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  1. Thanks for the answer, we are likely to try and get our hand on a road to legends if we can find one that won't make us poor.
  2. My friends and I are looking to get back into Descent and we just have 1e. We had planned on getting the campaign exp but then found out about the 2e would these be cross compatible? Because we would still like to attempt a campaign of sorts also how about the conversion kit can you just get that or is it just to play with your old fav's in the new world?
  3. I don't recall perfectly the details, but I was keeper playing scenario 3. But I noticed that there was a possibility for the game to end basically immediately. At some point the Investigators find a Crowbar to lift the manhole cover which also happens to be a melee weapon. One of the mythos cards I had as keep allowed me a chance to break the crowbar when it was used on my zombie. I didn't do this in the interest of keeping the game going. But if I had succeeded (its a skill check) then the game would immediately end for the investigators and they wouldn't be able to get to the next 3 clues. I realize that the rules include no-win scenarios where they could just make it there job to make me lose (but they would have to wait a long time for the objective card). Is this an oversite, or is it intentional? To me it seems like maybe they let it goes cause it wicked unlikely (as you need to have drawn the right mythos card and they guy with the bar has to attack with it then fail the skill check of the card) but I don't think it should be possible at all. TL;DR: You can break the crowbar that opens the manhole in scenario 3 with a mythos card in the right situation. This break the scenario, maybe?
  4. Dam said: Warp_spawn said: on the psionic blast it says "cast on yourself when you are about to engage in battle. Add your craft value to your strenght unitl the end of combat" Eg caft 5 + streangth 3 = Streangth 7 5+3 = 7 ? Also, Psionic Blast says Craft value (aka starting Craft), so you only get to add the printed amount. Warlock or Wizard would get +5, but even a Wizard with Craft 20 only adds 5. Are you certain about that? The only adding starting craft values?
  5. I recently played talisman with 4 guys that had never played before and some things came up that I would like to ask about. 1. Does "battle" mean physical combat inherently or does that mean any sort of battle. 2. Does psionic blast work for psychic combat or just strength (the wording tends to strength but can be agrued for use anytime)? 3. What constitutes the "Start of turn" is it before you move or just your first action? (We ran into lots of instant/start of turn spell spamming using the before you roll to move method) 4.Can the ghoul add to his craft using spirits or just strength with monsters? 5.Can you fight charaters you encount in the upper region (past the portal of power) or do you have to encounter the space? This game lasted 6 hours (partialy cause the guys were new but also,) because 3 people could constantly use spells, wizard prophetess plus someone had the wand always. Every person made at least 2 attempts to get to the crown only to be stop buy aquisition or some other diabolic play. At one point 3 people were at the top including me and I was turned into a toad by random thereby ending my game. Eventually the Sorceress won through painful yet epic attrition. Cheers, and thanks in advance!
  6. Excellent thank you all for your feedback i do have one last question. For all expansions can the characters/cards they contain be used with just the base game if you say did not want to alter that game play for what ever reason and just wanted a larger selection of heroes and/or cards?
  7. I have only enough to buy the game and one expansion which would you say is currently the best option and why?
  8. Can you purchase games directly from FFG? Or do i need to find a 3rd party retailer? 'Cause I just noticed Talisman is 'shipping' but still says out of stock on the store part of the site. The reason I asked is the only Canadian retailers I found want 30$ more than this site asks which is just highway robbery.
  9. Rumblebuffin


    I have been patiently waiting for a resupply of talisman. I was just wondering for those of you who frequent this page how long is normal for a shipment to be filled? I played this game frequently in highschool but could never afford it on ebay. And when I found this site I was happy to find it but its been out for over a month.
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