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  1. Smashotron

    Evaluating CT-1701: Old Dog, New Tricks

    Would you be able to resolve Urgency in this case, if you really wanted to move > Barrage > move?
  2. Smashotron

    Evaluating CT-1701: Old Dog, New Tricks

    These are always good reads. I am looking forward to getting CT into battle. Keep up the great work!
  3. Smashotron

    Why can't FFG give the Empire what it needs

    Imps just need a map where the deployment zones are adjacent, that's all guys. Help us out FFG
  4. But the FAQ Q/A makes no distinction on which figure is performing the attack. They are still special actions "that involve performing attack(s)" even if the activating figure is not the attacker. There is nothing in the rules for Interrupt that would define these special actions as _not_ involving performing attack(s) just because another figure performs the attack. My case is not about exceeding the one-attack-per-(your)-activation rule, its about what constitutes "a special action that involves performing an attack."
  5. In regards to this Q/A, "Q: Can “Single Purpose” be used to perform a special action twice if that action involves performing an attack? A: No," what makes Firing Squad/Executive Order/Overclock not count as 'a special action...that involves performing an attack'? All three say a figure may interrupt to perform an attack. It sounds like all three are special actions that involve performing attacks.
  6. Smashotron

    Evaluating Zeb Orrelios: O RLY THO

    Thanks for posting these evaluations of the new Skirmish figures. I had the opportunity to fight against Zeb and Tress in three matches tonight and Zeb was a real powerhouse. In two games, my opponent was able to Move 4, play Face-to-Face to shoot, then get off his free melee attack afterwards. It was rough, and he often had the health pool to survive until the next round and get in one last hurrah!
  7. This is a pretty crazy card for only 9pts. I would tone down the surges and give it a rule similar to "Tripod" on the E-Web Engineers.
  8. Smashotron

    Worlds Lists 2018

    Hi all - Worlds was a blast as always! This was the first time I have ever competed as a Rebel player and it felt as filthy and traitorous as expected! I went 5-2 and my lower Strength of Schedule put me at 23rd overall. I ran Han/Ranger w Mak flavor this year after consistent defeats of my Vader list to similar dirty Rebels through the Regionals season. Shout out to Tim Kennedy, John Scott, Lucas Davidson, Ryan Stripling, (a magical fifth game I can't remember), Jake Peterson, and Greg Monson for the great games! Long live Imperial Assault! Deployment: ◄12▪ Han Solo ◄12 Elite Alliance Rangers ◄3▪ Mak Eshka'rey ◄4▪ Hera Syndulla ◄3▪ R2-D2 ◄3▪ Gideon Argus ◄2▪ C-3P0 ◄2 Alliance Smuggler ◄1▪ Balance of the Force ◄-2▪ Rogue Smuggler Command Deck: ◄(3) ▪ On the Lam ◄(2) ▪ Tools for the Job ◄(2) ▪ Call The Vanguard ◄(2) ▪ Comm Disruption ◄(3) ▪ Assassinate ◄(1) ▪ Negation ◄(1) ▪ Tough Luck ◄(1) ▪ Intelligence Leak ◄(2) ▪ Heightened Reflexes ◄(1) ▪ Strategic Shift ◄(0) ▪ Positioning Advantage ◄(0) ▪ Element of Surprise ◄(0) ▪ Take Initiative ◄(0) ▪ Planning ◄(0) ▪ Officers Training
  9. Smashotron

    Thoughts on Winners/Losers with Uscru?

    I don't think Smugglers are a complete waste here. They recover their cost after holding one objective and the rest of your force can fight the good fight. Screening for the courier is fine, but I don't imagine many couriers will be successfully delivering their message on this map. It is probably better for the Smugglers the screen your Rangers or such from the initial rounds of shooting.
  10. Two weeks before Worlds and the only thing I can think to say is, wow FFG you're really just a bunch of f*ckers ya know.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/13/
  12. On May 1st at 12 P.M. Central Time, "ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that Elves and Orcs will be coming to Legion, and it has nothing to do with all this extra Rune Wars product we're sitting on!"
  13. Large figures can get into situations where they are double penalized for moving over hostile figures and through difficult terrain per the FAQ you quoted. A Large figure continues to pay one extra movement point through difficult terrain until none of its squares enter a difficult terrain space.
  14. You're a genius, trimming the url. I never thought to do that.
  15. Smashotron

    The Worlds Doldrums

    We've been throwing around the idea locally of making Dengar more like Hera. Cut him down to 4pt, keep most of his abilities the same, and then also allow Punishment to be used by a friendly figure within 3 spaces. Limit once per round on that change, but not his own shot(s).