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  1. If you are in trouble to login into the quest vault than try to write your user name (E-Mail address) in the same way which is stored on the server. I figured out that the login name on quest vault is case sensitive but this name is not case sensitive on the community page from FFG.
  2. I tried vasal but this is not realy good to create quest whit it. I mean with a quest a complete quest like the quest handbook from descent itself. I've seen that FFG afre released (now in Beta) a quest designer.I try to look what is possible with it and decide after that if this map designer is needed any more.
  3. Hi all, I am playing with some ideas to programm a new map designer for Descent (first and second edition). The main Idea is to make it open source. This will guarantee a long lifecycle of the programm. Nothing is written for it, but I think if I ask you first, than I can write a programm which fits to erveryone. The operating system to run teh programm will be windows and a .Net version 4.0 or higher are needed. But now I have some questions to you… At the moment there are some ideas to build a plugin for Microsoft Word or a stand alone programm. What would you prefer? A Word plugin would be nicefull but everybody needs Word. On the other Hand not everybody could be happy with a page layout which is fix. The other idea is to localize the programm. This is a lot of work and if this is not needed i would programm it in english. If this is needed than I need help from you to translate it in different languages … I am a programmer and I am not realy good to make some images (e.g. logo design, etc) Is there are a graphic designer which can help me? I think these are enough questions for now. I am realy interrested in you answers … PS: Sorry for english, i come from germany
  4. Hi all, is it possible to split my units from one hex area into two groups to attack different hex areas with a mobilize or conquer order? Or can I only activate one area to attack? Regards Durin-V
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