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  1. wow... this got interesting. So basically what i'm seeing is: Abaddon Can't Die TROLL the black legion collapses in infighting TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL someone new takes over TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL *defense of 40k canon* TROLL TROLL TROLL The story actually moves forward. I like this very last idea. Look out abaddon, there's a sorcerer in the vortex looking for your head.
  2. hey all! forgive me if this has been done before, but i thought it would be interesting to see what kinds of warbands were being run in your games. For my part, i give you the Covenant of the Shattered Blade. Amon, The Forsaken Champion. (sorcerer) A fell Sorcerer whose trappings lead many to wonder at his origins, Amon is a new arrival to the screaming vortex. Very little is known about the self proclaimed Forsaken Champion, save what has come from his own mouth. marking himself as the last psyker of a once great war host, the general consensus is that Amon is one of the last, if not the last librarian of the World Eaters Legion. His proclivity for close combat, fits of monstrous rage and armor design lend credence to this theory. A frightening combatant, Amon brings death with both bolt, force axe, and the mind bending psychic ability he wields. this however, is not where Amon's true talent lies. Amon is a gifted seer, capable of discerning the consequences an action can have on the future, a gift his benefactors in Forge Polix have come to rely on. Though Amon associates himself neither with Khorne nor the World Eaters, many a Khornate warrior has sought out Amon, sometimes in an attempt to offer up his skull to the Blood God, and sometimes to pay homage to the sorcerer, whom many believe to be touched by Khorne in one way or another. Amon himself has no opinion on the matter. Amon is currently a guest of Magos Onuris in the Hollows, trading his battle prowess and precognition for sanctuary and unrestricted access to Polix's foundries and librariums. It is as of yet unclear what Amon is looking for, but the multitude of daemon engines and texts regarding one Kharn of the World Eaters lead many to believe that the Forsaken Champion has unfinished buisness outside of the Vortex. Toryn The Bloody-Handed (Forsaken) in a legion as cruel and murderous as the Night Lords, it may seem unthinkable that there are crimes that would warrant the legion to execute one of its own. however, there are times when a Night Lord's crimes against his own are so heinous that he must paint his gauntlets red, forever marking him as condemned for death. Toryn is one such soul. Though he refuses to say what crimes his committed, Toryn will say that he fled his warband rather than wait for an ignoble execution at the hands of his leader. A brilliant assault marine, Toryn seeks nothing more than to prove his martial supremacy, a trait that may shed some light on his marking. Toryn has also kept his gauntlets painted red out of a warped sense of duty, believing that all who deal with him should know him for what he is. Toryn has earned the everlasting enmity of the Storm Wardens Space Marine Chapter, for Toryn slew one of their champions in single combat and claimed his relic chainsword, a weapon from the dawn of the chapter, as his own. To this day, the Storm Wardens hunt for Toryn, both to reclaim their lost heirloom and to make Toryn pay for is grave affront to their honor. Toryn has come to the Hollows in the hopes of Claiming a suit of Terminator Armor, believing that if he can challenge his once leader and win, Toryn can absolve himself of his crimes. To this end, Toryn fights on the behalf of Magos Onuris, testing himself against the many deadly creations of Forge Castir and, hopefully, improving his chances of winning a coveted set of Terminator Armor. Magos Octavius (Heretek) Magos Octavius, currently seconded to Amon, is a rather peculiar man, even for a Heretek of Forge Polix. Trained by the Exospectre himself at Forge Castir, no one is entirely sure why Octavius decided to defect to Forge Polix, but Magos Onuris cannot afford to turn down any help he can get. Octavius is a master siegecraftsman, rivalling even the warsmiths of the Iron Warriors, though the sons of Perturabo who have seen Octavius's work are loathe to admit it. Octavius has also dabbled in warpcraft and psykana, creating some of the most effective and frightening daemon engines Forge Polix has ever created. Magos Onuris constantly beseeches Octavius to teach other Hereteks what he knows, but to no avail. Octavius is jealous of his skill, and refuses to give it to others as long as he can. The magos is also a suprising combatant, wading into combat with weaponry and protection to fight even the worst of Castir's horrors to a standstill. Magos Octavius has never left the Hollows, and is enraptured by the many stories Amon tells of the wider galaxy. though he knows his place for the time is aiding Forge Polix in its war with Castir, Octavius hopes one day to leave at the side of Amon, whom he believes to be his true master. Inquisitor Razaezel Kayne (Apostate) Inquisitor Razaezel Kayne is perhaps one of the most influencial people outside of the Vortex. inducted into the Holy Ordos of The Inquisition by a secret Phaenonite, Kayne was placed in a position to rise inside the Tyrantine Cabal so that the Phaenonites could learn the patterns and perhaps a means of control over the Tyrant Star. However, Razaezel's connections to the heretical Phaenonites were discovered, and she was branded Excommunicate Traitoris. taking what few resources she could call to her side, Razaezel fled aboard her light cruiser, the Blackened, to the Great Warp Storms, hoping to flee to the Koronus expanse. unfortunately, Razaezel's ship was caught in the riptides of the Screaming Vortex, dragging her into its interior and depositing her crippled craft in orbit around the Hollows. Turned completely to the worship of Chaos, Razaezel is integral to destroying Forge Castir From Within, having formed several small cults that seek nothing more than the augmented head of the Exospectre. though many of these cults have been stamped out, some have survived the purges, and established themselves in the lower foundries, where few dare tread. Although her primary function is as a facilitator of unrest, Razaezel can defend herself, although she prefers to leave the fighting to her more robust companions.
  3. signoftheserpent said: Also I notice there are differences in the cybernetics between the heretic/imperium games. of course. Heretics don't have access to the vast amounts of supplies and labor that the Imperium has, but they are also not restricted to the STC's like the Imperium is. Heretic cybernetics may be named similiarly and share general function with their imperium counterparts, the nature of chaos dictates that they cannot be the same
  4. I'm sure you all see this event to be as unlikely as i do, what with his favor by chaos itself and all that, but what if Abaddon kicks the bucket at the hands of, say, the inquisition or a coalition of highly trained (and likely suicidal) loyalist marines? who takes over? is this a blow Chaos on the whole can quickly bounce, or does it lead to a crumbling of chaos forces in the region untill a new champion is chosen? what would be the implications of a champion backed by a single chaos god taking this "top spot" as it were?
  5. we were playing Vampire the Requiem, and one of the characters played a vampire who still tried to maintain a relationship with his mortal Girlfriend. We had a run in with some Belial's Brood Vampires, and he got stabbed in the ass, and the knife got stuck. Back at the Mansion he shared with his girl (and doubled as our Haven) "Stay still! this'll be over before you know it!" "do I have to be bent over for this?" "Yes!" *i gave him some of my blood to keep him going* "now quit yapping and Swallow!" *and right after i say that, i duck down to pull out the knife, and his girl busts in* "What's going on in here?!" "sarah, this is not what it looks like" *this is interrupted by him howling as i pull the knife out of his left cheek, and pop up clutching the bloodied blade* "Got it! see? told you it'd be over before- *then i notice she's in the room* ooooooooooh....How much of that did she hear?' "everything" "sarah, this is not what it looks like.
  6. I noticed that a fair number of people who like psykers aren't big fans of Astropaths, so on a whim, I wrote this up in the hopes of creating something that might be a good alternative. I only have the First rank at the moment, so any ideas for the next couple of Ranks would be helpful. The Dynastic Pysker When persons with psychic potential are judged strong enough of mind and soul to be allowed to live, almost all go on to serve the Imperium at large in one form or another. The vast majority are inducted into the ranks of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, while others go on to become battle psykers for the Imperial Guard. Those found by the Astartes become Librarians, and a good number are agents of the Holy Ordos. However, a very small, very select few are spirited away to serve the Dynasties of the Rogue Traders. Equal parts spy, assassin, bodyguard, fortune seeker and fortune teller, the Dynastic Psyker is an indispensible member of those few Dynasties with access to one. With a thought, he can know the future; with a word, he can locate what is hidden; with a gesture, he can crush his enemies. Many Dynastic Psykers often wield as much power as the Rogue Traders they serve, for few would dare cross any psyker, let alone one with the backing of one of the Dynasties. Psykers are not without their risks, however. Dynastic Pyskers who lose control of their powers have spelled doom for many a Dynasty, and unwary Lord-Captains have become puppets of ambitious and ruthless pyskers. However, None can deny their power, and when the straits are dire, it is on a Dynastic Psyker's power that many rely. Traits Sanctioned: when rolling for Perils of the Warp, a Dynastic Psyker can roll an additional d10, and take the more favorable result. Psychic Powers: A Dynastic Psyker begins play with access to techniques from the telepathy OR Telekinesis Disciplines. He begins play with 400xp worth of psychic techniques from his chosen Discipline. Starting Skills, talents, gear: Skills: Common lore (Rogue Traders), Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Forbidden Lore (Warp), Invocation, Literacy, Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (occult) Talents: Pistol Weapons Training (universal), Psy Rating 2 Gear: Best craft Las Pistol, Good craft Hand Cannon, or Bolt Pistol; Best craft Mono sword or shock staff; Best craft Xeno mesh; Fine Clothes; Charm; Void Suit, Micro-bead, psy focus advance Cost type Prerequisite Awareness 100 Skill Charm 100 Skill Cifers (Rogue Trader) 100 Skill Common Lore ( Rogue Traders) 100 Skill Dodge 100 Skill Evaluate 100 Skill Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 100 Skill Forbidden Lore (Warp) 100 Skill Invocation 100 Skill Literacy 100 Skill Psyniscience 100 Skill Scholastic Lore (Occult) 100 Skill Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) 100 Skill Air of Authority 200 Talent Melee Weapons Training (Primitive) 200 Talent Pistol Weapons Training (Universal) 500 Talent Psy Rating 2 100 Talent Psychic Techniques (x2) 200 Talent Warp Affinity 500 Talent Psy Rating, Special
  7. I've found it a little silly that non primitive melee weapons' have a static penetration, although i understand the reasoning behind it. would it be going to far to allow characters to use the higher of their Strength OR their weapon's base penetration to apply to damage soak?
  8. Waywardpaladin said: I mean, the Mechanicus is already doomed. The Dragon is awake now and they're starting to have a civil war on their hands as they lose brothers to the "real Machinegod". At this point, Chaos will be lucky if they get to put the final nail in the coffin before the Necros do. forgive me for living under a rock.... but what is the Dragon?
  9. @stormast: that's the thing. most folks dont know it, so imagine what happens when they're face with that knowledge....
  10. i'm going to have to agree with the belief that the Imperium would adapt quickly if forced into a hardwon victory or total annihilation scenario. You'd be suprised how fast a man will let go of long held beliefs when you back him into a corner. If I were to conquer the Imperium, I'd make every imperial denizen ridiculously rich (how i would accomplish this is unimportant at the moment). What this does is level the playing field economically, and creates a breeding ground for corruption. after all, give a starving man a million dollars, and he'll stuff his belly full of food. but once he's had his fill, he'll realize that bread isnt the only thing for sale... I'd find some way to shut off the Golden throne, or seriously damage it in such a way that no matter how many souls you feed into the Astronomican, the nature will run its course and the emporer will FINALLY die. What way to shake the faith of a population than to kill their god? unless of course you decide to mass desseminate that little fact the Emporer was effectively an Aetheist, who never saw himself as a god, and then you have that "EVERYTHING I'VE BEEN TAUGHT TO BELIEVE IS A LIE" crisis on everyone's hands... Either way, Have Chaos Forces go on a mass "join us or die" campaign specifically through the imperial Navy, and then Work your way down through the guard, and then (possibly) through the Astartes... gotta swell your space marine ranks somehow... anyways, after that, turning the the common citizens is cake, and your only real opposition is a (fractured) Ministorum and the AdMech. all ya gotta do there is wipe out and/or convert the imperial priests, and then corrupt as many young magos minors and tech-guard commanders as you possibly can, let them know that their leaders have been holding out on them, and then lead them to kill off all of their superiors, instituting a new order. i am very aware of how many times i used "and then"
  11. So from what I understand, Khorne espouses facing the enemy head on with chainsword and bolter and rage, looking down on Psykers as cowards who hide behind lies and powers they cannot comprehend. All understandable, BUT: Like someone else mentioned earlier, Khorne kinda NEEDS psykers, otherwise his champions would be kinda imited in both the communications and warp travel departments (effectively leaving his armies deaf, dumb, and lame). Someone else pointed out that while the whole hellfire-at-the-fingertips and mind warping might be below Khorne, augmenting one's own body to better take skulls. I, for one, would see this as an acceptable deviation of Khorne's rhetoric. Khorne isnt just a god of Slaughter, he's a god of War, and war is constantly evolving into something greater and with more world-ending potential. Psykers are just a new weapon in the ever expanding arsenal of war. therefore, while GW and (to a degree) FF say that no Khorne psykers, let's think rationally here: if Khorne wants to keep his title as THE God of War, he's gonna have to adapt his tactics to the era. does it make sense to set aside a very powerful and adaptable (if unpredictiable and dangerous at times) weapon just because it might be an *unfair* advantage? Modern Militaries are always looking for an edge, even looking into areas most folks consider "immoral". They Field prototypes of the prospective weapon to see how it holds up in a combat situation. Could Khorne not do the same thing with a psyker dedicated to him?
  12. I was flipping through my RT Core the other day, and i noticed that Navigator is a talent instead of a trait unique solely to navigators. Does this mean that You dont necessarily have to be Navis Nobilite to be a Navigator? Because if that's the case, i've lots of ideas all of the sudden...
  13. Cifer said: Could you be a bit more specific? Are you searching for story hooks why a marine would turn? The most fitting mechanics to represent him as a character? The reaction of the Imperium? That's exactly what i'm looking for.
  14. If this has been covered before, forgive me, but i'm interested into what happens when Loyalist marines become Traitors, and how one could make that happen anyway. What happens when a Blood Angel Goes Rogue, Or when a Space Wolf starts liking killing much more than he likes doing the Emperor's bidding? Specifically, I'd like some ideas for CSMs from the DW playable chapters, and how they might end up on the, ahem, *other* side of the fight.
  15. seems like the resounding answer is...no. that's a bit of a bummer. oh well, it was worth a shot.
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