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  1. Might take Jayven a bit to upgrade your status after you register.
  2. Hey guys, I set up a Game Recruitment thread over at Jayven's board under Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay/OOC/Game Recruitment, so make sure to stop by so we can start discussing how to get started.
  3. Awesome. I'll start this weekend. Anyone who want's to join, join Jayven's forum and as soon as I get the recruitment post up make sure and post your ideas there. I'll try to get the recruitment forum and character posting guidelines up tonight. I do want to warn you though, that althought I am an experienced GM and have run pbp's before, I do have a life and probably won't be able to post more often than 2-3 times a week, and I would expect at least the same commitment from the players. I'll decide how many players (probably 3-6) once I have some entries, and we'll go from there. I will also need a Warhammer Loremaster, if I can get one, to back me up sometimes, as I am not that familiar with (though not entirely ignorant of) the Warhammer Fantasy setting.
  4. I could potentially run a game at a speed of 2 to 3 posts per week, if we use Jayven's board. I just registered over there as caul...
  5. Is anyone doing this with WFRP? I wish I could get my group to be interested, but I am having a hard time of it, and I really want to play...
  6. Aren't there double successes on the Reckless dice? Or am I making that up?
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