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  1. Haha sorry. This is what happens when searching the internet for an answer and boardgamegeek is down.
  2. For future reference, this seems like the kind of thing that could be a good contender for an example in rules books (or even specifically called out), or maybe in the FAQ. It's something that seems obvious to veteran players of CCG/LCG but not so obvious to newbs (like myself)! I've played Netrunner before so now it seems obvious but it was not on my 1st play-through of Arkham LCG. :-)
  3. USP45

    Improved Base-Game Cheat Sheet

    Hi folks - For Terror Level: "Return one ally to the deck for every increase." I think we're supposed to remove an ally from the deck (to the box and out of the game) instead.
  4. USP45

    C1 + R1?

    Thx, so double the dice and I suppose GM discretion on which side of the card to use.
  5. USP45

    C1 + R1?

    Can someone clarify how multiple stances are handled? If C1/R1 means to covert characteristic dice to one or the other, what does C1+R1 mean?
  6. Just because a Power Card's Power number is red and spiky (maybe they all are; I haven't looked) doesn't mean it can only be used to substitute for a strength-battle roll yeah? We can use that number instead of rolling the dice for any check (skill, movement, etc).
  7. Nicely done; what are the decals on the Marine?
  8. USP45

    My painted Relic characters

    Nicely done! Do you have any misc fun info to share about the project like paint type etc.
  9. USP45

    How to protect the dials?

    To add more info to the thread: here at my Lowe's (Virginia, USA) the nylon washers are $0.56 for a bag of 4. Also -- with the washers in place it looks like there's no contact between the discs at all so I think I'll skip the varnish.
  10. USP45

    How to protect the dials?

    Hi folks - I think the idea of using a spray is pretty compelling because of the easy factor. I happen to already have some Army Painter Super Matt Varnish for Miniatures and Models already - is that the same thing or similar enough?
  11. Hi folks - I just discovered this Strange Eons thing and it's pretty great! Just wanted to see what everyone's doing in regards to WFRP3 cards. Is the current way to go for Strange Eons and WFRP3 to: - use Strange Eons v.2 from the legacy link (which includes a WFRP3 plug-in) - (and if so did anyone install the java patch links located there? I did not, and things seem to be working ok.) - optionally use the add-ons at http://www.liberfanatica.net/ -- LiberFanatica.seext and wfrp3_adds.seext
  12. USP45

    Core + YT-1300, what's next?

    Awesome; thanks folks!
  13. USP45

    Core + YT-1300, what's next?

    We just purchased (and love it so far!) the Core set and a YT-1300 (just because we like the model). Next up should be some Imperials to balance things out. I guess it's pretty much a points thing at this point yeah? For example we should get something that gets the Imperials close to Luke+Falcon point level, but the points values aren't published anywhere are they? I like the idea of another Tie Fighter or two (for example Interceptor or Advanced) but without knowing the point values it's a guess. I guess the real answer to this question based on reading some of the other posts is really "Whatever's available." :-)
  14. USP45


    Yeah the quality on these (except for some gluing issues) is far and above any other pre-painted mini project I've ever bought in to.
  15. To summarize what everyone said already: At least in my Player's Guide, the rule and the example contradict each other. On p.119 Any favour generated during a character’s End of Turn Phase or during another player’s turn is stored by the character, and only applied to the blessing during his next Beginning of Turn Phase. The example on p.121 immediately funnels the favour to the blessing during the End of Turn phase. I personally think it makes more sense and is easier to track by discarding the example and doing what the rule actually says. i.e. Generate the extra favour (for equilibrium) during End of Turn but hold onto it until the next Beginning of Turn.