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  1. nhennsc

    Mak's "Execute" question

    Thanks daa. I thought it worked like that but wasn't sure.
  2. I was wondering if the "Execute" skill for Mak has been playing right amongst my group. When Mak uses his Execute skill after he has done an ambush, the card says " Remove all white dice from target's defence pool ". My question is: Does the target lose all his white dice for good or only just for that attack?
  3. Yeah, I can see what you all are saying, and you are right. But keep in mind. This is the second half of the Quest, and your Skill Class cards that were flipped from Encounter 1 stay flipped in Encounter 2. In Encounter 1, the OL starts the Encounter by flipping 1 Skill card from each Hero (Bye-bye 3 pointer cards). So there goes 4 skill cards. Then, at the End of each OL turn. All Heroes have to roll a starburst test. The OL can choose 1 Skill card from 1 Hero that fails and flip 1 of his Skill cards ( there goes another Skill card ). Then, after Encounter 1 is finished the OL's influence gets revealed. If he chooses the green influence "Valuables Lost". He can possibly take upto 4 more skills from the heroes. So by this time, the heroes are going into Encounter 2 with 5 to possibly 9 skill cards short. Even though each Hero has 7 XP by this time doesn't mean each hero has spent 7 points on Skill cards( It is the last board before the Finale). So the Heroes at this time have 2 maybe 3 skill cards each. So, within 4 turns into the Finale all your Heroes will be down into their starting skills cards (each). And that's pretty much when you are getting to the big boss at the end of encounter 2. Who adds +4 to its health per Hero (so 16 extra wounds in a 4 player game) when your Heroes are at their minimum and probably all almost dead too. I just don't like this Quest as the Heroes. It is totally 1 sided in my opinion. Thanks for everyone's input, you are all right. I just don't like this Quest as the Heroes!
  4. Under the "Special Rules" it states, "At the end of each hero turn, place 1 fatigue token in the overlord's play area. When there are 4 fatigue tokens in the Overlord's play area, he chooses a hero and flips 1 of that heroes' Class cards with an XP cost facedown. Then, he discards all fatigue tokens from his play area." Now, my question is. Does he get a fatigue after each hero takes his separate turn or after all heroes have taken their turn. If it's after each hero, then he is turning a class card over every turn. ( In a 4 hero game) If its after all heroes have taken their turn then they actually stand a bit of a chance. Please help clarify this rule for me. No matter what, the heroes are screwed in this one. Bye-Bye good skills first
  5. Thanks guys for the input. We played it last night and with your help, I (as the heroes) was able to win the finale. We haven't had a hero victory in a while and it felt good. I did what you said Chav. I headed straight over to the right leaving the changelings and zombies alone. held my ground and won with 13 fatigues in the end. He put blood apes as his first open group then flesh molders and then sorcerers. I never let him have the 3rd ward so we never saw Tristayne Olliven. I killed the blood apes first, giving me 2 fatigues. By then he had destroyed the 2 wards on the left. So I then killed the sorcerers, giving me another fatigue. During that same turn I happened to kill the red zombie making it 4 fatigues. Then he went bringing everything I need closer to me. When it was my go I focused on Mirklace and defeated him for 6 more fatigues and after that I went for Rylan which then gave me the last fatigues I needed plus one. All in all, it was a great victory for the heroes. Very greatful for the useful tips. Thanks again for the help
  6. I am currently playing SON campaign and in a couple of days we will be at the finale, The City Falls. I'm the heroes using 3 heroes and we've never played this finale so I can't seem to figure what's the best strategy(as the heroes) to win this board. Can anybody share their winning strategy for this board with me. Thanks
  7. During my last encounter my group came across an issue. The OL used a hellhound to move into a hazard space, interrupted his movement to make an attack, then moved his remaining movement spaces. The hero players were upset saying that as soon as he stops in a hazard space he is defeated (hazard follows the same rules as lava). The OL explained that he is defeated when he ends his turn in a hazard space, and that his turn was not ended until after his remaining movement points were spent. The hero players were still upset but the game went on. Did the OL play it correctly or was the hero players right?
  8. Just wondering if anybody can help me with a question about Fortune and Glory- encounter #2, playing with only 2 heroes. In "Reinforcements" it states "If all doors but the hidden passage are opened, he may also place 1 ettin on 1 of the unique spaces marked with an "X." Now my question is, playing with 2 heroes the OL group limit is only 1 minion ettin but it doesn't say anything about respecting group limits. So can the OL place a master ettin first and then next turn if he still lives place the minion ettin, having both ettins on the board?
  9. In the LOR interlude "Fortune and Glory" the heroes have to move off the map while carrying the prisoner in encounter 1. In encounter 2 it states that you are still carrying the prisoner but it mentions to exchange the green token with a villager token but it doesn't mention if the villager keeps the wounds he has taken from the first encounter. Does he keep the wounds or does he start at full?
  10. Except for the Finales in Labyrinth of Ruin where it states "Knocked out Heroes" in both. in one you have to knock out the hero, web him, then throw him in a pit to slay him and the other states that the OL gets a fatigue token for each knocked out hero at the end of his turn and when he gets 5 he wins.
  11. Varikas is probably the best hero to have in a campaign because of his heroic feat that allows him to come back to life(full). On the Finale where it states that when a hero dies he doesn't revive, but Varikas does, and with 14 health so it is like having an extra hero on the last room.
  12. In the second encounter of "Let the truth be buried" can heroes use fatigues to move? It doesn't say they can, but it doesn't say they can't. It just states that when a hero performs a move action, he only receives 1 movement point , regardless of his speed or hero abilities.
  13. Thank you SVARUN, you must play with the same type of people that I do. When I'm setting up an encounter I do feel it is a waste of time. The only chance I have is if I could ram him, and depending on wind and currents, it doesn't happen all the time. I hope FFG puts an errata for that rule.
  14. I am in a campain at the moment as the OL and one of the heroes is Tobin Farslayer, and his ability reads "When Tobin makes a successful attack, add the distance to his target to his damage. Tobin cannot make ranged attacks against adjacent figures." My question is; does his ability apply to cannons as well? Because he is destroying ships with one shot with a hawkeye cannon. I think that his ability is only suppose to be in effect with weapons he is holding in his hand. I can't see him doing anything different that any other hero can do with a cannon that would add that much extra damage with a cannon, because all he is doing is lighting the fuse. Can somebody clearify this rule for me please.