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  1. Also "Heroes World" in Markham (Warden and RR7) apparently got a shipment of core sets and expansion packs. I'm heading there myself to pick up some more Tie-Fighter expansion packs tomorrow.
  2. Hey, in regards to the core sets. I was at 401 Games yesterday, they still had 4 core sets, a lot of Y-Wings and a few Tie Advanced. You can try calling them and reserving a copy for pickup. On a semi-related note, are there any players in York region, Markham or Scarborough part of GTA? I usually visit Hairy Tarantula at Yonge and Steeles, Friendly Troll near Yonge and Finch, or Heroes' World, and all three of these places have game tables. Are there any other places people play at regularly?
  3. I'm a very loyal FFG customer (I think I've spent over a thousand dollars on every single DH/RT/DW product - sorry Black Crusade - and assorted board games), but I will not participate in this so-called "open" beta. I have zero interest in purchasing a PDF of the book down the line, and paying 20 dollars to participate in a "beta" in return for a discount on a future pdf version of the finished book is therefore useless to me. If it was going to be an open beta, it should've been an actual OPEN test, not a clumsily disguised way to get customers to pre-order the pdf version.
  4. A good friend of mine mixed a couple of tracks for my 40k RPG games and kindly gave his permission to share them, they're very atmospheric and work well as background music, enjoy: http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4g03d1/n/Mon_keigh_Gothic.mp3 http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4g0394/n/Dark_Heresy_%7Bxeno_m1x6%7D.mp3 I would also recommend the following: Ace Combat 5 soundtracks Anything by Lustmord (Black Star and Heresy albums are my faves) Dawn of War 1 and 2 Chaos Gate soundtrack Gladiator Tron: Legacy (works surprisingly well) Any dark ambience albums (Aphex Twin, Astral Projection, etc.) Red Army Choirs (for those awesome martial tracks) Gregorian Chants, as well as Russian Orthodox Choir Chants
  5. I just checked the link and it's working fine. However, Filefactory could've been down for maintenance and that's why the link was not working.
  6. I've updated the file with weapons from Into the Storm (though I kept my homebrew Hail of Splinters weapon quality on the weapons), as well as the Agility stats (thanks for the tip Mjoellnir ). I feel the BS stats are fine as is though, since most of the time they'd be firing weapons on semi-auto or full-auto. Any comments about the new items?
  7. I used stats from PtU and gave them Toxic (as per weapon descriptions in 5th ed codex), and figured that would be enough. To tell the truth I didn't look at Eldar weapons from Into the Storm too closely, but now maybe I will and perhaps update the file.
  8. Here's a Dark Eldar supplement I made based on Purge the Unclean (much like Santiago). It includes two different Children of Thorns adversaries, a human underling, DE weapons, three new items (I got inspired by the DE 5th edition codex what can I say ), and a Dark Eldar raider ship. Enjoy and as always I appreciate any feedback. http://darkreign40k.com/drjoomla/index.php/component/docman/doc_download/350-dark-eldar-children-of-thorns
  9. Fortinbras said: I'm not complaining, I think their output is fine. "Buy the Dark Eldar codex" isn't a good reply to those who feel that their current description is wanting, though. Games Workshop materials are just as expensive as FFG releases. Also, Games Worskhop books are severely lacking in enough backstory material for those of us who don't use premade modules. I would however recommend resources like Lexicanum to supplement areas where Rogue Trader hasn't made it to yet. I didn't say you should buy the Dark Eldar codex, I merely said that it was actually very good, especially as far as codices go (on which point I agree with your complaint about the average GW product). And, by the way, it addresses your complaint about GW products as it has plenty of backstory materials, as well as information on funky new DE gear, Wracks, and other beasties and whatnot. Purge the Unclean, which I already mentioned, not only has the stats for Dark Eldar, but it also has stats for Warp Beasts, DE gear, as well as other non-DE related stuff, in case you don't want to buy GW material and would rather buy FFG material instead.
  10. Fortinbras said: So...rather than have all the info I need given to me in a Rogue Trader book, you know, part of the franchise I'm interested in buying into, I should go out and buy more Games Workshop crap to get my info out of? Maybe you should give FFG some time. They have a grueling publishing schedule already, and it's no mean task to: a) convert more than 20 years of GW lore, units, gear, etc. into the RPG system, b) write up the fluff on races such as Dark Eldar in the region of space that FFG uses in the RPG. And if you really want Dark Eldar stuff, then get Purge the Unclean book. Or use player-made material on Darkreign40k.com.
  11. George Labour said: Have a read through the new Dark Eldar codex, as it helps set them apart from their more apathetic and or wandering kin. That plus the write up on the children of the thorns is really all you should need to make them distinct from the other three eldar factions operating in the expanse. There's also some information on the GW specialist games website in their battlefleet gothic section, including special weapons we're not likely to see RT conversions for until the Xenos book comes out. I know it's not as ideal as having all of it laid out in one book for the system you're using, but it's probably better in the long run for you to peruse as much information as you can. As an aside, the new Dark Eldar codex is fantastic and really changes both the feel and the lore of the Dark Eldar and makes them much more fae-like and distinct from Craftworld Eldar.
  12. Oh darn, I missed the suspensors. Nvm then, by RAW it's certainly allowed as Focus Power Test has Concentration descriptor and Full-Auto burst (with Stabilized) has Attack descriptor. Broken? Perhaps, but Deathwatch Suspensor is only available at Respected rank of Renown.
  13. I agree with using minis and grid for space battle. it's very tactical and facing and distance is much more essential than in ground combat I feel. I've ran ground combat without any battle-mats or grids for years now in DH and RT games and most of the time it works just fine, the added advantage being that I encourage my players to come up with their own environment elements to help them out ("We're in a dock right? Are there crates/crane/etc. that I can use to my advantage?"). In ground combat the big decisions usually revolve around: a) is the target within normal range, short range, or point-blank range of ranged weapon b) is the target within walking distance, charge distance, or run distance c) If the target is attacked, is anyone else potentially caught in the attack d) is there some sort of environmental effect going on (difficult terrain or cover usually) Without complicated rules for AOOs, tumbling, etc (i.e. D&D), ground combat rarely needs the grid. Space combat on the other hand definitely requires it. We use star wars ship minis, BFG minis, and Firestorm Armada minis, or just about anything that clearly shows where the port and aft of the ship is, and helps figure out what the firing arcs are. Grid helps figure out positioning, firing arcs, easily show how far the ships can move and how much they can turn. Personally I could run it with measuring tape and templates since I used to be into BFG a lot, but my players are used to working with a square or hexagon grid. As to the original question, it's difficult to gauge for ground combat, as it can last anywhere between 1 round (if the PCs gain surprise usually) to 15 rounds (longest combat I ever ran I think). The average round duration, looking at my notes, is about 5-7 rounds (I tend to keep a separate initiative sheet for each combat, in the interests of record keeping and gathering data for future games), and average round duration is about 6-8 minutes with a 4-player group facing even odds (longer if some rules need to be looked up). Space combat on the other hand lasts about 11-13 rounds on average, with each round duration being about 8-10 minutes. So I try not to run more than one space combat per session, as it can gobble up 25-50% of the session's time.
  14. scottpilgrrim said: And no clarification to Psychic Powers... Can I psyker cast Smite and attack in the same round? Because imagine a psyker armed with a Heavy Bolter + Suspensor, who can therefore Smite and Full Auto on the same round. Pretty powerful... No clarification is required because the core book is already clear on the issue: a psyker can attack and use psychic power in the same round (as these are two different actions), but he's still limited to two half actions or one full action per turn. He could not do what you describe because Full Auto is a full-round action whereas Smite is a half-action.
  15. Worked just fine, however, I found that player created characters mulched through most of the encounters pretty easily. Of course that was before the errata, so PC Devastator wouldn't be able to one-shot most Hordes in the adventure now, but still - that's something to consider. As for the last question, I ran it before the errata came out, so when I worked out the Requisition score it only came up to 20 points or so. However, I think it would be reasonable to up the Requisition score to 30 (or even higher if your group is pretty small); there are certainly some tough encounters in the adventure (like the 8 Genestealers in governor's palace ).
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