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  1. If anyone still checks this site i thought i'd post my query here as well So with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 sometime in the next year or so i was thinking it might spark up a reboot of the TCG/CCG if enough hype/popularity is obtained. Any thoughts?
  2. if you still check this site from time to time i was wondering if you still had kingdom hearts cards for sale, etc? looking to start up another play group in my area so i'm looking for all the singles i can.
  3. dunno if you still check this site, but i sent you a message on your ebay if you still have anything for sale. i'm willing to buy almost anthing from the game
  4. still looking for cards to buy if your still around. if i hear from you i'll send you my new email and we can hash out a deal
  5. A Few Question's: 1. IF you are playing a dark deck and you add a few dark cards to the challenge, can your opponent destroy those cards with magic and discard them? 2. I'm running a hollow bastion aggro deck and i needed to know, Merlin lv 3 says its affiliate is Traverse town, but the symbol is for Hollow Bastion, which one is it? 3. What is the ruling effect text of both the Namine, & the Setzer card's? using both in my Twilight Town deck but don't have their effects, can anyone help? 4. do the old Shadow, & Sea neon cards gain the effect where you can have more than 3 copies in your deck? 5. Similar to 4, do the cards from older sets that have the exact same level and stats as cards from set 4 and up, gain the world affiliates of the latter cards. (Example 1, Wizard lv 7 is affiliated with Halloween town, the old Wizard lv 7 has slightly less power, would it gain the affiliate of the new one since its the same level?) (Example 2, Donald Duck lv 3, Wisdom Searcher, is the same level and has the same stats as the lv 3 donald duck from set 1, would the set 1 donald now get the ability to search for a wisdom form?)
  6. SR Behemoth lvl 6 R Pot Spider C Undead Pirate x3 C Sea Neon C Shadow x5 $$$ Interested in: R Soul Eater SR Ariel lvl 1 SR Tinkerbell lvl 3 R Leon lvl 4 R Curaga Foil Kairi lvl 0 PRomo x2 SR Moogle lvl 1 SR Hundred Acre Wood x1 R Stopga R Winnie the Pooh lvl 0 R Wight Knight IF you have them: 3x Oblivion Attack 3x Oathkeeper Equipment 1x Rai 1x Seifer 1x Pence 1x Hayner 1x Vivi sally lvl 0 x1 sally lvl 1 x1 Jack Skellington Lvl 3 x1 Email me or just reply here, i'll check both often if your interested in working something out lunafayt@live.com
  7. I have: SR Behemoth lvl 6 R Pot Spider C Undead Pirate x2 C Sea Neon C Shadow x4-8 (maybe more need to check) a little $$ Interested in: R Soul Eater SR Ariel lvl 1 SR Tinkerbell lvl 3 Foil Kairi lvl 0 PRomo x5 Email me if your interested in working something out lunafayt@live.com
  8. i'd be interested in buying a few of those as well
  9. sen't you an email about our trade
  10. I have: Parasite Cage Lv 7 SR #118 Set 2 a little $$ Interested in your: Japanese Promo with Sora, Riku, Goofy, And Donald, Non Holo x1
  11. i like the look of the build, it looks like it should run well. just wondering, have you thought about running any of the promo's other than event 1. like maybe: Tigger- for the aggro Cid- for card recycling so you get the hand you need easier and don't get stuck with jenk maybe do an Ice Titan in your Dark stuff, can't remember the exact effect but its still a lv 8 with 25 power, not bad for late game play or maybe Fat Bandit(No support from friends or attack cards will work on him) Stealth Sneak. just some stuff to stall out their world run, or stop them from getting too many friends out to stand against your aggro-ness. Will Turner Lv 2 (searches for an Equipment card, plus has 5 combat for support) so you can get WTTD either through draw or him.
  12. since the other site got disabled, does anyone have plugins for the rest of the sets, i think my lackey version only has set's 1-4 english, and like 4 cards from set 6 Rejoin. they said the site would be back up hopefully within a few months but until then i need the sets images and translations. if their is a pluging anywhere could someone direct me please. also has their been any further discussion as to working with lackey to set up online tournaments or casual play for KH?
  13. still here, i check in every few days to check on my posts for trading, decks, etc. if anyone is getting out of the game i'm willing to work out a deal for their cards, while the game may be dead on here, with the shops by me it's quite popular, and some even still sell the sets, around 6-8 ppl have decks and play regularly. hoping the other site gets back up soon and that we can get some more ppl on both, would like to see the trading thread get some more activity.
  14. i need these if you have them: 3x SORA AWAKENING PROMO! 3x Yuffie Set 3 (2xSuper Rare) 2x Kairi Lv 0 SR 1x OathKeeper Equipment 2x Oblivion Attack Card 1x Oathkeeper Attack Card 2x Ultima Weapon SR 1x The King 1x Cloud 1x Sephiroth 1x Rai 1x Seifer 1x Pence 1x Hayner 1x Vivi 1x Samurai Nobody 2x Axel 3x Rings 2x Tinkerbell SR's Lv 0,2,3,4 2x Ariel SR's Lv 1,2 Xx Excess Promo's you have Also Do you have any of the Japanese card's/Set's? i need quite a lot so lmk, also for all your cards if you have a list of everything i can easily look at that and let you know what all i need from you. my Friend has a lot of Magic cards that i might be able to get as well.
  15. thanks for the update WaytotheDawn from me as well. i was sad when i saw the site had been cancelled, i hope it come's back soon. i only have a list of the set 6 translations so far, so i was wondering if the rest of the scans and translation's for the rest of the sets will be updated when you get the site back up and running?? also CAPTAINRAIDEN, i believe i still have a copy of the scans and translations for all of set 6 if you need it, thats the only one i have though, i have to wait for them to get the site back up and running to get the rest, so i know what the heck the cards actually do when i play them. lol
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