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  1. That'd be a huge disappointment. Even Chaos in the Old World got an expansion adding a new god, that didn't fit well (from lore point of view). By that time nobody expected that he will actually become a new chaos god. I think at least one race expansion is a safe bet.
  2. I'd love to see all the Wh40k major factions in the end. Order of most wanted? 1. Dark Eldar 2. Necron 3. Tyranids 4. Tau 5. Astra (but to be honest, I don't want them at all).
  3. Thx for your posts. I will check some ideas in my future plays. TooNu, you are an exception that have no problems with his plays. However most of the people comply about the balance. It's a shame FFG can't take part in the discussion.
  4. It's not the game -it's FFG, I made a topic "Fixing Nurgle" more than 2 months. More than 300 hundred people have read the topic where I asked somebody from FFG to answer the problem. Nobody pushed himself to write at least "thank you for your interest, we see the problem, we are on it, we will bring solution soon". NOTHING. This is how you care about your customers? Or the only thing you are interested in is selling new titles and abandoning the odl ones? You could have done better.
  5. I hope i don't breake any rules on this forum by putting this link: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/722846/some-numbers-and-stats-on-balance This is just one of several threads I came across. In each people complain about Nurgle losing each game. People try to use in play their house rules, with better or worse effect, however it would be best to follow official errata. I think one of the biggest issues with Nurgle is that he gets his first upgrade after every other player has already chosen one. It would not be shame for FFG to change this things. I thing they would show that they care about their customers and support their games with passion. I hope they will make this game even better.
  6. I request Fantasy Flight Games to fix current Nurgle after the Horned Rat Expansion. Even though some changes have been made to make him be able to advance dial more easily it is just not enough for him to win. There are plenty of ideas already over other forums like skipping Remove 1 corruption token or errata his cards. Please, support this great game.
  7. Is there any info whether FFG plan to make expansions to GoT 2nd edition?
  8. Camp Pillage When this card enters play draw a card at random. Action: If a unit is questing here, when you play a support card (non-attachement) from your hand destroy one target support card from zone with no units. My bad. If Polish spoiler will again be shown before English I will try to translate it as well.
  9. Translated cards are in the same order as in the polish video spoiler so you can see how do translated cards look like. Now, you need to be aware that English is not my native. Hope you enjoy. 1. Longbeard Hunters C: 3 DDD 1P, 2HP Action: When a unit enters play attach this unit to it. Since then this card is treated as Support with text: if a unit which was attached with this card triggers its skills, destroy it. Then return this card to your hand. 2. Zebacz-??? (Squig?) Tracker C: 2 OOO 1P, 1HP Action: When this unit enters play look at the top 5 cards of your deck. If you found any card with word Zebacz (it might be Squig but not sure) put into play in any zone. Then shuffle your deck. 3. Van Klumpf Pirates C: 1 EE 1P, 1HP. Battlefield only. When this unit attacks, deal damage to any zone with no units equal to its power. 4. Prince of Caledor C: 8 HHH 4P, 4HP. Lower the cost of this unit by one for any damaged unit you control. 5. Standard-bearer of Doom. C: 2 C 0P, 2HP. Action: When a unit enters this zone, corrupt one unit controlled by you. 6. Khorvak Shown. 7. Pink Horror of Tzeentch C:2 CC 1P, 2HP Action: When this unit enters play, put from your hand card Pink Horror of T. or Blue Horror of T. into play. 8. Abandoned Wildmen. C: 3 C 0P, 2HP When attacking this unit deals + X combat damage. X is the highest number of loyalty symbols on controlled by you chaos card. 9. Shaggoth C: 5 CCC 3P, 5HP. Forced: when this unit enters play destroy it or discard 2 cards from your hand. Battlefield – This unit gains 1P for each corrupted unit you control. 10. Screamers ? of Tzeentch. Shown. 11. Bleeding Wall. C: 2 CC 1P When one unit you control becomes corrupted put one resource on this card. Remove two Resource tokens to destroy corrupted unit. 12. Wall of Maggots. Shown. 13. Iron Crown Hall. C: 3 CCCCC 2P This card enters play with 4 r.tokens on it. Action: At the beginning of your turn remove one r.token from this card. If no r.tokens left put in play up to three chaos units from your card or discard pile. 14. Lightening of Change C: 3 CC Action: Discard from your hand card with printed loyalty X to deal X damage to each corrupted unit. 15. Descendants of Despair C: 3 DeDe 1P, 2HP Action: When this unit enters play, every unit in corresponding zone has -1 HP till end of the turn. 16. Hawk Rider C:4 1P, 3HP Order only. When this unit is attacking or defending target opponent must choose one card from his hand and discard it. 17. Ancient Stegadon. Shown. 18. Manfred von Carstein C:3 1P, 3HP Undead This unit gain 1P for each resource token on it. Action: Discard one card from your hand in order to put 1 card from your opponent discard pile on the bottom of his deck. Then put one r.token on von Carstein. 19. Willpower Shown. 20. Camp Pillage C: 0 CCC Action: When this unit enters play draw a card at random. Quest. If there is a unit on this quest, when you play a support card (non-attachement) from your hand destroy one target support card from zone with no units.
  10. Sweet Mother of Mercy... Still no translation? Give me a hour or so, I will make it.
  11. I think my case will add something into discussion. I believe I spent more than 200h playing the game with core set, ulthuan and 1st cycle. AND I STOPPED. I played the game exclusively with my friend and when I had to move to another city i was left with no playmates. It's not that easy to drag new people into strategic card game who are not even familliar with board games. It just seems too much an effort and it's not fun to make a friend because of the game. It should be the other way tound. Play with friends. Second thing I could think of was joining clubs or shops with cards/board games. Yet these places are most likely visited by fanatics that compete with eachother buying coresets 3x in order to win in their circles. It's no fun to lose all the time or resign of some decks just becausae you lack extra 2 copies. I'm not going to buy 3 core sets just in order to return to the game and enjoy it completely though i could afford it. I don't feel comfortable with the idea. I still read this forum, because of many fine memories of the game. Yet won't buy a single battle pack before i feel I own a complete game. And one more thing: we tried a couple of times to play using octgn, building decks with 3 copies. Once we've tried, we couldn't come back to single core set. FFG should really take this petition into consideration. Best regards.
  12. You all know HE mono suck yet you need examples, explanations and scenarios. Would it make it any better? Every person which played this game a couple of times can easily say how much dwarves are better than high elves in detail, yet i believe it would take more than 10 A4 pages to list all the issues starting from uselesness of healing atm, poor indirect dmg deck against toughness, going through comparing the same cost units and tactics and ending at synergies. Why is it so unexpected that there are people willing to play mono-faction decks? Really so surprising that someone wants to get the feel of specific races instead of just comparing how cards will fill the mechanics? Sadly game can be played with mechanics without climax, lore of WH world, games, books, but not the other way round. If i wished perfect mechanics i would have chosen chess. but no. i want to feel this game, not being interrupted by losing 5 times in a row because my opponent played reclaim the fallen. Not getting pissed when i face longbeards with dozens of great cheap 1 gold attachements. That's not really that hard. When FFG continously gives great cards to dwarves and empire and no-worth-mentioning cards to HE and chaos how can things be right? I finished moaning.
  13. Mining Tunnels - not high elf card demolition - not high elf card If not HE than don't treat it as one. nimble spearmen - what's good about this card? thx to those 'enter zone - put development' cards u can put decendent or sword masters into a development the time you most need them. and again, not HE. flames of the phoenix hit u as much as they hit your opponent, even more as u must play it during your turn and are left with few resources to prepare for an orc/dwarf hard hitting units.
  14. could you rewrite the card's text? it's impossible to see anything, i mean power (for 3 zones?), HP, cost
  15. i dont think 10 res unit would be so easy to get rid off. probably lots of immunity. If those will be just normal heroes like kazador and bule i'd be a little disappointed.
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