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  1. Yes, the second expansion called A Storm of Swords offers worthwhile content. It has a more balanced 4-player map, leaders for ALL 6 houses (not just the 4 in the SOS map), and Tactics Cards for all 6 houses, which give each house a single global effect for the turn such as "Control Westeros: +1 strength when assaulting castles/strongholds, and +1 to all influence track bids," or "Secure Hostages: steal 2 power from each player whose leader/s you hold hostage, AND if you defeat an enemy in battle who holds your leader hostage you can free them." The 4-player map has some interesting game effects which cannot be translated to the base game/2nd ed. map, such as weather effects, and Ally Cards for House Frey, House Arryn, House Tyrell, and the Brotherhood Without Banners. When my group plays, we use SOS map if we have 4 players, with 2nd edition rules and a mixture of components from both editions. Otherwise, we use the 2nd edition map. We have yet to use the leaders on the 2nd edition map, but probably will next time we play. The first expansion, A Clash of Kings, has a few things not incorporated into the 2nd edition--fortifications (+1 defense, build instead of consolidating power), special 1-time order tokens, and a set of house cards with greater variety, up to 5 strength. Between the two, SOS is definitely sexier than COK, especially since the much of what makes COK so strong (6-player map, siege engines, ports) was already incorporated into the 2nd edition.
  2. It's FFG. Nuff said? Seriously though, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The 1st Edition Storm of Swords was an amazing expansion, and most of the elements that made it so strong were not worked into the 2nd edition. But for now, it's still a bit early--give it awhile.
  3. I don't trust Amazon with this kind of stuff anymore. The same thing happened to me when I ordered Operation Novgoroda new release date months after everyone else got it in stock. I figured what the hell. The price was good and it wasn't an urgent buy. Eventually they deleted the order without consulting me, and that DID get my anger up. My Mansions order was placed with Amazon back in mid-January. I was happy about it, because a day or so later the price jumped from $50-$80. I got a notice a week or so ago my receipt date changed from March 16th to March 10th. Great news! Then today it changed to July 14th, 4 months after release. Cancel. If they can't keep track of how many pre-orders have been placed versus how many copies they ordered, and if they can't keep track of who ordered when to give a timely and accurate projection of when to expect my order, then they don't deserve my business. Instead I went with Miniature Market, adding a couple of little items to get free shipping. Their website claims they have 18 more pre-orders left right now. (This morning it was 22.) I called to make sure I wasn't going to get yanked around like at Amazon, and the guy told me that FFG just shipped the games in the last day or two. Since they still have pre-orders left from the shipment, he said I'm assured one of those copies. So in conclusion, I don't like Amazon. David
  4. I know the question has been put to FFG regarding the development of Android apps, but what about those of us who'd prefer to use their good, old-fashioned laptop (or desktop)? Some of us haven't taken the smart-phone plunge yet. I'm not holding my breath, but I'd pretty much be in heaven. David
  5. I love the idea of this new series, and I'm excited to read it when it comes out. But--and this is a big one--I have way too many books already (especially my Lovecraftian shelf, which has overflowed onto about 3 shelves if you include all of my Chaosium COC stuff). Any chance this will come out as an eBook? I'd very much prefer to get it on my Nook, and I'm sure there are Kindle owners out there who'd want to get their digital paws on this too. David
  6. I second the question! I live in CA, so I would have a better chance of making it out to MN, but I work as a college admission counselor. From September - November, my schedule is completely determined by business travel, so there is 0 chance I'd be able to make it out there. (I'm actually in MN right now because I was representing my school at a big national college fair in Minneapolis. I'm planning on visiting the FFG Event Center tonight or tomorrow!) I'd really love to get the extras, even though I sadly can't attend. And believe me, I really wish I could make it! I'd even be happy to pay any extra S/H duties you'd like to impose. Please? David
  7. I just emailed FFG support and they said they're going to send me a pack of the correct original cards, sans crown. It looks like the original house cards with a crown on the back is from a newer printing of the game, and is a misprint. Go to this website, look under Game Component Issues, and shoot them an email. Make sure to include your name and mailing address. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp David
  8. I have the same problem. Is this a misprint, and is there a way to get a copy of the original house cards without crowns?
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