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  1. As cliche as it is, the Dark Angels are sill one of my favorite chapters. They were my first, and I started playing before there was any cannon story. I still have a squad of Black Terminators with red & gold trim. Least favorite, especially in the RPG would have to be the aforementioned Successor "clones" of the Ultramarines, and the Imperial Fists. As a gamer that likes to play characters and not statistics, I hate the +10 WP thing. I see so many IF Librarians for that stupid bonus, it's ridiculous. Great, you get +10 WP, your chapter specific powers are also the most boring ones they've printed, so nobody ever takes any. Wish they'd provide a little more for the Raven Guard too, of all the first founding chapters I think they got the least love in the book.
  2. As has been already stated, Rites of Battle is a must have. After that, I would say either Mark of Xenos if you want more variety in the enemies you use or First Founding if you want more variety in your PC's. I have to agree that while Honor the Chapter isn't bad, it didn't wow me as much as First Founding did, so you should get FF first.
  3. Heck, I'd be happy just to get an updated Errata/FAQ document out of them.
  4. tygre said: The assault cannon turret needs to be replaced with the assault cannons from a Landraider Crusader. I had the same initial thought. Replace that underchin monstrosity with something smaller.
  5. Check the Errata here. The Techmarine actually gets the Talented: Tech-Use talent, and an Exceptional Craftsmanship Bionic Implant.
  6. LockLock said: Lightbringer said: This history of aimlessly meandering colour schemes is in my view pretty representative of the DAs: no clear direction or archetype, no underlying coherent theme, nothing as distinctive or impressive as most of the other first founding legions... So, to you the DAs are a terrible chapter that can't live up to its awesomesauce brother founding chapters? I'd say its more that it feels like GW hasn't put the effort into the DAs that they've put into, say the Wolves or even the Ultras. Then again, the BA weren't given much beyond the Death Company until this latest incarnation either, so maybe the next Codex: Dark Angels will finally have some love for the first as well.
  7. Good Point. I apologize for side tracking the thread. I had a thought about Ear-of-Terror's original post about the over-use of the Fallen in Deathwatch's DA backgrounds. FFG's hands are likely heavily tied on what they can create for any chapter other than perhaps the Storm Wardens, and to be blunt, GW hasn't listed much fluff in the last 2 or 3 DA codices other than Fallen stuff. So they probably just worked with what they had access to. I do find the lack of updates on DA fluff annoying, however I admit it's also a bit of a relief. I've played/followed 40k for a pretty long time. Lets just say my original DA Terminators are painted black. So I've gone through the Deathwing repaint of all Terminators to white, and then all the DA armor going green (which to this day still bothers me). So since it seems every time GW adds something to DA mythology it means I need a repaint, I sometimes dread an update. I do agree with the earlier statement that the Black Templars seem to have stolen a lot of the DA's original flavor. Heck, from my PoV they also stole their primary color palette. I just hope that if GW does do a major update, the DA get some unique units in a similar way to how the Blood Angels were recently boosted.
  8. Why is it hard not to overreact? I'm pretty sure its ok to simply disagree with someone's hypothetical ideas without flaming them. So actually its not hard to not overreact. Maybe you've noticed how I've managed to disagree with you without resorting to accusing you of drug use or talking out your ass. You're acting like people throwing some random ideas out on a forum is going to crash the entire 40k universe, and I'm pretty sure that Games Workshop is a more stable company than that. Incidentally the original 40k book had a fluff blurb about group of "nuns" (that has since become the Soriatas) whose sole job was to police the Astartes. So while the DA doing it might be "new" the original concept of policing the Astartes was written by GW.
  9. Blood Pact said: And just where the hell do you get #3 and #4 (especially #4!) without much change to their flavour/history? I'm all for alternative interpretations, but laying on things you've pulled out of your ass isn't my cup of tea. Also, there's no need to knee-jerk away from the Fallen entirely, just because we've seen an oversaturation of them in the fluff, they're still a great idea on all fronts (blah, blah, to much of a good thing, blah). Um, overreact much? I did say "hypothetical" and "without much change". Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and they certainly do not have to like or agree with anything I posted (that is after all the point of a discussion), but I'd appreciate if you did it with a little less superiority and attitude. Maybe next time try: "I'm all for alternative interpretations, but these don't do it for me". It's much more civil.
  10. Rather than beat my head against the proverbial Fallen wall, I'm going to wax hypothetical a bit here, IMO there are several "schticks" they could associate with the DA without much change in their flavor/history: As stated, they are the First, and they are arrogant. The DA could start trying to one up other chapters in the same way Lion did to Russ. Going with the Deathwing story, the DA could specializing in rooting out fully established Genestealer cults. The DA could decide they know better than the Inquisition, and start trying to do their job. Again being the First, as well as arrogant and having a penchant for interrogation, the DA could take it upon themselves to "police" the other SM chapters, perhaps even with the blessing of the Lords of Terra. The rivalry between the DA and the Wolves could be a carefully created screen, to cover for the fact that they are united in being non-codex chapters who refuse to conform to the Codex. It could even go back to an ancient pact between Russ and the Lion to keep their respective chapters and tactics "pure" for when they return. Heh, I think I may just use #5 in my game now that I think about it.
  11. I'm using them for the most part. I've house ruled a few issues such as allowing Bolters to still perform suppressive fire, and I've also raised the ROF on basic and pistol weapons to reflect their original max ROF. So for example, my Bolters are S/4/- All in all, it seems to work for me.
  12. My copy has issues with its bonding as well. The front map page is loose and doesn't sit in with the rest of the book. Kind of disappointing considering the cost of the CE.
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