapon Wielder; Ballistic (Attack twice with two weapons, -20 with each attack, -10 if also have Ambidextrous Talent) • Unarmed Warrior (Superceded by Unarmed Master. Unarmed attack for 1d10-3+SB damage) • Unarmed Master (Supercedes Unarmed Warrior. Unarmed attack for 1d10+SB damage, not primitive) • Unnatural Characteristic; Strength (SB x2) • Unnatural Characteristic; Toughness (TB x2) • Wall of Steel (Gain an extra Parry each round) Abilities Class • Price of Redemption (May spend a fate point to use "Reckless Assault", "Only in Death Does Duty End", and "Strength in Ignorance" abilities) Reckless Assault; Double movement, BS and WS +10 until start of next turn Only in Death Does Duty End; May ignore a single Critical Damage effect (not including loss of a limb, eye, or death) for the rest of the Encounter Strength in Ignorance; May automatically succeed at a WP test vs psychic powers or abilities that affect the mind. The WPB is the DoS Solo Mode • Burst of Speed (Once per game session, increase movement as if AG Bonus were 2 Higher) • Feat of Strength (Once per day increase Unnatural Strength modifier 1 step for 1 round) • Renewed Vigour (Once per game session, at the start of a round ignore the status effects of a previous critical hit for 1 round) • Skill Focus (Re-rolled failed tests with Chapter skills) • Wings of Angels (Solo Mode: Successful Pilot (Personal) Test to add 20m to Jump Pack movement. Charging adds 1d5 damage) Squad Mode • Bolter Assault (Charge and make a standard attack with a bolter weapon) • Dig In (Double amounts of points of cover if stationary) • Fire for Effect (Use reactions to make a standard attack) • Furious Charge (Charge and make a standard attack with the option to re-roll) • Regroup (May move up to 8m as a free action without triggering overwatch or supressive fire) Weapons Training Astartes Weapon Training: • Basic Weapon Training; Universal (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP) • Exotic Weapon Training; Nil • Heavy Weapon Training; (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP) • Melee Weapon Training; Universal (Chain, Flame, Primitive, Power, Shock) • Pistol Weapon Training; Universal (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP) • Thrown Weapon Training; Universal (Chain, Flame, Primitive, Power, Shock) Weapons Pict-capture of the Deathwatch Kill-Marine, Castagir Arl wearing a jump-pack and armed with a chanisword and a bolt pistol. Ranged & Melee WEAPON CLASS DAMAGE TYPE PEN RANGE RoF CLIP RELOAD WEIGHT SPECIAL Betchers Gland Special 1d5 Special 4 3m 1/-/- N/A N/A N/A Toxic Astartes Bolt Pistol Pistol 1d10+9 Explosive 4 30m 1/2/- 14 1 5.5kg Tearing Astartes Chainsword Melee 1d10+3+SB Rending 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A 10kg Balanced, Tearing Astartes Combat Knife Melee 1d10+SB Rending 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2kg N/A Astartes Lightning Claw Melee 1d10+6+SB Energy 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A 30kg Power Field, Proven (4), Special (+1 Damage per DoS) Grenades & Ammunition GRENADE DAMAGE TYPE PEN RoF SPECIAL Astartes Frag Grenade 2d10+2 Explosive 0 1 Blast (4) Astartes Krak Grenade 3d10+4 Explosive 6 1 N/A Gear Cybernetics Cybernetic Arm; Right (Exceptional Quality) (AG & S +10 with this limb. TB+2 in this location) Gifted by the Iron Hands Chapter. Cybernetic Locomotion (Exceptional Quality) (+20 to tests made to jump or leap. Gain the Sprint talent. TB+2 in this location) Equipment Armour Repair Cement and tools Cameleoline Infused scouting body-glove (Concealment +20, if stationary counts as being one range bracket further away for ranged weapons) Hooded, full-body robes Jump Pack (Pilot (Personal) Skill required. Softens falls, Flyer (12) trait for 1 minute. Power enough for 1 hour of use) Armour Adeptes Astartes Mk VII "Aquila" Power Armour, with Mk IV Elements (*Pauldrons of Fury giving S +10 but reducing AP by 1 on the Arm locations). Included within the armour are; • Auto-senses (Dark Sight (can see in total Darkness), and Heightened Senses (Sight and Hearing +10), Called shot is a half action) • Bio-monitor and Injectors (+10 for tests vs Toxic quality & poisons, 6 doses of pain supressor to ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds. Can only be stunned for 1 round) • Ceramite Plating • Enhanced Strength (Strength +20, SB +2) • Giant Among Men (Base Movement +1, -20 to Concealment and Silent Move tests) • Magnetised Boot Soles (Equivalent of Magboots) • Nutrient Recycling (Can sustain a Battle-Brother for several weeks) • Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer (With helmet on the armour is environmentally sealed with it's own oxygen supply) • Poor Manual Dexterity (-10 penalty for delicate tasks) • Recoil Supression (Basic weapons may be fired one handed) • Vox Link (Voice, video and data feeds. May view squad mates views) Protection ARMOUR POINTS TOUGHNESS BONUS Head (01-10): Right Arm (11-20): Left Arm (21-30): Body (31-70): Right Leg (71-85): Left Leg (86-00): 8 7 7 10 8 8 10 12 10 10 12 12 Description Castagir is a giant when compared to normal men. As with all Space Marines, he has the genetically altered physique that is often seen as super-human, but even amongst Space Marines he is considered larger than average. He has tanned, weather-beaten skin, closely cropped blond hair, and piercing grey eyes. His right cheek is marked with a swirling tattoo, a product of his early tribal life, however this is now barely visible under a mass of severe scar tissue, caused by an encounter with a daemon, which also took his right eye. His body is covered with a myriad of scars, from a variety of surgeries, and battle injuries; his complete right leg, lower left leg, and right arm have been replaced with high quality cybernetics. He is rarely seen without his head covered as he lost both his eyes while fighting the Avatar of the Horned Darkenss; the energies that the Imperial Saint channeled into his body burned them out, however, strangely he can see as though both orbs were still present, and, as a result, when not wearing his Power Armour, he wears plain, deeply hooded robes. He moves with a natural grace and ease that belies his size, often bringing to mind the image of a predator when seen by others. Indeed, normal humans truly understand why Space Marines are known as the "Angels of Death" when they encounter him. Yet, for all the menace he projects he is intensely honourable and loyal. Background and History Castagir was born on the jungle death-world of Meltorn Dis, a planet where simple survival is a struggle, and not many live past their thirtieth year. As a result, the planet was often recruited from by the "Sky Warriors", as his tribe know the Space Marines, and every young warrior aspired to join their ranks. And so it was, that when he, on a hunting expedition, came across one of the remote research stations scattered around Meltorn Dis, he resolved to sneak aboard the "star chariot" that was there, reasoning that it would deliver him to the realm of the "Sky Warriors", and surely they would reward him for his daring... He hid amongst the cargo crates, and found himself aboard a much larger vessel, looking out from his hiding place he saw scarred, tough looking warriors clad in grey - tough looking, but not the "Sky Warriors" in their flame coloured armour. He remained in hiding for weeks, losing track of time, and scavenging for food when he could, until, one day he was startled awake by the screaming of an alarm. Within hours, the vessel had descended to the planet surface; a planet he was later to learn was called Mara, in the Hazeroth Subsector, a place where men had no call to be. For the next five days he saw all those around him descend into madness, and turn on one-another, he saw walking nightmares, and heard vile scratching, half heard whispers at the edge of reality's fabric. When rescue came, it took the form of more tough looking grey-clad warriors, and it soon became clear that rescue may actually be just a cleaner death, when he was dragged clear of his hiding place, forced to his knees, and held at gunpoint. It was then, that he heard a half human, half amplified voice, demanding that his captor deliver him to this new arrival, as he looked up in hope, he saw one of the "Sky Warriors". Over the next few days, he was subjected to a barrage of tests, and declared righteous, before being shipped back across the Sector, to his home system to join the ranks of the Space Marines. His original tribal name was Arl, but after he completed the transformation into a fully fledged Space Marine, he chose his new Chapter name, Castagir, and on occasion combines the two, to remind himself of his origins. He served with great honour and distinction in numerous battles against enemies of the Imperium across the galaxy, initially as a scout, and then, after the implantation of his Black Carapace, as a Space Marine. As a result of the forward thinking Chapter Master, many of the younger Marines find themselves attached to other units, or given specialist tasks in order to gain a more rounded view of the Imperial world, as a result, Castagir found himself attached to an Inquisition Investigator team. As part of this team, and while combatting an uprising and attempted coup on Malfi, Castagir allowed himself to be posessed by the Daemon Kra'Zkel'Uhal in an attempt to discover more about the doom of his Chapter, which he had witnessed in visions, and after battling the possession for almost a year, he revealed the facts to Atellus. As a result, Atellus, the Daemonhunter Ahmazzi, and a cabal of priests attempted to exorcise him. This nearly ended in disaster, with the Daemon quickly gaining the upper hand, however, Castagir fought, and gained control for a few seconds, calling for the others to kill him. At this point, all in the room had a vision of an unknown Saint, which gave them the strength to banish the Daemon back to the warp. Even so, it was a close call, and all were wracked by the powerful energies released, and only Atellus, Ahmazzi, and Castagir himself, survived. After his return to the Chapter to report what had happened, Castagir was subject to several days interrogation and inspection, and although declared clear of the posession was found to have breached the laws of the Chapter and was sentanced to death. During the confrontation that followed between the Chapter command, and the Daemonhunter Ahmazzi this judgement was commuted, and he was banished instead, given licence to serve the Daemonhunter Ahmazzi and the Ordo Malleus. It did not escape Castagir's notice, however, that the Chapter Master, the Chief Librarian, and Ahmazzi seemed to have expected this, and pre-arranged the outcome. This suspicion was furthered, when, on leaving the planet, Castagir found his armour, a bolt pistol, his combat knife, and four plain robes, packed into a genelocked box, and waiting for him aboard the shuttle that would take him and the cadre into orbit. Castagir, in penitance, removed all markings from his armour, and had it painted completely black, hoping to redeem himself by bringing destruction and death to the enemies of the Emperor, where-ever they may be. He later requested mind-wipe to remove any potential corrupting memories that could remain. Although he can remember key events since his secondment from the chapter, most details remain hazy. His service with the Daemonhunter reached an end in a confrontation with the Avatar of the Horned Darkness, which although ultimately defeated, resulted in the deaths of several of the Cadre, including Ahmazzi himself. Castagir then worked alongside the newly promoted Inquisitor Atellus, and then requested, and received permission to join the Deathwatch, the elite alien hunters of the Ordo Xenos. Finding himself paired with the Outpost Commander, Brother Sergeant Agamoor, Castagir spent several months deployed with the Brother Sergeant on one mission after another, constantly being assessed by his commander; in fact, they were the only two men permanently based at the watch outpost. As a final test Castagir spent two years attached to a number Kill Teams, so that Agamoor could confirm his ability to function as part as a larger whole. Finally Agamoor felt that Castagir was suited to serve, seeing his potential as a member of a Kill Team, or more likely as a solo operator. He now finds himself attached to the Dureen Rogue Trader House in the Koronus Expanse, looking for support to face the coming Tyranid threat that the Calixis Sector faces. Castagir's Retainers Name: Lt Hans Gruber Role: Steward Gear: Stormtrooper Carapce Armour (AP6, All) Weapons: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword Profile: Gruber originally hails from the Fuedal World of Zillman's Domain in the Josian Reach subsector of the Calixis Sector, and originally met Castagir while acting as a coach driver for an Inquisitorial team that the Marine was attached to. He aquitted himself well after the team were ambushed, and was recruited into the Inquisitor Atellus's Cadre. Unfortunately, after Inqusitorial political infighting, Atellus was forced to disappear from sight and after an assault on Atellus manor, Gruber decided to search for him. He was unsuccessful and short of money, so signed on as bridge crew for the Rogue Trader, Baron Djanko Scourge, but to his dismay he found that Scourge was little more than a pirate and slaver. Castagir was part of an assault team that attacked Scourge's vessel, and it was then that Gruber, pleased to be free of Scourge took service with him once more. He is responsible for most mundane interactions with people, such as negotiating equipment requisitions, that Castagir is not well positioned to undertake himself. Name: Robert Tonissien Role: Squire Gear: Guard Flak Armour (AP4, All) Weapons: Las Pistol, Mono Sword Profile: For the years that Castagir has been assigned to the Deathwatch, Robert Tonissien has been assigned as his Squire. He has been a Deathwatch Chapter servant all his life, and although he does not often speak openly about it, he is not indentured, or a serf, and has chosen to take the role after a Deathwatch Kill-Team saved his world from a Tyranid incursion. Castagir is the third Battle-Brother he has served in this capacity, and his service has taken him all over the Galaxy, far from the Jericho Reaches where he originated. He is taciturn and proficient, and dedicated in his role, and is responsible for the maintenance of Castagir's spartan quarters, notably when the Marine is deployed away on operations. In truth, Robert knows little of Castagir's background, however Castagir counts him as one of the few non-Astartes he would class as a friend.
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