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  1. Just because stuff doesn't come out as fast as I want doesn't mean FFG has dropped the ball. With a tabletop minis game it takes a long time to ramp up a new game to the point where there's a rich level of variety. X-Wing was the same way when it came out, it didn't always have a huge number of ships and cards like it does today.
  2. Troopers are about 2" but models with their guns pointing up slightly exceed that. 4" is tall enough for the AT-RTs. The AT-ST is 6" so I'm storing him lying down in a 6x4x4 area. The bases are hollow, you can fit a 2mm tall magnet.
  3. Yes please! I'd love to see a separate forum for strategy where people can talk about gameplay, list construction, etc... There should absolutely be a place for each major part of the hobby so we can pick and choose what we're interested in.
  4. I kind of wish they'd defined some additional sizes. I'd like to have an official "skirmish" size around 400-500 and a medium-large size around 1200. Maybe it will come later on... I think they wanted to keep the standard size as small as possible to keep tournament rounds from taking too long.
  5. I'd like them a bit faster initially and they can slow down later on once we've got a bit more stuff to play with. We'll get Veers/Snow/Leia/Fleet and then that's it until at least July.
  6. Han model looks like Agent Scully doing steampunk cosplay. Anyway... looks like some cool stuff. I really like how you can field the Commandos two different ways. I think you can field both unit types out of a single box too! For Imperials I'm expecting probably Scout Troopers w/ some sort of sniper option and whatever leader. Maybe Grand Moff Tarkin although he seems a bit too similar to Veers in being a back-line support guy.
  7. Personally, I think you're about to lose two speeder bikes and I hope the amount of damage they did was enough to justify it. Also, they'll have courage support from their commander in most cases so I don't expect a panic. Instead of your opponent moving up and maybe not having anything in range to shoot at with some of their units, their entire force can probably move and shoot the bikes now. Maybe even some of the short-ranged guys that definitely wouldn't have been able to fire can get in on the fun or their leader attacking in melee which is a super-nice bonus for them they weren't expecting to get. Or am I misunderstanding something about your scenario?
  8. I don't expect there to be any more factions.
  9. Same here. I was excited to go to the launch event and snag some sweet alt-art cards but art prints are disappointing. As jgibbs2 said, you can't use those in the game. I mean I'm sure the art will be nice, but I can go online and see lots of Star Wars art. I want something I can do something with.
  10. I really want to see rider units - Banthas and Dewbacks.
  11. They already have lots of "named" characters in X-Wing that the general public isn't going to recognize. I expect they can do the same here, pick any minor officer mentioned in some obscure book and make them into the equivalent of a low-powered generic leader with comparatively weak abilities.
  12. Optimistic. I'm picking up a Core and an AT-ST with plans to mainly play Empire. My main concern is how good the local store's group is which is something neither I nor FFG have much control over. If there's a fun group of people that big enough then it should be really cool. Keeping my fingers crossed. If it takes off well I plan to get a 2nd Core, Veers, and two units of Snowtroopers when they come out.
  13. This was a significant problem in LotR and they're fixing it in the new game. No big mystery.
  14. They are no posted yet. Probably next month sometime.
  15. Because you get access to them for the whole campaign instead of awkwardly adding the in the middle. Because of the desperate need for more characters as early as possible to get us through the beginning of the LCG where there's not nearly enough variety yet. And because they know how to do a lot of things better now from their experiences with LotR.
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