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  1. Finally, after two years of preparing, studying and developing ideas for plots, I have been presented the opportunity to GM a Rogue Trader game. Ever since I stumbled upon Dark Heresy online during my infant years of 40k I have been dying to get a game going. Several times while in the Navy on my ship I have attempted to get together a Roleplaying group, but have had no success. But now, I finally have my chance. And right in my town! Our first gathering was essentially creating their characters and building their ship plus a little plot development. Though I am new, Michael has been a GM for some years and is graciously helping me out with my first campaign. The main plot fo the campaign revolves around the story of the curse of the Foundling Worlds. The explorers' dynasty has supposedly stumbled across the secret to the curse and now seek to either do away with it or exploit it for material gain. The explorers include Sigmund the Rogue Trader, whose father had stumbled upon an Eldar artifact that was unknowingly linked to the curse of the foundling worlds. His ship, the 'Benevolence of His Martial Glory', a sword-class frigate, was destroyed in a raid by the Eldar in an attempt to destroy the relic. The only survivor of this attack was their Navigator, Holt, whom has in his posession a shuriken pistol that he recovered from the ship before it was destroyed. Joining them on this mission is Explorator Notch Torquehammer, whom seemingly has intentions of his own. I hope all goes well for us, this being my first time, but I am confident that with Michael's help I can pull this off and make it an unforgettable experience for us all.
  2. I am a bit behind on my Rogue Trader expansion books and wish to locate the stats for the Battleships, Grand Cruisers and if at all possible the Leman Russ. What are their stats and if anyone is unable to post them what supplement are they listed in?
  3. I bought it about a week ago. Morgaash Kulgraz and Da Wurldbreaka are insanely powerful! You'd have to be insane to go up against them at anything less than rank 4.
  4. In-universe, it would make no sense whatsoever to make it an addition to the Ork Freebooter career, since full-sized orks simply cannot devolve into gretchin. No GM with ANY knowledge of the Warhammer 40,000 universe would allow it as an extension. And plus, it would completely contradict Ork culture and Psychology. Gretchins know their place for the most part, and that is at the very bottom. One rising up to be a Freebooter above all other Orks is compeltely absurd. The only way that someone would be able to play a Grot even half worthy of being a PC would be to be a Rebel Grot. Other than that, it's a big no.
  5. I made a similar creature called the Novae Kraken which resides within the Unbeholden Reaches for my campaign. They are about a quarter the size of an Escort and travel in gaggles of four, which is the actual unit. Novae Kraken: Large and powerful enough to engage full-sized starships, these creatures lie within the Unbeholden Reaches in scattered pockets where equally strange, yet smaller creatures known as Dust Clouds lie. Here, they hunt in large packs known as gaggles, chasing down the Dust Clouds for food in the cold recesses of space. They are naturally peaceful creatures, but with the colonisation of worlds within their hunting grounds, they are prone to viciously attacking merchant and smaller naval craft, most of which never survive. Those that do tell stories of the creatures' power and tenacity, capable of tearing through a ship's hull with relative ease. In recent months, these attacks have grown more and more frequent and it is whispered that some have become warp-tainted, those whom survive also claiming to see and hear things driving them mad. Kraken Gaggle: The standard hunting group of these creatures, they travel in groups of three or four, each attacking its prey from different angles. Speed: 8 Manoeuverability: +30 Detection: +25 Hull Integrity: 40 Armor: 10 *Hit and Run and Boarding actions may not be performed against gaggles. *Instead of damaging components, critical hits against gaggles deal 1d5+2 damage to hull integrity. Weapons Claws and Teeth (4 strength, 1d10+3 damage, 5 critical Rating, 1 range): If to-hit roll succeeds by two or more degrees of success, the gaggle latches onto the hull of the ship and begins chewing and tearing through the hull, ignoring shields and armor. A successful shooting action using weapons on the part of the hull attacked can dislodge the gaggle, dealing 1d10 damage to it. Failed tests deal 2d10-4 damage to hull integrity each turn. If there are no weapons on that part of the ship, a macrobattery weapon on another part of the ship may attempt to dislodge it at -20 to hit. Warp Taint: Once per gaggle per encounter, it may project an ominous aura of Warp energy, beffudling the crew. All tests during the ship's next turn suffer a -10 pentaly to all tests within 6 VU. Dust Bombs (4 strength, 1d10+5 damage, 2 critical rating, 8 range); The gaggle hurl volatile balls of regurgitated nebula gasses at the ship. This weapon may ony be fired every three turns.
  6. Actually, 4-sided dice have twelve numbers on them.
  7. I have a question that has been nagging me ever since I began the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplays. When you roll for stats and other items of a similar nature, do Zeros count as tens, or Zeros?
  8. Let's say, for example, an Acolyte fires on a target with an armor rating of 4 and hits, doing 6 damage, inflicting a total of 2 wounds. If he attacked again and does 6 damage as before, will it be 2 once again or would it be the full 6?
  9. I understand that this might be the most simplest questions ever, but when using AP, do those AP's dissappear as soon as they are used the first time, or are they regenerated at the end of the turn?
  10. Ever since I picked up my very first Warhammer 40,000 RPG Rulebook; Rogue Trader, I have been attempting to find a group whom plays any of the three games in my area. After that failed I attempted to locate anyone on my ship. Failing at that, I have decided to try going around to see if anyone in the Norfolk, VA area was playing and would be willing to let me join. I have never played for real, but I am fairly used to the mechanics and am a 40k addict, so I know my way around the universe pretty well. Anyone up for it?
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