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  1. ...Olympus colliseum Lv3 and Wizard Lv7 block them correct? I was pretty sure of this but my friend wants me to make sure so if i'm wrong we'll be able to play properly Happy gaming!
  2. I'm Canadian, in Ontario. I was on a trip to Toronto and i went to a card store i usually go to. After seeing the translations I remembered seeing some packs so I went back in the hopes to buy a box of Endless Darkness (wanted Rejoin more But I figured it was sold out). When I got there it turns out Endless darkness was all gone but they had 20 packs of Rejoin left so I bought them. Ended up with 4 foils and like 10-12 rares Timeless River Sora, Way to the Dawn, Shan Yu, and Storm Rider Can't think of the rares off the top of my head besides Riku Lv2 and Demyx Sorry to both of you I don't have so many that I can really trade anything and I bought them out so there is none left Thanks for the answers and happy gaming
  3. Hey guys quick question. If Pinnochio calls lets say "Donald Duck" and the player has both a Donald in his hand AND on the field, do you discard both of them or just the one from the hand? Thanks!
  4. Hey quick question that came to mind while building my deck. If I have Leon and _____ other friends out and someone plays Simba Lv4, can I choose a different friend besides Leon in order to have 2 friends survive, or am I obligated to choose Leon? Sorry if this is a dumb question ;; Thanks, Happy gaming!
  5. Hey again, I just found (and bought out) the last stock of Set 6 of a local store while on a trip, got 20 packs, and now that I have some cards to work with I got a few questions for those of you more experienced than I (you guys are awsome) 1. Do Luxord and Demyx play like axel and Xaldin, in that they can play any Nobodies and Organization members as friends? 2. Does Demyx's skill "Water Dance" use up a counter on his Sitar or is it a free once-per-turn skill? 3. Does Luxord's "Gamble" skill happen every turn or can you choose to not use it? 4. The Gambler Nobody allows the use of Gamble twice...so does that mean you reveal the same cards again before drawing? 5. Does Way to the Dawn's second ability to negate HP-increasing cards include Tinkerbell as well, or only Cure/Cura/Curaga? Thanks for the help! And BTW you wouldn't believe how happy I was when I pulled the WttD. That was the number 1 card I wanted from this set and I had forgotten theres only 5 cards per pack with no assurance of a rare :S Happy gaming!
  6. Thanks for the quick and helpful responses like always Disney Castle says "Dark card cannot be played on this world" or something like that. I assumed you can't play White Mushroom on it, but my friend asked and wasn't 100% sure.
  7. Hey everyone, my friends and I have been loving this game (even got two more of our friends to play now), but I've run into a few more rules I need clarification on. I read through the Rules Discussion and found answers to a lot of answers, but I'm still confused on a couple points. 1) Can you use damaging magic cards such as fire during you're challenge phase to add to your support value (ie +4 for fire)? I've been under the impression you can't since it says do damage to heartless, but some of the topics on these forums have mentioned doing so. 2a) Can you summon Magic/Friends from your hand directly into a challenge? I read that Magic/Friends count as a magic cards in your hand and when playing, than count as friends, but I also saw people mentioning they could do this too. 2b) If the above is true, what happens if your friends engage in a challenge and you choose to play Simba? Are friends participating in a challenge still valid targets for the discard or are players forced to discard friends which have not yet committed to the challenge. 3) Can you play Gravira/Graviga during a challenge to remove a friend who is participating in the challenge? (similar question to 2b) Just remembered some question unrelated to the challenge phase 4) When Green requiem is on a world with 2 other heartless and my opponent choose to do battle with them, does the +X POW bonus stay on the other 2 heartless through that first battle even if my opponent allocates the damage to green requiem first? 5) Do Dark/Villains follow the uniqueness ruling? Can you have a Pete in both your Friend and your opponents world? Can you have 2 Petes in your friend area? 6) Can you play White Mushroom on Disney Castle? Thanks for the time and help. Happy gaming.
  8. Hi again, got a question to double check When Genies LV1 is played, Showtime occurs and I draw a card. If I have magic Lamp on my Aladin and use it to hold Genie LV1, when I release him does Showtime trigger again? thanks!
  9. Hey, I have a quick question about Diz from BoD. I read the errata on the board so I know the +1 attack value only last for the turn, but... Are you allowed to activate the power during your draw phase as well? So this way you could get a potential +3 in one turn (activate power in draw, action, and challenge phase) Thanks for the help Happy gaming
  10. Sorry, I was already aware of that site and the translations (ridiculously awesome btw to those who have did all that work), but I thought there were more sets? I'm sorry if this is really dumb of me to ask, but all I see is set 6 Rejoin on the site. Did I miss something on that site? or is set 6 Rejoin the final set? Sorry its just that a recall a set that had Sora: Final form on the front. Am I remembering wrong?
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has a site or link with the names and/or pics of the japanese sets that havent been translated and released in english. I'm asking this because I sometimes find stores that carry imported cards when I go out of town, and I'm also going to Hong Kong and Japan in the summer. I remember seeing a list of them once but its been a while :S Thanks for any help and happy gaming!
  12. 1 more question a. When you fight multiple heartless, do they all get defeated at the same time when you fight? ie. With Green requiem on a LVL3 world, its giving +3 to the Behemoth on the world with it. When my opponent goes to attack it, can he focus the damage on the Green Requiem, defeat it (so that the bonus is gone) than move on to fight behemoth in the same turn? OR is it that the behemoth will still have the bonus until the battle is completed, and the opponent has to wait until a different turns battle phase to fight it without the bonus? Same applies for the Shadows with their +1 Thanks again Happy gaming
  13. Hi, been playing with my friends after just getting our new cards, and some questions came up 1. Lets say I have Parasite Cage out and it is holding my opponents Donald. If my opponent battles using Peter Pan, how does this affect parasite cage's power? Does Donald get automatically released and can now take part in the battle if he wants? 2. Is there any effective means of getting rid of stealth sneak if you are running a dark deck? 3. Can cards with abilities such as Tidus' use them in response to a movement an opponent makes? ie Opponent plays a LVL0 friend can Tidus remove it during the opponents turn? Thanks again! Happy gaming
  14. Thanks for the help in my posts. I have another question for all you good people. My friends and I are planning to use side decks, and I was wondering if there is a specific size thats used for this game? I know that in other games I've played it was 15 cards so I was planning to suggest that number. Thanks for the help again Happy gaming
  15. Hello again, thanks to those of you who helped me in my earlier thread, it was really helpful. Just needed to clarify a few more things. 1. Can the player going first do a challenge on his first turn? 2. Can you choose to just discard friends to make room for new ones? or do they have to participate in a battle or be replaced by a character of the same name? 3. do Heartless in dark decks suffer from uniquness rule in the friend area? 4. King Triton lets you play him as a LV1 friend and then counts as a LV2 friend for bringing in new friends, so why did they re-release him as an uncommon in set 4? (this is more about curiosity I guess) Thanks again! Happy gaming
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