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  1. If you have 10 in an area mouthy, why would they NOT hook up? I had probably 2 or 3 Horrifying Abominations chasing my group when I ran they game, and they did the pertinent thing and ran...
  2. Survival should be your only concern in this game. Even a protracted one. That is my feeling anyway.
  3. Adding negative dice is as simple as adding positive dice. Not difficult, no environmental issues = 0 negative dice Then build up from there on a 1 for 1 basis. You are trying to pick a new lock (-) in the dark (-) with shoddy tools not meant for the job (-) and a horrifying zombie is stalking you and will attack if you don't get the door open (-) Easy.
  4. Um...WoD doggies would tear humans apart. Or are you statting them up as PCs?
  5. The upside is that if they have a duffel full of heavy textbooks, they also have a large improvised weapon
  6. Don't shake a stick at those heavy improvised weapons. I had a player pummel a zombie near to death with a satchel of heavy RPG books...
  7. In my first session the group didn't actually "kill" any of the Infected (Under the Skin). They hogtied the first one they ran into (Me ) with a handy extension cord, fled the shop we were playing in, began looting a nearby Dollar General, saw a Horrifying Abomination coming for them, ran, went to a Lowe's, grabbed some equipment, saw 2 or 3 Infected, ran...and that's where we ended for the night. They also ran off a possible NPC friendly by creeping him out to much with their discussion on how to "kill zombies" and which weapons would be best.
  8. I've said it in another post, and I'll say it again here. If you want a TPK, run Under the Skin as is. 10 Infected = Horrifying Abomination? I had one up and following the players from the start of them game (easily 10 people Infected and joining in the busy game shop we were running in).
  9. I'll be honest I don't see the point. Let them carry as many textbooks as they realistically can (means less other supplies) and give them the (+) die when they make use of the information in the book. I don't think it needs to be more complicated than that.
  10. All negative dice do is apply stress if any remain. Thus if you roll some 6s on the negative dice, you kinda do want to roll some postive 6s as well. In this game I would rather fail a roll with no stress I think than succeed all the time with stress.
  11. I was also trying to keep the focus on The End of the World as, you know, we are in it's forums, and not WoDs.
  12. My point was that you are decidedly NOT mortal in Changeling. So while horror, dread, despair and such are present, you are still a super powered murder hobo. What I love about The End of the World, and I can't wait until Wednesday to run it, is that you are just Joe Schmoe...and you will die, likely running, possibly screaming...
  13. A six is not a critical failure. And actually, though you may not succeed at the task, rolling a positive six still has the benefit of cancelling a negative six, thereby reducing the amount of stress you must endure.
  14. Night of the Meteor => Night of the Comet (1984)
  15. I'll try to run this one with All is One only needing 10, but I feel that 100+ will be better and less TWK.
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