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    I think it is odd that we have now had 3 expansions(4 counting Netherland) and 2 1/2 years but still no updated FAQ! For a game so popular with so many odd scenarios and characters with contradicting rules/abilities....and we can't get an FAQ? Being a miniature gamer I am aware GW has always been punctual in having a FAQ's put out FAQs for their games so I wonder if their is a problem in getting this done since it is technically "contracted out" to FF.
    There is quite a fanbase here and some people that are quite vested in the game and its nuancies but nothing ever official and a LOT of contradictions. I wish FF and GW would consider putting out an PDF of all rules in one file with examples and FAQ's so we would have one OFFICIAL rulebook. I have a lot of friends that are rules lawyers and power gamers so they exploit loopholes as best as possible. I think these nuancies when paired with newbies playing alongside veterans does not bode well for keeping their interest. But the good side is everyone can team up against these rules nazis and vanquish them. But, still, something official to reference would be beneficial.
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